Philippines Visitor Visa Extension Cost

How Much is a Visa to enter the Philippines as a Tourist

Visitors from most countries are allowed to enter the Philippines Visa Free for 30 days, but if staying longer, then they must get an extension from the Bureau of Immigration.

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The cost for this is 3,030 pesos, as shown at…/visa-waiver. Last checked November 2019.

These figures are for Non-Visa Required Nationals.

Fees for the subsequent Visa Extensions are quoted as:

4,400 pesos One Month
4,900 pesos Two Months

A Tourist ACR I-Card is also required after the first 59 days stay, and this has a cost of US$50 + 500 pesos., and is valid for one year.…/extension-of-authorized-stay-beyond-59-days

Those Visitors wishing to extend for 6 months can do so, at some BoI offices, for the current quoted price of 11,500 pesos.

One or Two Month Visa Extension Costs

Philippines Visa Charge after 59 days

7 : 1,145 : 2,204,860

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  2. hi, my swiss friend is a senior and about to expire the visa and alien card. can i renew on his behalf since it is gcq? if yes, do i need special power of attorney? thanks

    1. Travel agents used to be able to be able to do this. It might be worth asking if they still do. They may be able to update you with the current rules on this.

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