Garden Of Tabinay, Small Tabinay, Puerto Galera

Garden Of Tabinay is located in Small Tabinay, Puerto Galera

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The resort “Garden of Tabinay” has apartments that are set among palm trees in a beautiful garden with many tropical plants. From the garden a path leads directly to a sandy beach. The resort offers standard German and located in Filipino / Austrian possession. Especially couples, seniors, families and small groups, the “Garden of Tabinay” cheap holiday and a lot of relaxation, away from everyday stress.

Garden Of Tabinay

Garden Of Tabinay
Small Tabinay
Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro

Garden Of Tabinay

Property details:

The “Garden of Tabinay” is an ideal place for long stays.
Winter, as known to some, does not exist here and you can forget the cold seasons in most of Europe and enjoy the warm Pacific sun here.
The heat will do you good, and the climate is pleasant.

From April to October is the rainy season with an average daily temperature of 28 °C and a night temperature of 20 °C.
Even in the rainy season from June to November, there are week-long dry periods.
From December to May is the dry season, the Philippine summer in which it 35 °C and more during the day may be hot before.
The nights are 25 ° – 28 °C wonderfully warm.

During the high daytime temperatures, the garden offers a welcome cool down with a wonderful breeze often blowing.
You will see in the “Garden of Tabinay” a nice way of life.
It is just a 15 minutes walk to the town of Puerto Galera and the harbour.


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Garden Of Tabinay
Small Tabinay
Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro

Phone number for Garden Of Tabinay, Puerto Galera, Philippines is: 0917 911 0482

3 : 250 : 2,201,209

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