Bureau of Immigration: Angeles City – Clark – Marquee Mall

Bureau of Immigration: Angeles City

Ground Floor
Metro Supermarket
MarQuee Mall
Pulung Maragul
Angeles City

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Tel. 045 404 0215


The Clark Bureau of Immigration office moved from Clark to MarQuee Mall in October 2014.
Many visitors to this new office are seen wearing shorts. It appears that the old rule that shorts were not allowed (but revoked early in 2014) is not being enforced now.

This office processes ECC’s and Visa Extensions in a section right next to the supermarket, in what may have previously been some of the food court area. The waiting area is the seating outside the Comfort rooms at the end, to the right of the supermarket.

Emigration Clearance Certificates can be issued the day after application.

28 : 6,035 : 2,237,123

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107 thoughts on “Bureau of Immigration: Angeles City – Clark – Marquee Mall”

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  2. We have a flight going back to the States in Los Angeles, Ca but was cancelled last March 23, 2020 due to covid-19 and now re-schedule again on Sept 1, 2020 but had a message last week it was cancelled. i am a dual citizen residence in Paniqui, Tarlac same with my spouse but she had a U.S. green card and carrying a german passport since she was a german citizen but was born here in the Phiippines. She’s been here since last May 11, 2019. What does she need so we can travel back in the U.S.? Is the immigration in Angeles City, Pampanga is open for service?

  3. I like to extend me turist visa.

    To day Marts 18 I have try to go Angeles then when we come to pampanga have check point, there police say can not go to Angeles ball will be closed. So we go home again.

    I have balibayan then running out marts 19. 

    So I hope you can tell me what I have to do, wait to I can go Angeles again, 

    And go Manila think is more bad. Hope to here from you, soon. I feel

      no good about that. I be here many time last 36 years. Merrit and living in Malolos bulacan.

    Hope to here from you

    Me name

    Gert dam Andersen

    Del Carmen village 0377

    Old sumapa Malolos

    3000 Philippines

    1. You will need the DFA for that.
      3rd Floor, Marquee Mall
      045 304 0194

      I know someone who got a brand new passport done in 14 days at Marquee mall.

      DFA say: ‘processing and releasing of passports take 15 working days for regular processing (950 php) and 10 working days for expedited processing (1200php)‘.

      1. hello good afternoon po, asking lang po if puede mag bayad annual sa branch nyo ng Icard even sa manila namin kinuha ang residence visa ng wife q, mas malapit po kc kami sa pampanga taga malolos lang po kami, salamat po…

  4. Agoda
  5. How much it shoud be the cost to extend a visa my bf is an australian he want an extenxion for another month before his date to comeback in austraia

    1. Visitors from most countries are allowed to enter the Philippines Visa Free for 30 days, but if staying longer, then they must get an extension from the Bureau of Immigration.

      Visitor Visa Extension Cost
      Visitors from most countries are allowed to enter the Philippines Visa Free for 30 days, but if staying longer, then they must get an extension from the Bureau of Immigration.

      The cost for this is 3,030 pesos. Last checked November 2019.

      Fees for the subsequent Visa Extensions are quoted as:

      4,400 pesos One Month
      4,900 pesos Two Months

      A Tourist ACR I-Card is also required after the first 59 days stay, and this has a cost of US$50 + 500 pesos., and is valid for one year.


  6. Hi sir. Ask q lang po kadarating q lang noong july 5 kaso nawala q yong sticker proff na dumating ako. And babalik na ako ng july 16 im afraid sa immigration baka d nila ako papasukin pleasd give me a reply asap and wat to do

  7. hello po ask kolang po kasi yung bf ko isang norwanian dumating nung april 18 2019 then binigyan sya ng 1month tpos po hindi po sya umuwi ng may 18 2019 san po puedeng renew yun at paano kasi yung ticket nya may 27 2019

  8. just want to apply for not the same person certificate. I have been going back and for Dubai U.A .E. pls help me

  9. Maam / sir magkano po ang pa renew ng visa sa taiwan? Tska requirements? Ilan taon po b pwede mg stay ang isng taiwan citizen s pilipinas kung p renew renew ng visa?

  10. Agoda
  11. Here is my situation. I was raise and born here in the Philippines but eventually became a US citizen when I was 9 years old. And then I left and came back 14 years later. Ever since I would get a BB stamp on my passport everytime I would come and visit here. I have not left the country since 2014. How does the overstaying policy/law applies to me and or my situation? Thank you.

  12. Hi there, my boss is staying in Angeles currently and needs to apply for a Philippine visa extension. He is a Canadian Citizen.Can we pay a third party to process it OR does he have to go to the immigration bureau himself? Many thanks

    1. I got some of my visa extensions done through a Travel Agent in the City. It would be worth asking one and see if they still do that. They will charge extra of course.

  13. Agoda
  14. Anu po requirements ang need, ung husband ko po mag aaply ng permanent visa , he i from bangladesh, now he only have tourist visa

  15. goodday sir/mam..last aug 29 2018 i was supposed to travel to singapore as a tourist..but unfortunately i was offloaded by the immigration staff..my question can still travel abroad if have legal documents(working visa/emloyment contract etc)??..thank you so much

      1. the reason i was offload..because my pasport right now had a working visa stamped from malaysia..my last country i worked is in malaysia for 3yrs..so the immigration stop me from boarding my flight..because they said im planning to find jod in malaysia again and they think im using singapore as a backdoor..thats why they stop me..now if i have proper documents..can i still go out from the country?

  16. Can I ask my question here?
    I have 6 month visa expire January 2019. I’m planing to travel to Malaysia and my girlfriend told me that I need to apply for a document one week before to allow me to exit Philippine?
    Where can I apply for that and how much that document cost.

  17. Pano po ma contact ang officer sa desk umalis na po ako ng bansa at nakalimutan kunin yung papel sakanya she was sitting in the middle tnx

  18. Agoda
  19. Hi I’m gonna ask something about affidavit of not the same person it is possible to issue and accommodate in immigration office in Angeles pampanga

  20. Bakit yung hotline ng DFA Marquee na (045) 4040215 laging “the number you dialed is not yet in service?” Ang hirap tawagan grrr!!! 😤

      1. Hi admin,
        My husband icard when he arrived in Clark on January 18,2018, immigration told him that his icard iso expired, and they also told him that he can renew his icard in Marquee Mall, so he went and get all the list of requirements, his NBI clearance is the longest waiting it takes nearly three weeks. To cut the story short on the February 15, 2018 that is the time he can pick his NBI clearance, after picking his NBI he went straight to the Immigration and been told that he need to go in Intramuros to renew his icard over there as it is already two months expired, by that time he runs out of time, and need to fly back in UK on the next day February 16, 2018. Why give someone a wrong information. I need to know why? If you can respond to me by email please. Thank you

  21. Agoda
  22. I have boyfriend from auatralia and im from Philippines. ..nag plano kami mg holiday ng 8 days sa hk…dun na kami magkikita sa hk…he book me flight,and he book already hotel for us,travel insurance….i ask now.. ano pang document ang kailangan para walang offload…

  23. What days with the MarQuee Mall Immigration office be closed during All Saints Week? Oct 31, or Nov 1 or Nov 2 or Nov 3. I have not been able to find a schedule. I heard that they are closed for two days, but which?

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