LBC and sending money to the Tacloban area – Problems

The Tacloban LBC office currently has no Internet connection, and is unable to process and release money transfers.

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However, this does not stop other branches from accepting money transfers to that area.

They after quite happy to refund the money transferred, on being told that the Tacloban area office is unable to fulfill the transaction.

BUT, they just refused to refund the transaction fee.  Even though they are unable to provide the service, they still want to get aid for it !!


That is a black mark against LBC.

Everyone else is trying to help those with problems in that disaster area, but LBC are happy to keep making money out of anyone.


Is it all of LBC ?  or is it just the Padre Faura branch in Ermita ?


Cebuana was our next choice of transfer. They charge the same 220php as LBC, for a 5,000php remittance. And they WERE able to fulfill the service in Tacloban, with the money having been collected safely.


But using LBC first, means we paid 440php for this remittance.

1 : 62 : 2,200,554

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One thought on “LBC and sending money to the Tacloban area – Problems”

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  2. My email to LBC after being refused the refund of the transaction fee.

    Problems sending money to Tacloban…

    I sent 5,000p to my friends family in Tacloban, and used LBC for the transfer. However the LBC offices in the Tacloban area were unable to fulfill the transfer due to no internet connection.

    We were told to use Cebuana or another. We went back to the Padre Faura street office, in Ermita, and asked for the money back. I expected the refund of the 220p transaction fee also, as LBC were unable to fulfill the transaction. The man in the office refused as the refund was not requested fast enough.

    The tracking number was: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    There are problems in the Tacloban area, the recipient tried a couple of LBC offices in the area, before telling us. We were told today, just 2 hours before requesting the refund. It was impossible to do it earlier, as early as your representative said we should have done.

    In the circumstances, especially taking account of Tacloban being a problem area, I feel that the 220p fee should be refunded. I now request this to be done. I feel it is very unfair of LBC to take advantage of the problems in the Tacloban area, to make money from people helping those in Tacloban, without even doing anything, or supplying the service being paid for.

    I hope you can arrange for this 220p to be refunded.
    I look forward to your reply today.

    Thank you

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