Foreigner Buying Land and Property in the Philippines

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Can a Foreigner Buy a House in the Philippines ?

Under the Philippines Constitution a non-Filipino is NOT able to buy land in the Philippines.

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A Foreigner is however able to buy property, under certain conditions.

Only Filipino citizens or corporations with at least 60% Filipino equity can acquire land in the Philippines.

No condominium unit therein shall be conveyed or transferred to persons other than Filipino citizens, or corporations at least sixty percent of the capital stock of which belong to Filipino citizens, except in cases of hereditary succession.

A Foreigner can buy a house but NOT the land on which it is built. The Foreigner can however lease the land from the owner for a reasonable period of time, normally a 50 year lease with a 25 year extension.

The Republic Act 4726 is also known as the Condominium Act of the Philippines,


RA 4726 PDF at
The Condominium Act at

1 : 466 : 3,459,755

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