Bureau of Immigration – Cebu

Bureau of Immigration Offices in Cebu

Bureau of Immigration – Cebu District Office

2nd Level J Centre Mall,
A.S Fortuna St.,
Mandaue City,
Metro Cebu 6014

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Tel: 032 505 4166

Bureau of Immigration – Gaisano Immigration Satellite Office

Ground Floor, Gaisano Mactan Island Mall
ML Quezon National Highway
Lapulapu City
Metro Cebu 6015


Tel: 032 495 2852

The Old Cebu Bureau of Immigration office.

Bureau of Immigration – Cebu

Mandaue City
Metro Cebu


Tel: 032 345 6442


30 : 8,100 : 2,233,588

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95 thoughts on “Bureau of Immigration – Cebu”

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  2. Please forward to Hon Jaime H Morente

    Please reconsider the descision taken by the immigration service to send me back to the Netherlands this friday

    I have a filipini partner since two years. She has two children. And since March this year we are trying to get united as a family to live all together in the Netherlands because of covid this has been not possible. My partner and her children are suffering from this seperation and we are doing everything we can to be all together. Now we are able to travel again and to get the neccesary documents for her children to join with us in the Netherlands and to build the neccesarry relationship with the children, I came with my fillipino partner to the fillipines.
    But as we are not married i am not allowed in the country under the covid restrctions. I ask you to see the humanitaire and tragic circumstance the children are in for missing their mother and we are looking for being a healthy happy family again .
    Please consider as maybe you have also a family that we are trying our best to have a healthy loving family and the children need this contact with me before they move to the Netherlands. I ask to reconsider on the covid rules that i have a duty and desire to build a relationship with the children and to unite our family in the Netherlands. Please have mercy on us for the sake of the children and the family life we try to build.

    Kind regards A Tak

  3. I am a Japanese and completed all procedures for my ACR
    application ( probationary resident)in January and confirmed
    official ACR card will be issued on July 25. However, after this
    date, Corbit-19 had been caused and all office worked stopped. Under this situation, I have questions:

    1) Today, additional extension of MGCQ was announced upto
    2) My current ACR card (SSRN 19101KT0813121703) is valid
    3) I am 79 years old and can not go out due to the protocol.

    Therefore, I would like to question that I must wait until
    The lift of MGCQ before go to your office for the issue of
    Official ACR card.

    Thanks and my best regards,

    Kaoru Taniguchi

  4. Agoda
  5. Hi I’m AKIHIRO japanese
    I need to extension of my pasport visa until May 4
    I’m here in Bantayan Island
    so can I go there? your Bureau open?

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