Expats Cost of Living in Philippines

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How does does it cost to live in the Philippines?

That is a question much like: “How long is a piece of string”? But can we get an idea ?

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I am going to say that 100,000 pesos per month will be a close figure for the majority, in 2015.

This is why I come up with that figure.

A survey was taken in 2015 from an expats web site, and it had these results:

Survey of 77 Expats Monthly spend in Philippines in pesos

11 people spend under 44,000 pesos per month
14 people spend between 44,000 and 66,000 pesos per month
16 people spend between 66,000 and 88,000 pesos per month
9 people spend between 88,000 and 110,000 pesos per month
14 people spend between 110,000 and 132,000 pesos per month
7 people spend between 132,000 and 176,000 pesos per month
6 people spend over 176,000 pesos per month

Looking at that, and removing the top and bottom groups, we get a median spending of 95,000 per month, over the middle group of 60 people.

60 (78%) with a median of 95,000 pesos per month
11 (14%) under 44,000 pesos per month
6 ( 8%) over 176,000 pesos per month

These figures give a very rough guide, as we do not know if that is for an individual, a couple or a family.
We also cannot compare any ones lifestyle with our own. But it does show an idea of what expats living in the Philippines might spend.

1 : 206 : 3,451,910

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