Indian Nationals entering the Philippines as Tourist

Visa for Indian Tourist into Philippines

A Visa is required before arrival

The visitor must apply for a visa at the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate in the country of legal residence.


Effective 20 April 2015, Indian passport holders do not require a visa for tourism travel not exceeding fourteen (14) days provided that they hold a valid visa or permanent residence permit issued by a specified country:

These countries are (as at April 2015)

Schengen countries

This exemption is currently only valid for arrivals at NAIA airport in Manila.

Philippines Visa for Indian

Letter of Invitation to Philippines

If a Visa is required, then a Letter of Invitation may also be required, at the same time as the Visa is applied for. This must contain several elements such as: Length of Stay, Relationship Details, Purpose of Travel and Finances/Support.

This may be something along the lines of:

Dear Sirs

I have invited xxx to visit me in the Philippines in Month Year, for about xxx weeks [=length of stay].
He has been a friend for xxx amount of time, [=explaining the relationship] and we have discussed meeting each other for a while. [=purpose of travel.]
He has sufficient funds to look after himself, but could stay with my family (=Finances/Support)

My contact details are:

Phone Contact