6 Month Tourist Visa for Philippines

6 Month Visa or Long Stay Visa for Visitors

Those two terms are actually the same thing, but many people think they can apply for this before entering the Philippines. They can’t.

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This 6 month visa is an extension visa only, and the visitor MUST have already renewed the initial 30 day to have stayed for 59 days before applying for the 6 month visa extension.

The COST of a 6 month visa extension.

This is a subject that gets many answers, and many of them are different answers.

The OFFICIAL cost is:  11,500 pesos.

My cost, when I got my Six month Visa Extension in April 2015 was 8,250 pesos.

The price I was quoted by Visa Agencies in my area varied between 16,000 and 18,000 pesos, and their charges for doing it for me ranged between 2,000 and 2,500 pesos (included in the previous figure.)

NOTE: These figures are for Non Visa Required Nationals. ie: People who are allowed to get a visa on arrival at the airport etc in the Philippines.

Why was mine cheaper?

I already had an ACR-I card, saving of 2,600 pesos

So that should be down to 8,900 pesos.  still a difference of 650 pesos.

So there are still a few other differences:

The application was 900 and not 910
The certificate fee was 500 and not 510
The Extension fees came to 3,000 and not 3,010
The ECC was 700 not 710

Here is a breakdown of expected costs and actual costs:

Stated Cost Cost breakdown My Cost
PHP 3,010 Monthly Extension Fee PHP 3,000
PHP 910 Monthly Extension Application Fee PHP 900
PHP 1,010 ACR Re-issuance PHP 250
PHP 250 Head Tax PHP 250
PHP 710 Emigration Clearance Certificate PHP 700
PHP 510 Certificate Fee PHP 500
PHP 2,100 I-Card
PHP 1,500 Express Lane Fee PHP 1,500
PHP 1,000 Express Lane Fee(Certification) PHP 1,000
PHP 500 Express Lane Fee (ACR-I card)
Legal Research Fee PHP 50
Visa Sticker Fee PHP 100
PHP 11,500 TOTAL PHP 8,250


Actual Cost Quoted in April 2015:

Visa Cost 6 months

15 : 5,730 : 2,237,078

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65 thoughts on “6 Month Tourist Visa for Philippines”

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  2. u will pay no matter what wth marrige visa or retirementvisa or any kind expect to spend 2000 to 3000 us for it within 2 years then usualy a fee every year,such a fee fee country

  3. My experience today:
    6month extension has compulsory express lane fee additional 2500 peso so total cost 9800 peso.
    Also not multiple entry.
    2 month visa non express 2800 peso.
    Therefore I’ve gone for 2 month visa regular lane… No brainer!

  4. Agoda
  5. Hello, I have been to the Philippines many time but never more than 30 days. I am hoping to stay longterm. However I have a felony conviction in the US that is 20 years old. Because they take fingerprints will I get rejected?

    1. I can’t be certain, but I doubt it.

      But, how long do you mean by long term?

      The Philippines Bureau of Immigration has stated that they arrested a total of 257 foreign fugitives in 2018.
      These were able to enter the Philippines ands stay there, but were arrested because they were still WANTED for various crimes.

      I feel that if you are not wanted, and the crime was a long time ago, there would be no real issue.

      But, you can check that with the Philippines Embassy or consulate in your country, to be on the safe side.

      Many people extend their 30 day entry visa with no fuss.
      I doubt they would have your criminal details on record in the Philippines.

      In 2013, the Bureau of Immigration Chief Siegfred Mison created policies that he believes, will aid in discouraging foreign nationals with criminal records or involved in criminal activities in the Philippines from continuing their illicit activities in the country. It did not say they would not let them in, but that they would stop them doing it, in the Philippines.

      The worst they would do in your situation, would be to refuse to renew a visa. But I feel that is extremely unlikely, especially for an old conviction.

      I am pretty sure, from memory, that their visa renewal forms don’t even ask about criminal history.

      1. Team, am going to General Santos area or region March 2020 and plans are 6+ months and heard this location they will only issued 2 months via possible Davao does 6 months after 59day or end of extension not find the law and think each area might have different law. Am divorce, free, retired military clean record and was also thinking about SRRV military process is cheaper and long term.

    2. definetly not u can stay as long as 36 months no matter what your record,then u leave for a dayu get nother 36 months althoughevery 2 months u pay fee app 70 us no in 2020

    1. Yes, the 6 month visa can be applied for at any time after the first extension.

      I did my first 6 month extension at 8 months after entry, doint 2 monthly extensions before that.

      1. Hi, We extended our for 29 days and we are planning to get the 6months visa extension. But what if we will be leaving out of the country for few weeks, can we still extent our visa for 6months when we come back or we need to extend again the 29days 1st visa extension?

        And what we need to bring when we extend the 6months visa?

        Thank you btw for the information provided in this blog.

        1. It appears that the visa is NOT multiple entry, therefore you start again on each entry to the Philippines.
          That info is from people who have done it.

          I would have thought a 6 month visa would be valid for 6 months, but it appears not.

          The requirements for the 6 month visa are, from my recollection, the same for the 1 or 2 month visa extension.

          The Immigration site states:
          Original Passport +
          Application Form (TVS-CGAF-VE-2016) +
          Sworn Statement for overstaying /updating of stay of more than six (6) months.

          I recall taking passport sized photos with me, and being asked for the previous visa receipt. Best to take just in case.
          Photos are now often done at the office, when needed, as are digital fingerprints. But some offices may be different.

          1. Dear sir/madam,

            Where can i find the sworn statement for overstaying?

            I have found the two other documents that I have to fill in already.

            Thanks for your help.

            Kind regards,
            Roel Hensen

          2. Hello can l ask ? Ung fiance ko po kasi e . Mag sisix months na sa Philippines pwede ba nalang namin gawin ung extend niya dito sa philippines or kailangan lumabas nang bansa para sa kanyang Stamp ? Thankyou sana masagot

    1. It depends on your nationality, but most people get a visa on arrival, and then extend it before the first 30 days expires.

      1. in 2020 after aug 1 ,u wont get in unless u have visa stam before u arrive,i arrived sept5 had to stay on floor before immigration for4 days before wife could get proper documents submitted to auf office in manila with 200us then bring back to airport meeting security only outside then waiting another 10 hours for airlines staff to sign off and by the way cost wife app 190 in us dollar in pesos for visa exzeption permit plus there fees dont forget 93 when u land for covid before u even get near immigraion such a deal hun,

  6. Hi dear sir,my wife is Filipina and I want to stay in Philippines permanently so what kind of visa I should apply for it?
    Thank you

    1. You can arrive in the Philippines on a Balikbayan visa, and then go to an immigration office and apply for a married visa.

    2. u will pay no matter what wth marrige visa or retirementvisa or any kind expect to spend 2000 to 3000 us for it within 2 years then usualy a fee every year,such a fee fee country

  7. Hi, i just rewed my Visa for 2 months while i did for 6 months for 2 years…
    The head of bureau of immigration in Iloilo gives now 6 months renewal only to married foreigners…That s ridiculous.
    I guess i ll go to boracay and give it a try there, renewing every 2 months is really a hassle.

    1. That is weird. I thought it would be a national decision on such things.

      Is it anything to do with the maximum stay period of 36 months?

    2. Hi there, I agree the IloIlo office is acting rather strange as of late. I have extended my stay 3 times for a total of 7 months – upon the recent extension I was told that since I was staying in the country over 6 months I had to go for an interview with the department head. Was asked, who, what, where, when, why and how. I went online and there is nothing that speaks to this requirement and the odd line of questing. Every visit is a different set of rules and roll of the dice apparently.

      1. Hello, your post was very interesting. I live in iloilo and I have been here for six months and I was also told I had to be married to a philippino before I can get a six months extension. The asked me three times when I am going to marry my girlfriend I told them who knows i have only just met her.

        They told me to go to Manila next time and get a special retirement visa good job I know how much that is but they don’t care they act very strange lots of questions.

        I go to Cebu next time for my six months extension.

  8. Agoda
    1. I would suggest suggest during the last month. Do not leave it too late. I am not sure how early it can be renewed. I did mine 2 weeks before it expired.

  9. Hi I would just like to ask , is it gona be a tourist visa and a TRV after ? or just TRV ? I am getting married to my fiancé and he will go back to the Philippines because his student visa has expired last week . and having said , if its TRV , can he apply for a job if he wants to ?

    1. After you marry, you can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), but he will need a valid visa before that, if he is in the Philippines. I would suggest a visitor visa until the TRV is approved.

      Otherwise apply for the TRV and arrive after it is granted. Or arrive early on a Visitor Visa.

      When the TRV is granted, then he can legally work.

  10. hello…i am an italian of 57 yrs old. i am sick and cannot walk because my knee is so painful and sometimes i forget where i am and what to do. what can i do after my visa expired?

    1. It has often been possible to get a travel agent to do the renewal. You could ask someone to find out for you, at a local travel agent. It will cost extra, but it is a possibility. I did that once, when I didn’t fancy the trip to the Bureau.

  11. I am reti6in the Philippines. Likely getting married. Before leaving the US I received a 59 day extended visa thru the Philippines Consulate in LA. Will I be able to get a 6 month extension? I will must go to the Immigration office in Bacolod. Is this a quick process or am I going to be faced with long lines? Thanks

  12. Can i get long term visitor visa for 6 months or 1 year. Want to spend time with my GF ( Partner). I am indian national, Can i enter philippines with visa on arrival for 30 days and can easily extend to another 6 months or 1 year??

    1. Yes, you can. Just go to immigration within the first 30 days. You normally do a 29 day first extension, and then you can do 6 month extensions after that.

      1. Hi are you certain you can just get 30 days at immigration then apply for 29 days? I thought it was apply for 59d ays then extend monthly. For extending.

        1. The Visa on Arrival has been 30 days for a few years now, for nationals from most countries, with the first renewal being 29 days. Prior to July 1, 2013, it was only 21 days allowed on entry, but with renewal to be done by the 21st day.

          Some people have arranged the extra 29 days, making 59 days in total, by applying at the airport on arrival, but not everyone is that lucky, with many being told to do it at an Immigration office.

          Holders of Brazil or Israeli passports are allowed to enter the Philippines on the same basis, but for a stay not exceeding fifty-nine (59) days.

          A few other passport holders only get 7 or 14 days.

          see: https://www.in-philippines.com/who-can-enter-the-philippines-without-a-visa/

  13. Agoda
  14. Hi I have already been and stayed in phillipines in june 2018, I want to go in October for 3 months, do I have to wait for the 29 days are up then I can apply for 2 months or longer…How can I do this thanks

    1. You need to renew any visa BEFORE the current one expires. Otherwise you pay penalties and run the risk of whatever they choose to do with illegal aliens.

      I assume you are planning on going to the Philippines again in October. You will get the 30 day visa free period, and during that time you must go to a Bureau of Immigration and ask for an extension to cover the period you need. You may need to do a 29 day extension first, and then another to cover the remainder of your trip.

  15. Hi my friend a swedesh national want to stay in the phil.for 3 mos.where can she apply a philippine visa,,thank you very much

    1. It varies depending on what country you come from.

      Most people get 30 days visa free at the airport and then extend the visa. This can normally be 1, 2 or 6 months each renewal.

      The other option is to get a long visa in advance from your local Philippine embassy.

      You say, a long time. How long is that?
      There is a maximum of 2 or 3 years depending on your nationality.

          1. The cost is for the entire 6 months.

            When you arrive you get one month free, then do a renewal for another month. After that you can do a 6 month renewal if you wish. Most people seem to do 2 month renewals at a time.

            I found the 6 month renewal more convenient.

          1. You do not need to leave every 2 months.

            Most people can stay for 36 months without leaving, just by renewing the visa every 2 or 6 months.

  16. Please help me,My gf is pregnant and i want to her to give birth our baby in phililines,The immigration allowed her to give a 6months extension?.how if ever thy dont want,.she can stay illegal for 6months and after her give birth i pay all fines and cost for 6months..Please give me advice..

    1. I would not advise anything illegal, such as overstaying a visa.

      Most people can get 24 to 36 months of visa renewals.

      Do you have a specific reason for wanting the birth in the Philippines?

  17. Agoda
  18. Hi, good day may i ask if there is still a chance for a offload filipinos to travel again as tourist in any asian countries that did not required visa? What should i prepare so the philippines immigration will grant me to pass? Its been 3 years now since i was offloaded last Feb. 2014. Never try again. I am scared that i get the same result and its waste of money.

  19. Where are all the places to get an 2 month extension? Is it only in Manila, or can I get it from other cities in the Philippines?

  20. Agoda
  21. The six month Visitor Visa extension is available at:

    Bureau of Immigration at Manila, Luzon

    Bureau of Immigration at Cebu, Visayas

    Bureau of Immigration at Davao, Mindanao

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