Tamaraw Falls, Villaflor, Puerto Galera

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The Tamaraw Falls are located in the Villaflor area of Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental, near San Teodoro.

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Location is at the KM.37 marker, 37 kms North of Calapan and 15kms South of Puerto Galera.

The Tamaraw Falls, with a height of about 130 metres, are a series of smaller cascading waterfalls finally combining into a single cascade falling into a pool at the foot. This waterfall, being right on the side of the Puerto Galera – Calapan road are an easy attraction for passers-by, as well as those seeking out the location.

The trip to the Tamaraw Falls is most commonly done by a Jeepney ride on the Puerto Galera to Calapan route, but get off at the falls, and then get another Jeepney back to Puerto Galera. The journey should be about 30 minutes, and no more than about 50 peso per person on a Jeepney, each way. (2013)

Tamaraw Falls, Villaflor, Puerto Galera

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Hotels can often offer a tour package to the Tamaraw Falls, or you can obtain your own transport, using a tricycle for example.

An example price that I have seen, for a Tamaraw Falls Tour Package from White beach, was almost 5,000 pesos for 2 or more people. I went past the falls in a Jeepney the other day, and the cost was under 200 pesos each, but that was going much further to Calapan, and was for the return journey too.

I should stop next time and have a good look at the falls, and maybe get some photos to go here.

Once we know it well, may we could arrange economical tours for people 😉

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