Condo Sizes in the Philippines

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Size of the average Condo Sizes in the Philippines

You see many adverts for Condos for Sale or Rent in the Philippines.

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Condos for Holiday Accommodation can be good, but how suitable are these Condos for normal living. How big or small are they ?

I’ve seen adverts saying “suitable for a family of 4, with a size of 25sqm”
or “Spacious for two people with 24 sqm”

Maybe that works for some people, but I know it is tight for others.

My own last home (Australia) was 210 sqm for two people, and it felt about right, not too big, not too small.
My current accommodation is tight at just 70sqm for two people, but I did stay in a 22 sqm meter unit recently, but just for a few days. Although many families were living in that Condo block very happily.

Why the difference ?

It comes down to what we are used to as we grow up.

The average home sizes in each country will give an indication to how well a person may settle in a certain size condo.

Average Home Sizes (Floor Area) in square metres

214.6 Australia
201.5 United States
196.2 New Zealand
137.0 Denmark
126.4 Greece
119.0 Belgium
115.5 Netherlands
112.5 France
109.2 Germany
104.1 Luxembourg
96.6 Spain
96.0 Austria
87.7 Ireland
87.1 Finland
83.0 Sweden
82.2 Portugal
81.5 Italy
76.0 United Kingdom

The above figures were from 2013 at to show the difference in home sizes between Australia and the UK. No figures for Philippines unfortunately.

It does show though that someone from the UK would be happier with a smaller space than someone from Australia, New Zealand or the USA

How many people live in an average home:

average household size was 4.6 persons

average household size was 2.4 persons

average household size was 2.6 persons

average household size was 2.6 persons

New Zealand
average household size was 2.7 persons

1 : 2,291 : 3,436,701

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