Philippines Immigration – Letter of Invitation

What is an Invitation Letter for Visitors to the Philippines?

Some statements taken from a Philippines Embassy website MAY help to work out if an Invitation Letter is applicable or even appropriate.
However, this information was taken from an Overseas Philippines Embassy and refers to a Filipino in another country inviting a relative to visit from the Philippines to that other country.

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What is an Invitation Letter?

A: The Bureau of Immigration requires that this document, in the form of an affidavit of support or guarantee, be authenticated at ….
A: The so-called “invitation letter” is just another affidavit issued by an Embassy.

How to do an Invitation Letter?

A: If you have determined that your relative requires an invitation letter, please come to the Embassy during office hours…. Processing takes two working days, as any other authentication.

Is an Invitation Letter a guarantee of the visitor being accepted?

A: During the application for the “invitation letter” at the Embassy, we always mention at the counter that this document is not a guarantee that the invited party will not be offloaded.
A: The assessment of the Immigration Officer, at the point of entry, is the final decision on whether the preson is allowed in or is turned back.

This page is intended to give a guide to some aspects of the “invitation letter” and is not to be taken as expert opinion in any way.

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8 thoughts on “Philippines Immigration – Letter of Invitation”

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  2. This is my situation.. my friend is from libiria now his in china … is it still nessesary for him to get a envitation to travel

    1. Many foreigners can come to the Philippines without any invitation letter.

      Most get a visa waiver at immigration.

      However, Citizens from some countries do need to arrange a visa first. And the answer to your question may differ depending on their Nationality.

  3. Agoda
  4. My question is that would a scanned colour copy of that Letter of Invitation work or does he need to post it by mail to me

    1. It might depend on the country that the Filipino is being invited to.

      For Australia, a scanned copy was accepted.

      I would imagine that most countries would be the same these days.

        1. my egyptian husband was required to secure invitation letter from our philppine embassy as a support dox in visiting phillippines .
          anyone knows where i will get my invitation letter?
          municipal hall?

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