Apr 02 2014

What is a Ladies Drink in a Girly Bar ?

What is a Ladies Drink in a Girly Bar ?

Many people may not know this to begin with, but a Ladies drink is NOT just a drink that a lady drinks.

A ladies drink in a Girly bar is a drink that you buy for one of the girls that works in that bar, it is NOT the same as a drink that you buy for a lady that comes into the bar with you.


You and a lady friend enter a bar, you both have San Mig Light, and the cost is 120 pesos per drink.

You then ask one of the dancing girls to join you at the table, and she orders a San Mig Light too. But the cost of her San Mig is 300 pesos charged to you.

Why the difference ?  Well, the girl will get about 100 pesos for that. That is how many of them increase their meager earnings from the bar.  The rest goes to the bar as their way of making a better profit, after all, entry is free, and you get the entertainment value of watching scantily clad girls either dancing or not.



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