Angeles City from the View Point of an Australian Journalist

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Angeles City, with a population of about 350,000 – is a brothel

Margaret Simons, a Melbourne based Journalist, has written story about Angeles City being a red-light Filipino slum filled with children fathered by Australian sex trade tourists.

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After visiting Walking Street, Balibago, with her Photographer, she decided that Angeles City, with a population of about 350,000 – is a brothel, and its support system. News: Fact or Fiction… Who cares

Quote from the Daily Mail:

The only people who visit here are sex tourists and, in our case, those who report on them – my 55-year-old self and 39-year-old photographer Dave Tacon. The entire town – with a population of about 350,000 – is a brothel, and its support system.

No mention that Balibago, the location she visited a small part of, does NOT cover ALL of Angeles City.

It is commonly known that the areas of Fields Avenue, Raymond Street, Perimeter Street and Santos Street are the “entertainment” areas of Clark and Angeles City.  Some reports say that 12,000 work in that small area. Hotel Staff, Waitresses, etc and yes, Bargirls too.

Balibago has a population of 50,734, living in 9,250 households.
About 16% of the total Angeles City population are females between 15 and 29, therefore about 52,000 females in that age group.

Not all of these work in the bars etc. The Call Centers in Clark and other local areas, The SM Shopping Mall, Robinsons Mall, Marquee Mall and many other shops and businesses also employ people.

The same author also writes in

Margaret Simons said Australian men are looking for underage women. That’s the reason they go.

With the constant Police raids on Balibago bars looking for underage girls, most men seem to avoid anyone under 18 anyway, as the time they will spend in prison is not conducive to a good holiday. The risk factor is too much.  Most girls carry official ID with their age anyway.

Maybe this reporter, Margaret Simons, thought the 18-21 year old girls looked younger and assumed they are all are. Then quoted it to the world as FACT.

Margaret Simons is saying that AUSTRALIANS are the problem, and she quotes another website that says:  Angeles City’s red light district has fast become a top destination for sex tourism. Male travellers from Asia, Australia, the US, Europe and the Middle East constitute the bulk of the arrivals at Clark Airport, a former US military airbase. From there, many flock to the bars and clubs of Fields Avenue – and to the impoverished young women who work there.

Note:  Angeles City’s red light district is mainly Fields Avenue.  It is NOT all of Angeles City as Margaret Simons says.  Margaret Simons is insulting the decent Filipino population of Angeles City that are NOT involved in the red light district.

Her attack on Australians ?

Take a look at the flight schedule INTO Clark and see where these flights originate.  Many from Korea.

And look at the numbers of visitors to the Philippines:

1,175,472  South Korea
722,750  United States
463,744  Japan
394,951  China
224,784  Australia
179,099  Singapore
143,899  Canada
142,973  New Zealand
139,245  Malaysia
133,665  United Kingdom

Australia comprises just 7.5% of total visitors, but according to Margaret Simons, the Australians are THE problem ?

Take a walk down Walking Street (Fields avenue) where all the bars are, and you will see plenty of Koreans, Americans, Japanese and then the Australian/British/Canadian/New Zealand mix.

A few bars are Australian owned, but many are Korean and American owned.

A quote from wikipedia:

In many Angeles City bars the girls will specifically target Koreans because they know he is a smaller build, represents less wear and tear and they do not have to become emotionally involved. For the Angeles City bar girls the Korean customers are seen as “easy money”.


Margaret Simons and the Shopping Mall Guards:

The cleanest and most “normal” places are the shopping malls, where the beggars are kept away by guards carrying pump-action shotguns or military assault rifles, and sometimes a pistol strapped to their hip for good measure.

They are like that at the Banks, Yes… But, military assault rifles?  I’ll take a look next time.

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