British Pound to Philippine Peso

Exchange Rate: British to Philippines – GBP to PHP.

UK-English Pound to Philippine Peso, Currency Conversion Table.

The same rates apply to the Scottish Pound, as the Scottish Pound is tied to the Pound Sterling.

This may change if Scotland gains independence.

Banknotes of Scotland are the banknotes of the pound sterling that are issued by three Scottish retail banks and in circulation in Scotland.

Filipino Senior Citizens Benefits and Privileges

Discounts and Benefits for Senior Citizens in the Philippines

Senior citizens are granted several benefits and privileges under Republic Act No. 9994 and Republic Act No. 10645. In order to avail of these benefits, the senior citizen or his/her authorized representative shall present a valid and original Senior Citizens’ Identification Card.

A Senior Citizens’ Identification Card is issued by the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) in the city or municipality where the senior citizen resides. The basic qualifications for this card (based on RA 9994) are:

Must be a Filipino citizen who is a resident of the Philippines.
Must be 60 years old or above.
May apply to senior citizens with dual citizenship provided that they prove their Filipino citizenship and have at least six months residency in the Philippines.

      • Note: Foreigners became entitled to a Senior Citizens card in 2018, subject to ID requirements. The senior citizen act for foreigners is a senate bill that was passed on 11th May 2018 Senate S.B. No. 2832

Statement from Philippines Official Gazette

As provided in our Constitution, the state is duty-bound to recognize the rights of senior citizens by providing support though various social systems. Thus, senior citizens are granted benefits and privileges that range from 20% discount and VAT exemption to mandatory membership in the government’s healthcare system, Philhealth.

Benefits Include:

Twenty Percent (20%) Discount and VAT Exemption

Medical-related privileges
Domestic transportation privileges
Hotels, restaurants, recreational centers, and places of leisure, and funeral services
Recreations centers
Admission fees privilege
Funeral and burial services

Other Privileges

Income tax exemption
Exemption from training fees
Free medical and dental services in government facilities
Free vaccinations for indigent senior citizens
Educational privileges
Benefits and privileges for retirees
Privileges on granting special discounts in special programs
Express lanes privileges


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Philippine Currency Foreign Exchange Rates 2006 to 2016

Is the Philippine Peso Crashing or Rising?

That is a question I have been asked, but my answer might be different depending who I am talking to.

US Dollar to PHP comparison

When compared to the US Dollar, you needed about 48 pesos to buy 1 USD in 2006, and about 43 in 2013, but in 2016 it is nearer to 50 pesos.


Australian Dollar to PHP comparison

When compared to the Australian Dollar, you needed about 47 pesos to buy 1 AUD in 2006, and about 40 pesos in 2013, but in 2016 it is nearer 37 pesos.


British Pound to PHP comparison

When compared to the British Pound, you needed about 95 pesos to buy 1 GBP in 2006, and about 62 pesos in 2013, but in 2016 it is nearer 62 pesos


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