English Tagalog Dictionary

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Concise English Tagalog Dictionary

By: Jose Villa Panganiban

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A convenient and travel-sized English to Tagalog Dictionary

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Over ten million Filipinos speak Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines.

This dictionary is ideal for teachers, students, businesspeople, travelers, and others who are interested in studying Tagalog, and it addresses the growing need for a concise, reliable, and inexpensive English-Tagalog dictionary.

The key to understanding the Tagalog language is a thorough familiarity with the stresses, glottal vowels, and basic vocabulary of the language, all of which are treated in this book.

Pronunciation guidelines were determined by the Institute of National Language, which based its preference on standard Manila dialect.

Used in conjunction with Tagalog for Beginners or Elementary Tagalog, also published by Tuttle Publishing, this dictionary is an indispensable tool for those learning Tagalog or traveling to the Philippines.

Over 6,000 practical entries.
Perfect for learning everyday vocabulary.
Uses pronunciation guidelines from the Institute of National Language in the Philippines.
Ideal for teachers, students and travelers.

English-Tagalog Dictionary

Format: Paperback | 196 pages
ISBN: 9780804819626
Language: American English and Tagalog

1 : 353 : 3,459,778

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