British Passport Renewals in the Philippines

Renew a British Passport in the Philippines

A British passport is renewed when in the Philippines by lodging an Application in the UK

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The application can be started at:

The British Embassy is located at:

120 Upper McKinley Road,
McKinley Hill
Taguig City
Metro Manila 1634

8 : 3,227 : 2,237,110

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25 thoughts on “British Passport Renewals in the Philippines”

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  2. In the absence of an IDPC compliant photographer (there aren’t any in the Philippines) , can one simply have a JPEG passport pic taken and loaded onto a USB and sent with the online application?

    1. It is an online process:
      The application can be started at:

      If you need an Emergency Travel Document, that is also done online, and you might need to attend an appointment at your nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate after you apply online.
      You’ll be told after you’ve submitted your application whether you need an appointment.
      This has a £100 to non refundable fee.

  3. Agoda
  4. The Debit Card has different classes. Example : some are limited to ATM use only. Best you check with your card issuing bank. If the card shows “MasterCard” printed over the orange and red logo then it is valid worldwide.

  5. I recently applied and renewed my ‘UK Passport’ online as easily as if I had been in the UK. So different to my Filipino wife’s experience when getting her ‘Filipino Passport’ name changed due to our marriage. I applied and received my new passport delivered by DHL in about 8 days, my wife’s took just over 4 months with several visits to administrative offices both where we live and in Manila at great cost to us. I love the Philippines and the Filipino people but the bureaucracy is a nightmare, there must be hundreds of thousands of Filipino’s who request minor changes to their passport and other official documents every year but when you speak to anyone from their many offices they act as if they have never carried out any of these simply tasks before. So frustrating but whereas I use to get annoyed with my wife countering by saying ‘we aren’t in the UK, this is the Philippines’ I now just sit and wait like a placid beaten down Filipino who accepts it as the norm.

    1. Hi John, I would like to know if I have to provide my dual citizenship certificate when I renew my British passport as well as the Philippine passport? I do hold now both British/Philippine passports and been living in Philippines for nearly two years.

    2. Hi John
      I live in the Philippines with my wife of 4 years. I am a permanent resident.I need to get an extra passport due to it is nearly full. I work in Iraq so i can’t send it over. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

      Kindest regards

  6. My name is Tara Walker, I have dual citizenship as Filipino and English citizen
    (as well as both passports). I have not renewed either passports since I was
    around 5 or 6 years old, more than a decade now. I have surpassed the age of 18
    and am wondering if this affectS the status of my citizenship in any way? I
    was informed before that as I turn of legal age, I am required to choose one
    citizenship (but now, I’m not so sure) and so far I haven’t chosen anything
    but I dont want this to automatically go to my Filipino passport instead of my
    English passport. Please help x

    1. I know nothing of the need to just choose One citizenship, however when I was looking into Citizenship for my daughter, (born to British/Australian father and Filipino/Australian mother, I was told she had to do this before she was 18. This was about 10 years ago now.

      However, a Filipino can now have Dual Citizenship. I think this changed in 2003. I would assume that prior to 2003, a child would have to choose their citizenship, before the age of 18. But now, I see no reason for not having both. Your UK Citizenship will not be cancelled. And I am sure your Filipino one won’t be either. There are many dual British/Filipinos these days, since 2003. I know a few that are such, and over 18.

      The Philippine Dual Citizenship Law, otherwise known as the Citizenship Retention Act of 2003 (Republic Act 9225), is a law that allows natural-born Filipino citizens who have been naturalized as citizens of another country, to regain or retain their Philippine citizenship and all the benefits and privileges as such.

      Your worries appears to be under the under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article IV, Section 1, where it states:

      Section 1 The following are citizens of the Philippines:
      Those who are citizens of the Philippines at the time of the adoption of this Constitution;
      Those whose fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines;
      Those born before January 17, 1973, of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority; and
      Those who are naturalized in accordance of law.

      However, you were born after 1973, and you have citizenship.

      The 2003 act would allow you to get it back, IF you had lost it.

  7. How do l pay for a new passport? I applied for a credit card at my bank but was turned down because of my age (81). I have a VISA debit card which strangely does not appear popular for making purchases. So what alternative methods are there for my payment?

    1. I used my debit cards for everything. I went for quite a few years, 10+, without a credit card. I would expect you can use your Visa Debit card to pay for it.

      I just had a quick look at, and saw this:
      You can apply for, renew, replace or update your passport and pay for it online. You’ll need a debit or credit card to use this service.

      1. Hello po
        I am a British citizen living in the Philippines. I am applying for a new passport on line. The requirements are to send the old passport and an document with proof of residence, ok but when you come to pay for this service where do you send the documents? How? Will the information be shown after payment? I do not want to pay and then have these problems after!!!

        1. It looks like you have to go through the procedure to get to the information. Nothing is easy.

          It seems that you will get a reference number at the end of the application, together with address of the Passport Office that you are to return your old passport to.
          You need to include that reference number with the passport, when you send it, to link that passport to your waiting application. I assume they will explain whether to put the reference on the envelope, passport or ?? Might be best to put it in multiple places.

          Whether you get to that before or after payment, I assume you will find out as you begin.

        2. Thank you po for your quick reply! Wow!!
          There is one more question.
          As well as the old passport being required they are asking for proof of address or residency. Recently I traveled to Hong Kong from Manila and upon my return my passport was stamped with a visa for 1 year is that ok / enough??

          1. I often check a couple of times per day, you got in at the right time for that one.

            With proof of residency, it appears a colour scan of the visa should do, that is probably all that most people would have, but do you have anything else with your name and address there? Maybe add that as well.

            These two items are shown as OK to cover the “at least one document with photo identity and one document as evidence of name and address and/or residency within the last year”, requirement.
            Your British passport (if you are renewing) and Visa or residence permit (or colour photocopy).

  8. Mr. Alastair Freeland Thompson July 9, 2018 Dear Sir/ Madam How can i renue my pass port. Im Leaving here in the Philippines. My Address Blk. 1 Lot 7 Aquino St. Perez Subd. Brgy. San Isidro. General Santos City 9500 Philippines.

  9. Agoda
  10. My grandmother UK Passport is less than a year expired.So went to Embassy of UK here in Phils.But the staff informed us that they not longer renew passport here in Philippines we must lodging online.So we went to internet cafe to lodge it but there’s a problem about the Post Code we dont have any idea if what Post Code we’re going to lodge.We try the Post Code of where we live here in Philippines but it cant be we try her address at New York with the post code it cant be also then we try also the Main Philippines Postal cant be also.So Sir/Madam can you help us about my concern if What Post Code should we put to be able to renew her UK Passport.Thanl You

    1. If you are travelling back to the UK, then you are OK, as long as you have no stops in other countries that require you to have 3 or 6 months passport validity.

      Check with the airline that you are using, to ensure any stops do not affect this.

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,

    For a red passport renewal can you possibly send me a paper form to renew same in UK? I have no convenient access to a printer at present. My name is Mr PJ Taylor. Address: Block 17, Lot 9, Garnet St. Green Park, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, 1900
    Tel. land line 6475438
    Mobile 0905 220 8728

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