FX Rates Historic from 1965 USD-PHP

USD – PHP Foreign Exchange Rates

August 21, 2020 – One US Dollar is worth 50.3298 Philippine Peso

Average USD -PHP Rates in 2020

Jan 2020 – 50.8386
Feb 2020 – 50.7448
Mar 2020 – 50.9036
Apr 2020 – 50.7349
May 2020 – 50.5556
Jun 2020 – 50.0972
Jul 2020 – 49.4675

USD – PHP Rates at the start of each year

Jan 2020 – 50.73
Jan 2019 – 52.50
Jan 2018 – 49.82
Jan 2017 – 49.56
Jan 2016 – 46.85
Jan 2015 – 44.80
Jan 2014 – 44.41
Jan 2013 – 40.87
Jan 2012 – 43.68
The above are the rates at the start of each January.

Current Rates can be seen at the Bottom of the Page.

The following Exchange Rates for the US Dollar to the Philippine Peso show a remarkable change from 1965 to 1995:

3.900 8-Nov-65
5.500 21-Feb-70
6.435 22-Sep-70
6.780 26-Apr-72
7.070 31-Dec-74
7.510 31-Dec-75
7.440 31-Dec-76
7.380 31-Dec-77
7.380 31-Dec-78
7.420 31-Dec-79
7.600 31-Dec-80
8.200 31-Dec-81
9.170 31-Dec-82
11.000 23-Jun-83
14.000 5-Oct-83
14.000 31-Dec-83
18.000 6-Jun-84
19.760 31-Dec-84
19.030 31-Dec-85
20.530 31-Dec-86
20.800 31-Dec-87
21.340 31-Dec-88
22.440 31-Dec-89
28.000 31-Oct-90
28.000 31-Dec-90
26.650 31-Dec-91
24.418 31-Dec-94
26.214 31-Dec-95

Average Annual FX rates from 1960 to 2019


Year  Average PHP for 1 USD
1960   2.0150
1961   2.0200
1962   3.7279
1963   3.9104
1964   3.9100
1965   3.9092
1966   3.9000
1967   3.9000
1968   3.9000
1969   3.9000
1970   5.9044
1971   6.4317
1972   6.6748
1973   6.7563
1974   6.7879
1975   7.2479
1976   7.4403
1977   7.4028
1978   7.3658
1979   7.3776
1980   7.7742
1981   9.3111
1982   9.4614
1983 12.1052
1984 17.6081
1985 17.3986
1986 18.4195
1987 19.0788
1988 23.2510
1989 23.0298
1990 22.8950
1991 30.3273
1992 26.4361
1993 28.0518
1994 24.8307
1995 24.1938
1996 27.1429
1997 32.5871
1998 40.3365
1999 42.8467
2000 46.4345
2001 51.1945
2002 51.5833
2003 54.3194
2004 56.0850
2005 55.0560
2006 51.2877
2007 46.0661
2008 44.4606
2009 47.5758
2010 45.0789
2011 43.3035
2012 42.2214
2013 42.4743
2014 44.4013
2015 44.8
2016 47.4925
2017 50.4037
2018 52.6614
2019 51.7958

Latest Source: www.bsp.gov.ph/statistics


Maxbank, Puerto Galera

Maxbank is a Thrift Bank in the Philippines.

Updated Locations as 30th October 2019

Maxbank – Sabang, Puerto Galera Branch

No. 54, Barangay Sabang, Puerto Galera, 5203 Oriental Mindoro
Phone: 043 287 3480
Fax: 043 287 3483

Maxbank – Calapan Branch

G/F HOMEMARK Bldg., JP Rizal St., Camilmil, Calapan City, 5200 Oriental Mindoro
Phone: 043 288 1448
Fax: 043 288 1448

MaxBank Head Office, Batangas City.

#24 Antonio A. Pastor Bldg., P. Burgos St., Batangas City, 4200 Batangas
Phone: 043 723 8438
Fax: 043 425 4075

Maxbank – Alabang, Muntinlupa

8th Floor Unit 8A, NOL Tower, Commerce Avenue, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Phone: 02 845 0747
Fax: 02 845 0747

Maxbank Email and Website:

Email: info@maxbank.com.ph
Web: www.maxbank.com.ph

April 5, 2011 – philstar.com
Maximum Microfinance Savings Bank (Maxbank) will be deploying its first automated teller machine (ATM) in Sabang, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro with the help of Megalink, the country’s pioneering ATM consortium. Maxbank is the newest member of MegaLink. It has its head office at Sabang with one OBO or other banking office in Calapan and another to follow shortly in Batangas.

It has a branch in Puerto Galera.

  • MaxBank, 54 Oppax Building, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Tel: 043 328-8233



Send Money to the Philippines From Australia

What is the best way to send money to the Philippines from Australia

Cost of transferring Australian Dollars to the Philippines

When looking at transferring money between countries do you look ONLY at the FX rate quoted, or the NET effect of the FX rate AND the the FEE charged.

When comparing rates, I was told by one Money Transfer Companies Agent that they offered the highest FX rate and they were much better than the other options. The particular agent offered both Moneygram and Ria. I went in asking for a Moneygram transfer, and they told me that Ria was much better with a higher rate.  They didn’t like giving me the net rate after charging fees.

They said Ria was better than Moneygram as Ria had a higher FX rate, however, the NET result for $100 cost was:

$A100 with Moneygram was 3,170.60 php to the recipient.
A$100 with Ria was 2,943.60 php to the recipient.

The recipient via Moneygram would have got an extra 7.7% MORE than with Ria.


Actual NET FX rates at 1st February 2016

The following are actual rates at Noon 1st February 2016 as a guide to comparing money transfer services.
Normal Banks are excluded as they are way too expensive.

Larger Amounts such as $10,000 can get a rate today equal to:
3,328.69 PHP into Philippine Bank Account. This can be checked at the Foreign Exchange tab on the right of this page.

The rates for a cost of A$100 including all fees, at Noon 1st February 2016, are:


3,171.60 PHP cash at agent  (Cost $96 + $4 fee = $100.00)


3,073.63 PHP   (Cost $92 + $8 fee = $100.00)


3,073.63 PHP cash at agent (Cost $92 + $8 fee = $100.00)
3,073.63 PHP into Philippine Bank Account (Cost $92 + $8 fee = $100.00)

Western Union

2,988.21 PHP in cash at agent (Cost $90 + $10 fee = $100.00)
3,151.01 PHP into Philippine Bank Account (Cost $95 + $5 fee = $100.00)

Ria Financial

2,943.60 PHP in cash at agent (Cost $88 + $12 fee = $100.00)

The BEST FX rate of the Money Transfer examples above is 33.45 php to the A$
BUT.. That option had the highest fees, and ended up as the lowest NET exchange rate.

The WORST FX rate of the Money Transfer examples above is 33.0375 php to the A$
BUT.. That option had the LOWEST fees, and ended up as the BEST NET exchange rate

The rank of the 7 Options above is:

  1. 3,171.60 PHP Moneygram cash at agent
  2. 3,151.01 PHP Western Union into Philippine Bank Account
  3. 3,073.63 PHP OrbitRemit cash at agent
  4. 3,073.63 PHP Worldremit cash at agent
  5. 3,073.63 PHP Worldremit into Philippine Bank Account
  6. 2,988.21 PHP Western Union cash at agent
  7. 2,943.60 PHP Ria Financial in cash at agent

Previous Comparisons

Actual Examples at  31 Jan 2016 at 11.30am, with a cost of $100 including fee, to send money to the Philippines:

33.126338 PHP with $4 fee
Receive Amount 3,180.13 PHP

33.4 with $7.00 fee
Receive Amount 3106.20 PHP

33.3279 with $8 fee
We Payout PHP 3,066.17

1 AUD = 33.2023 PHP with $10 fee

Larger amounts however, such as $10,000 plus, can obtain much better rates than this, at about 3,300 php per $100.



FX Rates Historic from 1965 AUD-PHP

AUD – PHP Foreign Exchange Rates

The following average Exchange Rates for the Australian Dollar to the Philippine Peso show a remarkable change from 1965 to 1995:

Current Rates can be seen at the Bottom of the Page.


Year  Average AUD/PHP
1960       2.2568
1961       2.2624
1962       4.1752
1963       4.3797
1964       4.3792
1965       4.3783
1966       4.3680
1967       4.3680
1968       4.3680
1969       4.3680
1970       6.6129
1971       7.3086
1972       7.9580
1973       9.5832
1974       9.7576
1975       9.4751
1976       9.0940
1977       8.2062
1978       8.4271
1979       8.3703
1980       8.8627
1981     10.6944
1982       9.5917
1983     10.9063
1984     15.4441
1985     12.2162
1986     12.3809
1987     13.3740
1988     18.2596
1989     18.2222
1990     17.8713
1991     23.6121
1992     19.4310
1993     19.0642
1994     18.1590
1995     17.9385
1996     21.2522
1997     24.2135
1998     25.4064
1999     27.6564
2000     26.9527
2001     26.4897
2002     28.0642
2003     35.4473
2004     41.2998
2005     41.9612
2006     38.6250
2007     38.5697
2008     37.6604
2009     37.7268
2010     41.4451
2011     44.6948
2012     43.7269
2013     41.0251
2014     40.0749


Current Australian Dollar to Philippines Peso FX rate



Smart Money Centers in Naval, Biliran

Smart Money Centers in Naval, Biliran

Prime Asia Pawn & Jewelry Shop

P. Inocentes St.
Brgy. Sto Rosario

Edmar Electronic Services & Trading

Bernardez Village

Edmar Electronic Services & Trading

Abad St. Cor. Inocentes St.,
Santissimo Rosario,

Source: http://smart.com.ph/Money/use/add-funds/over-the-counter/smart-money-centers

Bank ATM Limits in the Philippines

Bank ATM Limits in the Philippines

A selection of the major banks in the Philippines, showing the daily ATM limits.

Virtually all the banks that I have seen, have a maximum withdrawal of 10,000 pesos per transaction. But it is not uncommon for some people to do two or three withdrawals at a time, to get out what they need.

My maximum was 3 withdrawals one after another, at 10,000 pesos each, from the PSBank in Feb 2015.

PNB ATM Limits (Philippine National Bank)

PNB Superteller 

Php 10,000.00 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction
Php 20,000.00 to 100,0000 maximum withdrawal limit per day (Account selectable and dependent)


PSBank ATM Limits (Philippines Savings Bank)

PSBank Regular ATM card

PhP 10,000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction
PhP 30,000 maximum withdrawal limit per day
PhP 50,000 daily purchase limit for point-of-sale (POS) and Online transactions.


BDO ATM Limits (Banco de Oro)

ATM card

PhP 10,000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction
PhP 50,000 maximum withdrawal limit per day
PhP 100,000 daily purchase limit for point-of-sale (POS)
PhP 25,000 “mastercard” Online transactions


BPI Direct ATM Limits (Bank of Philippine Islands)

ATM Card

Php 10,000.00 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction
Php 50,000.00 maximum withdrawal limit per day


PSBank Savings Account Types

The main PSBank savings accounts in the Philippines

The three main regular type of savings accounts with PSBank are:

PSBank ATM Savings
PSBank Regular Passbook Savings
PSBank Passbook with ATM

The PSBank ATM Savings requires a minimum maintaining balance of PhP2,000, otherwise a monthly fee of PhP300 will be charged.

The PSBank Regular Passbook Savings requires a minimum maintaining balance of PhP5,000, otherwise a monthly fee of PhP300 will be charged. To earn interest you need a minimum Daily Balance of PhP5,000.

The PSBank Passbook with ATM requires a minimum maintaining balance of PhP5,000, otherwise a monthly fee of PhP300 will be charged. To earn interest you need a minimum Daily Balance of PhP5,000.

For children there are the PSBank Kiddie and PSBank Teen Savings Account.

The PSBank Kiddie Savers Account is a savings account for children from 0-12 years old

The PSBank Teen Savers Account is for teens 13-18 years old.

Neither of these two childrens accounts require a maintaining balance, and the accounts earn interest regardless of the balance.

Source:  www.psbank.com.ph

Bank Account in the Philippines for a Foreigner

How can a Foreigner get a Bank Account in the Philippines?

Some Philippine Banks do not open Bank Accounts for Tourist Visa holders, but some do.

Requirements may be different at each bank, but all will need at least:

  • Two valid photo IDs (EG: Passport, Driver’s License, ACR-I card).
  • 2 copies of 2″x2″ Passport type Photo.
  • Proof of address in the Philippines. (EG: Condo Rent statement)
  • ACR I-Card.

Which Philippine Banks will open accounts for Tourist Visa Holders?

I can say that these TWO banks will, as I did open accounts with them while on a tourist Visa.

  • PSBank (This has more branches)
  • Allied Savings Bank

Other Banks that I have read that will open accounts for Tourist Visa Holders:

  • RCBC
  • BDO
  • BPI Express Online

Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

Transferring funds from one bank to another in the Philippines can be done using an Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) option.

One of the ways to do this is using participating banks in the “BancNet” system, and this allows real-time transfers 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday! (Real-time = The amount will be deducted instantly from the sending account and added instantly to the receiving account.)

This can be done online, (PC or mobile phone), or at an any BancNet-affiliated ATM.

A service charge of P25.00 will be debited to the senders account, for every IBFT transaction.

There is no limit on the amount that can be transferred between accounts.

The participating banks (at August 2013) for this particular service are:

  • Allied Bank
  • Allied Savings Bank
  • Asia United Bank
  • Banco Filipino
  • CARD Bank
  • China Bank Savings
  • China Banking Corp.
  • China Trust
  • Citibank
  • City Savings Bank
  • Citystate Savings Bank
  • DBP. Development Bank of the Philippines
  • East West Bank
  • Enterprise Bank
  • Equicom Savings Bank
  • Green Bank of Caraga
  • HSBC
  • HSBC Savings Bank
  • Isla Bank
  • Malayan Bank
  • Maybank Philippines
  • Metrobank
  • Opportunity Microfinance
  • PBCom. Philippine Bank Of Communications
  • PSBank. Philippine Savings Bank
  • PVB Card Corp. Philippine Veterans Bank
  • Philippine Business Bank
  • Philippine National Bank
  • Philippine Veterans Bank
  • Philtrust Bank
  • Plan Bank
  • Postal Bank
  • Producers Bank
  • QCRB. Quezon Capital Rural Bank

HSBC Banking has an excellent page to show how ATM transfers are done using the BancNet ATM system: www.hsbc.com.ph

This is the method to Transfer Funds using an ATM:

  • Insert your ATM card.
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Select Fund Transfer.
  • Select the Bank account of the receiver.
  • Enter the account number of the account you wish to transfer funds to. (Double check the number)
  • Select type of bank account to be used (Savings or Current)
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Take your transaction receipt, after it has been confirmed.

Bank Codes

There are THREE common bank identifying codes used internationally, and these are: BRSTN: Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers for Major Banks in the Philippines....

SWIFT, BRSTN and CHIPS in Philippine Banks

There are THREE common bank identifying codes used internationally, and these are:

BRSTN: Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers for Major Banks in the Philippines

This 9 digit code identifies the country, city, and name of your bank, and is the commonly used bank identifier code used among banks in the Philippines to transfer funds.

SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Business Identifier Codes (BICs) are often called SWIFT addresses or codes.

The SWIFT code is 8 or 11 characters, made up of:
4 letters: Institution Code or bank code.
2 letters: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code eg: PH = Philippines
2 letters or digits: location code  eg:  the MM at the end of many codes = Metro Manila
The last 3 characters represent the local branch code.

CHIPS: Clearing House Interbank Payments System  http://www.chips.org


Although these are listed below, it is always advised to contact your bank to check the code before using it to transfer funds.
A wrong, or outdated, code could cause problems with your financial transactions. Trust ONLY your bank.

Some banks use a routing number of another bank that they route transfers through. For example BRSTN: 021000021 is actually JP Morgan Chase in New York, but used for at least BPI Family Bank and PSBank.


Allied Banking Corp BRSTN: 010320013 ABCMPHMM 113391
Australia New Zealand BRSTN: 010700015
Asia United Bank BRSTN: 011020011
Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas BRSTN: 010030015
Bangkok Bank BRSTN: 010670019
Bank Of America BRSTN: 010120019
Bank Of China BRSTN: 011140014
Bank Of Makati BRSTN: to follow
Bank Of Tokyo BRSTN: 010460012
BDO Banco De Oro (& EPCIB) BRSTN: 010530667 BNORPHMM  342100
Bank Of Commerce BRSTN: 010440016
Bank Of The Philippine Islands BRSTN: 010040018 BOPIPHMMXXX
BPI Family Savings Bank BRSTN: 021000021 BPFFPHM1XXX
China Banking Corp BRSTN: 010100013
China Trust Comml Bank BRSTN: 010690015
Citibank N.A. BRSTN: 010070017
Citibank N.A. Cebu BRSTN: 010070017 CITIPHMXCBU
Citibank N.A. Manila Ibg-Treasury Services Unit BRSTN: 010070017 CITIPHMXTSU
Devt Bank Of The Phils BRSTN: 010590018
Deutsche Bank BRSTN: 010650013
East West Bank BRSTN: 010620014
Export & Industry Bank BRSTN: 010860010
Fuji Bank BRSTN: 010640010
HSBC BRSTN: 010060014 HSBCPHMM  070862
Intl Comml Bank Of China BRSTN: 010560019
Intl Exchange Bank BRSTN: 010680012
JP Morgan Chase Bank BRSTN: 010720011
Korea Exchange Bank BRSTN: 010710018
Intl Nederland Bank BRSTN: 010660016
Land Bank Of The Phils BRSTN: 010350025 TLBPPHMM
Maybank Of The Phils BRSTN: 010220016
Metrobank BRSTN: 010269996
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co BRSTN: 010269996 MBTCPHMMXXX
Phil Bank Of Communication BRSTN: 010110016
Phil Trust Company BRSTN: 010090039
Philippine National Bank BRSTN: 010080010 PNBMPHMM
Prudential Bank BRSTN: 010150018
Phil Veterans Bank BRSTN: 010330016
PS Bank (Philippine Savings Bank) BRSTN: 010269996 PHSBPHMMXXX
Rizal Comml Banking Corp BRSTN: 010280014
Security Bank & Trust Co BRSTN: 010140015
Standard Chartered Bank BRSTN: 010050011
United Coconut Planters Bank BRSTN: 010299995 UCPBPHMM
Union Bank Of The Phils BRSTN: 010419995
United Overseas Bank BRSTN: 010270189

MegaLink Banking System in Philippines

MegaLink, launched on March 19, 1990, was the first operational of a shared ATM network in the Philippines, and was formed by Equitable Bank, Far East Bank & Trust Co., Philippine National Bank and United Coconut Planters Bank.

They began with the shared resources of 88 ATMs, a base of 130,000 cardholders, and average of 200 transactions a day.

By 2013, this has increased to 16 members with shared resources of around 3,000 ATMs, 17,000 POS terminals and 15.6 million cardholders and processing an average of more than 500,000 transactions a day.

MegaLink are interconnected with both BancNet and Expressnet, and MegaLink cardholders therefore have access to nearly 12,000 ATMs and more than 37,000 POS terminals nationwide.


List of Member banks from the above website in June 2013

  1. Banco de Oro – BDO has 760 operating branches and over 1,800 ATMs nationwide, and is (September 2012), the country’s largest bank in terms of total resources, capital, customer loans, total deposits and assets under management.
  2. Cooperative Rural Bank of Bulacan
  3. Country Rural Bank of Taguig
  5. GSIS Family Bank
  6. G-Xchange
  8. MaxbankHead Office is in Sabang, Puerto Galera.
  10. One Network Bank
  11. Pacific Ace Savings Bank
  12. Plantersbank
  13. Queenbank
  14. Unionbank
  15. United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)

BancNet Banking System in the Philippines

BancNet was founded on July 17, 1990 as the Philippines’ second ATM consortium (Megalink was the first) when the following eight banks linked their ATM’s into the one BancNet system:

  1. PCI Bank (now Banco de Oro),
  2. Security Bank,
  3. Chinabank,
  4. RCBC,
  5. Allied Bank,
  6. Metrobank,
  7. International Corporate Bank (now part of UnionBank), and
  8. CityTrust Banking Corp.(now part of BPI)

Current Member Banks (2013) using BancNet as their Primary Network are:

  1. Allied Bank
  2. Allied Savings Bank
  3. AMA Bank
  4. Asia United Bank
  5. Bank of the Philippine Islands
  6. BPI Family Savings Bank
  7. BPI Direct Savings Bank
  8. Bank of Commerce
  9. Centennial Savings Bank
  10. Chinabank
  11. Chinatrust Commercial Bank
  12. Citibank
  13. Citibank Savings
  14. Citystate Savings Bank
  15. Deutsche Bank AG
  16. Development Bank of the Philippines
  17. E-CTK Solutions Inc
  18. East West Bank
  19. Equicom Savings Bank
  20. Green Bank
  21. HSBC
  22. HSBC Savings (PCI Bank Savings)
  23. Landbank
  24. Malayan Bank
  25. Maybank
  26. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
  27. Opportunity Kauswagan Bank
  28. Philippine Bank of Communications
  29. Philippine Business Bank
  30. Philippine National Bank
  31. Philippine Postal Savings Bank
  32. Philippine Savings Bank
  33. Philippine Veterans Bank
  34. Philtrust Bank
  35. Premiere Development Bank
  36. Producers Bank
  37. Quezon Capital Rural Bank
  38. Real Bank
  39. RCBC Savings Bank
  40. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
  41. Robinsons Savings Bank
  42. Security Bank
  43. Standard Chartered Bank
  44. Sterling Bank of Asia
  45. Tong Yang Savings Bank
  46. Wealth Bank
  47. World Partners Bank

Source: www.bancnetonline.com

Expressnet Banking System in the Philippines

Expressnet was founded on February 14, 1986, when the ATMs of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and its subsidiary, BPI Family Savings Bank, the founders of Expressnet, were connected for the first time.

However it wasn’t until late in 1991, that a non linked bank, Landbank, joined the consortium, with HSBC following in 1992 and Banco de Oro (BDO) in 1995.

Effectively, Expressnet was the third ATM consortium to be created in the Philippines.

Current Member Banks (2013) using Expressnet as their Primary Network are:

  1. Banco de Oro. Also a member of Megalink and BancNet.
  2. Bank of the Philippine Islands. BancNet also show Bank of the Philippines Islands as a Primary Network
  3. BPI Family Savings Bank. BancNet also show BPI Family Savings Bank as a Primary Network
  4. BPI Direct Savings Bank. BancNet also show BPI Direct Savings Bank as a Primary Network
  5. Land Bank of the Philippines. BancNet also show Landbank as a Primary Network


Banco De Oro, Puerto Galera

Banco De Oro (BDO)

It has been said that there is a Banco De Oro (BDO) ATM in White Beach, Puerto Galera.

However, the BDO website does NOT agree with that, and says the only Branch, and ATM, on  Oriental Mindoro is in Calapan, about one hour away, on a long winding road. (travel sickness tablets advised for those who need them.)

National Website: www.bdo.com.ph

Mindoro – Calapan
J. P. Rizal St., Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. 5200
Telephone: (043) 288-4104

Mindoro – Calapan
J. P. Rizal St., Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. 5200

Allied Bank, Puerto Galera

The Allied Savings Bank (ASB) is a subsidiary of the Allied Bank, which is now a part of the Philippine National Bank

In addition to its Head Office at the Allied Bank Center in Makati City, ASB now has twenty two (22) branches throughout Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog and Northern Tagalog. This includes one branch, and an ATM, in Puerto Galera.

  • Allied Savings Bank, Muelle Port, Poblacion, Puerto Galera. Tel: 043 442 0204

The ATM at this branch has a maximum withdrawal of 10,000 pesos per individual transaction, but you can make more than one ATM withdrawal of 10,000Php each day. For example; Two consecutive transactions is no problem.

Online transfers, for account holders, have a maximum daily transaction limit of P20,000. There is a P25 transaction fee for every successful fund transfer.

The Allied Savings Bank, is on the right when coming out of Muelle Port, and going up the hill heading to the town centre.  The road to Sabang is straight on, while the road to White Beach is behind.

The Allied Savings Bank, has an ATM on the left, as you go up the steps. Security Guards are both outside the door, and inside. There is a queue system to use the tellers. take a number and sit in the waiting area on the right after going in.  Non teller enquiries are dealt with on the left, at the two desks where other bank staff deal with general questions, new accounts, etc.



[mappress mapid=”17″]

www.alliedsavingsbank.com.ph – www.alliedbank.com.ph

Allied Savings Bank, Puerto Galera, telephone numbers.
Tel: 043 442 0204 and 043 287 3121
Manila Line: 02 425 6381
Fax: 043 442 0203


Rural Bank Of Puerto Galera

Rural Bank of Puerto Galera, is one of three banks in Poblacion, Puerto Galera as at June 2013.

It also has an ATM.  It is located just past the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, up the hill from Muelle Pier, on the road heading towards Sabang.

Puerto Galera,
Oriental Mindoro

Tel: 043 442 0049 or 043 442 0095 (this may be fax machine)
Tel: 043 287 3141
Fax: 043 442 0095

Mobile: 0927 568 9253
Mobile: 0919 346 1669


Date Established: 28th December 1972

[mappress mapid=”16″]

Western Union, Puerto Galera

Western Union, one of the International Money Transfer Companies, have a few branches/agencies in Puerto Galera, and at June 2013 they are located as follows:

  • Tourist Center, Sabang Beach, Sabang, Puerto Galera. Tel: 043 287 3109
  • New Galerian Businessmens Credit Cooperative, Hondura, Poblacion, Puerto Galera. Tel: 043 287 3130
  • Tupings Money Changer, Sabang Beach, Sabang, Puerto Galera. Tel: 043 287 3239
  • Tupings Money Changer, San Isidro Street, White Beach, Puerto Galera. Tel: 043 287 3239
  • Rural Bank Of Puerto Galera, Poblacion, Puerto Galera. Tel 043 442 0095 Mobile: 0927 568-9253 and 0919 346 1669
  • Isle Dot Net Internet Cafe, Muelle Poblacion, Puerto Galera. Tel: 02 449 2973
  • Galeras Pawnshop, Sabang, Puerto Galera. Tel: 02 449 2973
  • Joven S Motorbike Rental, Centilo Street, Puerto Galera. Tel: 0915 902 9574

National Website: www.westernunion.com.ph

National Telephone Numbers:

02 888-1200 (for calls within Metro Manila)
1-800-1-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via PLDT Lines)
1-800-9-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via Globe Lines)

LBC Express, Puerto Galera

LBC Express have two branches in Puerto Galera, (as at June 2013), and they are located in the main center Poblacion and in Sabang.

LBC – Puerto Galera: Siete Pares Building, Hondura, Poblacion, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Tel: 043 287-3176 Mobile: 0922 851 0264

LBC – Sabang, Puerto Galera: Sabang Street, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Tel: 043 xxx-xxxx Mobile: 09xx xxx xxxx

National Customer Service Hotlines: (NCR) 8585-999 and (Provincial) 1-800-10-8585999

LBC Poblacion, Puerto Galera
LBC Poblacion, Puerto Galera. Yellow Building is the Public Market.

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Metro Manila: 8585-999
Provincial: 1-800-10-8585-999