Electricity Cost Comparisons Australia v Philippines

Comparing Electricity Costs between Philippines and Western Countries

Comparing Electricity Costs between the Philippines and Australia (and other countries), is not always easy, unless the living situation is similar.

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But here is a good example, for very similar living conditions….

Electricity Cost Comparison Australia and Philippines:

After a couple of years in the Philippines, and now completing some months back in Australia, I have checked my exact Electricity costs.

Both locations were similar western style 1 bedroom apartments about 70sqm in size.
The one in Australia on the Gold Coast directly overlooking the Broadwater.

The exact costs, for a 3 month average were:


10.99 Kwh per day at a cost of 91.03 Php per day (A$2.84)


10.1 Kwh per day at a cost of A$2.74 per day (87.68 php)

Cost per Kwh

Australia: $0.272 per Kwh
Philippines: PHP 8.56 per Kwh = $0.267

There appears to be very little difference in the actual real cost.

The way to save is to live like a local, and use less electricity. No fridge, no Air con, No computer or TV on 24 hrs a day.


The above figures are based on the current AUD-PHP conversion rate at the time of writing.

1 : 53 : 2,201,381

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