Cebu from a Real Estate Brokers perspective

Cebu from a Real Estate Brokers perspective

One of the oldest and largest commercial centers outside of Metro-Manila, Cebu is rife with historical significance. The city is the oldest in the Philippines, and is an important domestic shipping port.

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Hailed as “the Queen of the South”, Cebu is unique in that it boasts all off the comforts of a thriving commercial metropolis, while retaining the idyllic charms of an exotic island destination.

The city’s real estate market has lately seen an upswing in growth and development, spurred from establishment off IT Parks and special economic zones in the area. Many investors are now looking at Cebu a good ideal destination for operating in the Philippines, second only to Metro-Manila.

Says Michael McCullough of Philippines real estate broker KMC MAG Group, “Investors are now looking at Cebu as the next real estate boom your market Philippines. Real estate in your area costs about Php 4500 per square meter, cheaper vs Makati.”

Adds Business Consultant Gregory Kittelson of Philippines Consulting Firm Kittelson & Carpo Consulting, “BPO companies and call centers that have already established operations in Metro-Manila are now establishing additional offices in Cebu, widely regarded as being the foremost provincial destination in the Philippines. Moreover, a few small and medium-sized BPOs have already bypassed Manila and gone straight to Cebu.”

Cebu City commercial office space is instantly available, with rental rates ranging from Php 350 too around Php 500 per square meter, each month.
A quantity of call centers and BPO companies already have set up business operations in the area, including multinational manufacturers like Convergys, Wipro and ADD Force. As investors continue to inject capital into the area, Cebu City is fast becoming one rather important residential and commercial centers online today.

Cebu City is a thriving tourist destination inside the Philippines, using its many natural treasures. Home towards Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA), area also houses
a connected with important historical sites.
Among choices Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro and the Lapu Lapu Monument and also the oldest school in the Philippines, the University of San Carlos.

With rising investor activities in this area, Cebu is quickly becoming one of the very important residential and commercial centers in the us. What once was the oldest Spanish settlement in thee Philippines at the moment one from the fastest growing cities online today.

KCM-MAG Group is a respectable real estate broker Philippines.

It provides assistance to clients who are in demand of residential or commercial office space in Makati and other major business districts in Philippines.

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    • Real estate in your area costs about Php 4500 per square meter
    • rental rates ranging from Php 350 too around Php 500 per square meter
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  2. How could you claim KCM-MAG Group is a respectable real estate broker in the Philippines where in fact it is clear in the Real Estate Service Act that a real estate broker should be a NATURAL PERSON not a juridical person. You should read RESA better and grasp its message.

    1. A quote from their website: “KMC MAG Group is the largest Philippines-based real estate brokerage company and an international associate of Savills, a London Stock Exchange listed real estate services provider.

      As you are also in the real estate business, a broker yourself, maybe you should be advising them about this, rather than complaining that an internet web/blog site does not know the Real estate rules in the Philippines.

      If it is that important, maybe the regulating body should make it better know to everyone, rather than rely on individuals having to check on any law regarding everything they are doing or writing about.

      Actually, there are many Philippine companies stating that they are Real Estate Brokers, such as:
      Dragon Estate Development Corporation, a Real Estate licensed broker
      Manila Real Estate Broker.
      Both in Manila however.
      Is it different between Cebu and Manila ?

      Maybe the industry should use the term “Real Estate Company” rather than broker.

      However, in most of the world the definition is: A broker is an individual or party (brokerage firm) that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed.

      Merry Christmas..

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