How Much Does a Girl Earn in a Girly Bar ?

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How Much Does a Girl Earn in a Girly Bar ?

Not much is the simple answer to that question, but it can be increased depending on their popularity with customers.

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Many bars in Angeles City, one of the main areas with Girly Bars, will pay their dancers about 200 pesos per day, for a long shift, 8 or more hours.

That is the basic pay just for being there and moving a bit on stage.

Those that move a bit more than average, in time to the music, stand a chance of being asked to join a customer at his table, and then may benefit from a share of the cost of drinks that are bought from them.  This can be 100 pesos per drink going to the girl.

A way to earn another 1,000 pesos or so, is if the customer wants to take them out of the bar, and he pays the bar about 2,400 +/-.  This is shared with the girl.  What does the girl have to do for this?  Well, commonly just accompany the customer on bar hopping and such like.  Some do more. some do NOT.  Nothing more is compulsory. But who knows what happens with private individuals after that.

So, what can they earn?

It may be as low as just 200 pesos per day ($5 at Apr 2014), if they do not attract any attention.

But it could add up to 1,500 pesos  ($38 at Apr 2014) if this scenario happened:

The girl sits with 3 customers during an evening, and has 3 drinks,
then is taken out of the bar to join the customer going around other bars.

This is not a common occurrence though, as many will get no more than the basic 200 pesos, per day.


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