Major Typhoons in the Philippines to 2014

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The most deadly Storms in the Philippines during the 10 years to 2014

The following SIX Typhoons (tropical cyclones) have each seen more than 1,000 lives lost in the Philippines during the ten years ended in 2014.

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Typhoon Yolanda – Typhoon Haiyan: 3rd Nov to 11th Nov 2013: Over 7,300 deaths


Typhoon Pablo – Typhoon Bopha: 25th Nov to 9th Dec 2012: 1,901 deaths


Typhoon Sendong – Typhoon Washi: 13th Dec to 19th Dec 2011: 1,268 deaths


Typhoon  Frank – Typhoon  Fengshen: 17th Jun to 27th  Jun 2008: 1,410 killed (846 from the sinking of the Princess of the Stars)


Typhoon Reming – Typhoon Durian: 24th Nov to 9th Dec 9 2006: 1,399 deaths (mainly due to mudslides from Mt Mayon)


Typhoon Ibiang – Typhoon Winnie: 27th Nov to 30th Nov 2004: 1,593 deaths


Tropical Cyclone – Hurricane – Strong Tropical Typhoon. These terms are used in different areas of the world, but basically mean the same.

Tropical Depressions have a maximum sustained surface winds of less than 39 mph.

Tropical Cyclones have wind speeds of at least 39 mph. They are often referred to as a Tropical Storm, or a Category 1 cyclone in Australia.

Hurricane, Typhoon, Severe Tropical Cyclone, Category 3 Cyclone, Very Severe Cyclonic Storm or Tropical Cyclone, depending on the location and have wind speeds of at least 74 mph.

1 : 149 : 3,474,971

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