2GO Travel: St Leo The Great ferry

Manila to Cebu Ferry Service

The ‘St Leo the Great’ ferry runs the 2GO ferry service between Manila and Cebu.
The trip normally takes 22 hours, and runs at various different schedules.

Cebu departures in June 2015 are scheduled as:

10:00 PM Wednesdays
01:30 PM Sundays

Manila departures in June 2015 are scheduled as:

07:30 PM Mondays
09:00 AM Fridays

Example of prices (in pesos) on this route are shown below:

MV St Leo the GreatJune 2015

1,431  CABIN FOR 4 (per person)

Prices may vary depending on the exact date.
for example, on another day:


2Go Schedules

St Leo the Great is the former SuperFerry 21

All staterooms are with private bathroom with bathtub, 2 twin beds, sitting area, and a front view of the ship

MV St Leo The Great 01 MV St Leo The Great 02 MV St Leo The Great 03 MV St Leo The Great 04 MV St Leo The Great 05 MV St Leo The Great 06 MV St Leo The Great 07 MV St Leo The Great 08 MV St Leo The Great 09 MV St Leo The Great 10 MV St Leo The Great 11 MV St Leo The Great 12 MV St Leo The Great 15 MV St Leo The Great 16 MV St Leo The Great 17 MV St Leo The Great 18

Actual Costs of a Trip on St Leo the Great in 2015

We booked a trip on the St Leo the Great Ferry after being told we could take 75kg of baggage each, included in the ticket cost.
We checked the price, and decided to take a suite room, as the price was cheaper than flying.

This was the quoted cost on the online booking system:
St Leo Actual Booking Quote

BUT… at the final payment stage, they requested an extra 794 pesos for the taxes for the second person. The original price quoted was for two people for the ticket, but only one person for the taxes… It was easier to pay than have the hassle of arguing their booking system.

These were the final two booking tickets (one for each passenger – with names etc removed):
St Leo Actual Cost 1 St Leo Actual Cost 2.
So, up from 4,672 to 5,465 pesos. Not too bad still.

We arrived at the Ferry terminal in plenty of time, and began to book in. Porters were needed to take our bags in board. We didn’t pay the porters themselves, but had to pay this fee to the booking/checking in desk, with the Excess Baggage Fee!. The fixed charge for this porter fee was 520 pesos. (From check-in desk to the room).
The first three bags were included in the ticket charge, but the next three (six between two people) we had to pay an extra charge for. Another 450 pesos for Excess Baggage!! We were told we could have 75 kg each, and actually only had 60 kg each, but still had to pay, as we had too many bags !! This was not mentioned when booking, and I did email the office to check first.

So, now it is up from 4,672 to 5,915 pesos. (excluding porter fee) Not too happy now.

On departing, the porter fee for six bags was 600 pesos, but this time arranged and paid direct to the porter.

Total cost was now 7,035 pesos, (including porter fees) compared to the original idea of 4,672 pesos. Maybe Flying was cheaper after all.

However, the suite room did have much better legroom than the plane 🙂

The Official Photos above were probably taken when the ship was last refurbished.  I will add some more recent ones soon.

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Cebu City, Cebu

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Cebu City, Cebu

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Bldg.
M.J. Cuenco corner Osmeña Bvd.,
Cebu City


Tel: 032 254 6491

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Cebu Pier 4 Outlet

Cebu Port Pier 4 gate
BF Builders Building
Cebu City


Tel: 032 234 2742



Cebu to Cagayan
Cagayan to Cebu

Cebu to Iloilo
Iloilo to Cebu

Cebu to Ozamiz
Ozamiz to Cebu

Cebu to Tacloban
Tacloban to Cebu

Cebu to Tagbilaran
Tagbilaran to Cebu

Cebu to Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Cebu

Cagayan to Tagbilaran
Tagbilaran to Cagayan

Roble Shipping, Naval, Biliran

Roble Shipping, Naval

Roble Shipping have an Agency in Naval to handle ticket sales.

Roble Shipping – Naval Outlet
T. Inocentes St.


Tel: 053 500 7898
Mob: 0917 4469 447 (Globe)
Mob: 0917 7548 243 (Globe)


Ferry Times: (as at April 2015)

Naval To Cebu – 8:30 pm (Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)

Cebu To Naval – 8:30 pm (Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

Ticket Costs:  (as at April 2015)

PHP 1,960.00 V.I.P (Selected Trips only)
PHP 980.00 CABIN
PHP 835.00 BUSINESS (Selected Trips only)

Supercat 2GO Ferry Cebu – Ormoc – Cebu

Supercat 2GO Ferry Cebu – Ormoc – Cebu

Ferry Schedules for ORMOC-CEBU


Depart Ormoc: 8:05 AM – Arrive Cebu: 10:40 AM DAILY
Depart Ormoc: 1:45 PM – Arrive Cebu: 4:35 PM DAILY
Depart Ormoc: 7:50 PM – Arrive Cebu: 10:35 PM DAILY
Estimated Travel Time = 2 hours, 45 minutes

Ferry Schedules for CEBU-ORMOC


Depart Cebu: 5:15 AM – Arrive Ormoc: 7:50 AM DAILY
Depart Cebu: 11:00 AM – Arrive Ormoc: 1:35 PM DAILY
Depart Cebu: 5:00 PM – Arrive Ormoc: 7:35 PM DAILY
Estimated Travel Time = 2 hours, 35 minutes

Fares for CEBU-ORMOC

P740 Promo Fare
P594 Senior Citizen
P665 Disabled Citizen
P705 Student
P425 Minor (3-11 yrs. old)
Fare does not include terminal fee.
Terminal fee outgoing Cebu and Ormoc trips is PhP 25.00.

Valid as at March 2015 on www.supercat.com.ph

Weesam Ferry Cebu – Ormoc – Cebu

Weesam Express Daily Schedule CEBU – ORMOC – CEBU

CEBU – ORMOC Ferry Schedule

(Effective Feb. 13, 2015)

05:00 am (every Sat and Mon only)
10:20 am Daily
4:30 pm  Daily

ORMOC – CEBU Ferry Schedule

(Effective Feb. 13, 2015)

7:50 am  Daily
1:20 pm  Daily
7:20 pm (every Fri and Sun only)

Tourist Class Passenger

Php 650 Regular
Php 550 Student
Php 520 Senior
Php 350 Minor (4-11 yrs. Old)

Economy Passenger

Php 650 Regular
Php 550 Student
Php 520 Senior
Php 350 Minor (4-11 yrs. Old)

First Class Passenger

Php 750 Regular
Php 650 Student
Php 600 Senior
Php 400 Minor (4-11 yrs. Old)


Cebu: (032) 231-7737
Ormoc: (053) 561-0080


Roble Shipping, Cebu

Roble Shipping, Cebu

Contact Details are current at April 2015

Main Office :

Roble Shipping Inc.
Roble Building,
E.S. Baclig.
T. Padilla Extension,
North Reclemation Area,
Cebu City

Contact No.: (032) 419-1190 to 95 / (032) 260-1921 to 23

Office Hours

8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday – Saturday)
Ticketing Hours: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm (Monday – Sunday) (no noon break)

Pier 3 Booking Office :

Pier 3
Cebu City

Contact No.: 412-3183 / 401-3971

Business Hours:

8:00 am – 9:30 pm (Monday to Sunday) (no noon break)

Roble Shipping Routes (August 2014)

From Cebu

Cebu – Ormoc: 10pm Daily
Cebu – Hilongos: 12 Noon and 9 pm Daily
Cebu – Baybay: 9 pm Mon, Wed, Fri & Saturday
Cebu – Naval: 8:30 pm Mon, Wed, Fri & Saturday (Trip length: between 10 and 12 hours)
Cebu – Catbalogan: 7 pm Mon & Thursday

To Cebu

Ormoc – Cebu: 11 am Daily
Hilongos – Cebu: 11 am and 10pm Daily
Baybay – Cebu: 9 pm Tue, Thu & Sunday
Naval – Cebu: 8:30 pm Tue, Thu, Sat & Sunday
Catbalogan – Cebu: 7 pm Tue & Friday

Roble Shipping Fares (Aug 2017)

Cebu – Ormoc: Cheapest: 420p. Tourist: 530p. VIP: 2,100p
Cebu – Hilongos: Cheapest: 280p. Tourist: 380p. VIP: 1,800p
Cebu – Baybay: Cheapest: 280p. Tourist: 400p. VIP: 1,800p
Cebu – Naval: Cheapest: 480p. Tourist: 600p. Cabin: 1,000. VIP: 2,000p
Cebu – Catbalogan: Cheapest: 600p. Tourist: 775p. VIP: 2,000p

Discounts: 50% Minors. 20% Senior Citizen. 15% Student.

Roble Shipping Telephone Numbers: (August 2014)

Cebu Main Office: 032 419 1190 to 032 419 1195
Cebu Passage Dept: 032 416 6256
Cebu Freight Dept: 032 412 4603
Cebu Port Terminal Checker: 0943 229 9626 or 0943 229 9760

Hilongos Booking Office: 053 567 8042

Ormoc Booking Office: 053 255 7613 / 516 2801

Naval Booking Office: 053 500 7898

Web: www.robleshipping.com (needs updating)