Clark Airport Revenue and Profits 2012-2014

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Clark Airport Revenue and Profits

Revenue reports from the Clark Airport Annual Reports.

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Aeronautical Revenue

Landing and Take off fees, Aircraft Parking Fees, Terminal and Security Fees

2012: 354.3m (pesos)
2013: 293.4m
2014: 255.8m

Non Aeronautical Revenue

Rental Income, Car Parking Fees, Check in Counter Fees etc.

2012: 161.7m
2013: 275.7m
2014: 297.5m


2012: -7.9m (loss)
2013: 37.8m
2014: 45.5m

Aeronautical Operations and Revenue are dropping, but profits are rising. Maybe due to higher prices being charged ?
Will this drive more Airline Operators away and back to Manila?


Using Flight Statistics data from I have calculated the average income for each flight for each year.

2012 : 12,814 flights with Aeronautical Revenue of 354.3m = average fees of 27,649 per flight
2013 : 10,336 flights with Aeronautical Revenue of 293.4m = average fees of 28,386 per flight
2014 : 6,651 flights with Aeronautical Revenue of 255.8m = average fees of 38,460 per flight


1 : 53 : 3,475,200

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