Freight – Shipping from Philippines to Australia

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Moving your goods from the Philippines to Australia

Using your baggage allowance on an airline can be down to about PHP 1,000 (about A$30 at March 2015) for 10 kgs (that’s the difference between 30kg and 40kg on Cebu Pacific flight to Sydney.

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You can also pay A$600 for THREE boxs (this is the minimum shipment) using the reverse the Reverse Balikbayan Cargo Service from BM This has a size limit but says no weight limit. This has a 4-5 week shipping time, and the receiver must pick up from the agents warehouse in Australia.

The same company also offers a Door to Door Air Cargo service for A$12 Per Kilo + A$10 Handling Fee. Minimum 25 Kilos and maximum size of their BM box sized: 493 x 442 x 360 mm. Minimum charge for this is A$310 for 25 kgs in a relatively small box.

From various websites I have seen the following information:

  • LBC 80 dollars for one box unlimited weight.
  • DHL a 25 kg box cost between 6,000 and 7,000 pesos.

The International Organization for Migration [IOM], is also able to offer some people options for increased baggage allowance on flight, and maybe even cheaper flight, but these are designed for people Migrating to Australia, or other countries.
The IOM normally need you to have the relevant Visa before approaching them for the transportation arrangements.

Freight Companies that state a service from Philippines to Australia include:

4 : 4,607 : 3,459,755

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