LTE 4G Broadband Coverage in the Philippines

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LTE (4G) is the faster Broadband option with speeds up to 42 Mbps compared to most services with the 7.2 Mbps maximum. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution

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LTE Coverage for Smart can be found at: Smart LTE Coverage locations

LTE Coverage for Globe can be found at: Globe LTE Coverage locations


LTE Sims only work in LTE enabled devices

Examples of these devices include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) LTE
  • iPhone 5
  • ZTE T82
  • Sony Xperia V
  • Huawei Ascend D1 LTE
  • Huawei Ascend G526 LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Sony Xperia Z
  • Nokia Lumia 920

Smart Supplied Devices include:

  • SMART LTE Pocket WiFi
  • SMART LTE Plug-It

Globe Supplied Devices Include:


Globe Speed Comparisons 3G v 4G (LTE)

These are averages taken from

3G Download Speed 1.9 Mb/s
4G Download Speed 7.6 Mb/s (4 times as fast as 3G)

3G Upload Speed 0.9 Mb/s
4G Upload Speed 8 Mb/s  (8.8 times as fast as 3G)

3G Average Latency 185173 ms
4G Average Latency 204 ms

3G Network Reliability 88%
4G Network Reliability 99%

Smart Speed Comparisons 3G v 4G (LTE)

3G Download Speed 1.1 Mb/s
4G Download Speed 4.8 Mb/s

3G Upload Speed 0.9 Mb/s
4G Upload Speed 6.3 Mb/s

3G Latency 2738 ms
4G Latency 215 ms

3G Data Reliability 85 %
4G Data Reliability 99 %

Sun Speed averages 3G (

3G Download Speed 1 Mb/s
3G Upload Speed 0.6 Mb/s
3G Latency 483 ms
3G Data Reliability 87 %

1 : 1,547 : 3,459,779

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We live between Baybay and Ormoc City on Leyte, a strech with no 4G Globe coverage. I use a hi-gain antenna and draw a -70dbi 3G signal from Baybay. Down load speeds vary grately, but can reach as high as 5mbps.

I am shopping for better equipment. On order is a + 24 dbi parabolic antenna. Selecting a modem router is difficult. It would be so helpful to know exactly which frequenc band are used in this area by Globe.

If you have a recomendation, then share it with me. I want cat 20 architecture and at least 802.11ac wifi. Of course the modem must take a sim and connect a mimo antenna.

It would be nice to buy a modem seperate from the wifi router. Just cannot find what I want.

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