Filipinos married abroad must register the marriage at the Philippines Embassy

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Marriages abroad of Filipino citizens must be reported and duly registered.

According to various overseas embassies of the Philippines, all Filipino citizens who marry overseas must report and register the marriage at the local Philippines Embassy.

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This is done by submitting a Report of Marriage Form, which can be obtained from the local embassy website. Birth Certificates and passport copies are also needed.

Some embassy websites also state: “A Filipino citizen married outside the Philippines must register the marriage with the Philippine Foreign Service Post (Embassy or Consulate) of the country where the marriage was officiated“.


Philippines Embassy United States
Four (4) original duly-accomplished Report of Marriage Contracted Abroad form… etc

Philippines Embassy Australia
All documents are to be submitted in quadruplicate (4).

Philippines Embassy Norway
Three (3) copies of the duly accomplished Report of Marriage Form, and other documents.
Reports of Marriage may be filed either by mail or in person at the Consular section of the Embassy

Philippines Embassy United Kingdom
Original and three (3) clear copies


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Hi Admin,
Hope all is well. I would like to ask, just in case we are planning to get married in the Philippines with my foreigner boyfriend, do we need to register our marriage to his country of origin? or is it possible to get married again in his country of origin? Thank you in advance.

Hi there, I just wanna ask. Me and my fiancé are planning to have a Utah virtual wedding. (Him in Texas while me in Philippines) since tourist can’t enter the Philippines yet if they are 9a visa holder unless married to a Filipino citizen. He called the embassy in his area and was told that he can apply for 9a visa but the marriage contract is needed upon arrival since he is not travelling with me and needs to present a PSA copy. I called the PSA and they mentioned that the marriage contract should be submitted to the nearest embassy of the origin of marriage and embassy will submit it in DFA then DFA will forward it to PSA. Is that really the right process? Do we have the same scenario with others? Will they accept the virtual wedding? Can my fiancé submit the marriage license in Phil Embassy instead?

Is there such a thing as being married online in the US? is that valid here in the Philippines? I can’t travel because of COVID and my fiance wants us to get married now for some valid reasons. thank you very much.

Hello there. my bf was divorced from his wife. Both of them are naturalized US Citizen when they contracted their marriage in the Philippines and it was also registered here. Now, he wanted to marry me here in the Philippines. How to adjust his status from ” married ” to “single”?

Dear Admin,

Can a “Report of Marriage” be canceled and how ? When canceled can the Filipino remarry in the Philippines? We did not marry in Philippines. Thank you in advance.

Hi admin,
if we don’t even report our marriage in Thailand embassy can we married again in Philippines? We’re married in Thailand last November 8, but we don’t report it yet,

Why we need to report our marriage in philippineconsulate for wjat purpose?

What if an unmarried Philippine national who cannot lawfully marry within the Philippines gets married in the United States? Can that marriage be registered with the Philippines and be considered valid upon return to the country?

Is there any problem or complications if I don’t report my marriage and not change my passport to a married name to my embassy and I’m married in Europe and I have temporary permit for 5 years?
Is it okay to have temporary permit but don’t have new passport to a married name while living here?

Hello there ,how can i register my marriage in mauritius civil registry in port louis.with a french national and i am a filipino citizen.i want to register it here in philippines.thank you

Hello Admin, Your post is really a help in my part since unbeknownst I am now facing this problem. I would like to ask if this is all applicable in any European country? I mean, I was Wed in Bulgaria, I have now the apostilled copy of my marriage contract, however, I am in Vietnam. Upon receiving the documents, I wanted to change the marital status in my passport but then, this problem occurs. The information you stated in one of your reply for comment was for the country of Belgium. I am just second-guessing if for Brussels need to be translated in french or dutch, then if for Bulgaria needs to be in Bulgarian. I hope I’m right. If you have any information, please share. Thank you so much.

Thanks, Admin. upon further research we had to contact the consulate of Bulgaria since the consulate here in Vietnam forwarded my inquiries in our PSA portal. We are still waiting for the response. Thank you once again :).

Hello Iris..same concern here..where did you register your marriage certificate (from Bulgaria) here in the Philippines? Thank you

Hi- I would like to ask.
I am a filipino national, got married in Macedonia last year September but we are leaving in Dubai. I wanted to renew my passport & use my married name. I am aware that we need to register our marriage However, there’s no Philippine Embassy in Macedonia. Can you please advise me where to go and what’s the alternative procedure? Your response is highly appreciated & thanks very much!

Is it necessary to go their personally? Or we can email or mail our documents? Thanks for your response.

Hello, I have tried the website of the Embassy here in Brussels as I am a Luxembourg resident but the links of the necessary forms are not working. I have tried to contact them to no avail.
Could you please help. I need to register our marriage so we will be able to request an immigrant visa before moving to the Philippines by March 2020.
Thank you,
Anna Gatchalian

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