Has anyone seen Jonah ?

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Has anyone seen Jonah F

The house cleaner that cleans up too much..

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Jonah F


She was in Angeles City, but now may be in Bulacan.

A Reward is offered for information to find her and leading to a conviction.


She stole my phone/tablet, denied it at first, then offers me the Sim card back, at a price….  Even used the stolen phone/tablet to text me

She believes that foreigners are easy targets, and will not do anything to chase her…

  • 0999 114 8608 was my number, on the one stolen.
  • 0915 998 0238 is her number.

Jonah messages on my phone-s  Jonah messages on my phone 1


The full story:

This lady advertised herself on dating website.

She then contacts men on the site, asking to meet until men answer her, she asked me many times before I decided too.

She needs help as she has two children, and asks to come round.

She then offers to clean the house at  400 pesos for the house clean.

After that she offers a massage (just  back rub) to relax you. At some point, the valuables she sees go into her bag.

Just as she is leaving, she diverts your attention from where the other things were, and asks you to accompany her out, as she does not know the way.  This way, you do not notice what has gone, until you get back.  By then it is too late to chase after her.  The Police say this is a common method.

On ringing her, asking if she put it away somewhere, she says she never touched it.

The police say there is little they can do.


She answered one of my texts using my phone/tablet, which now changes things, it is proof she had it.  The police can now prosecute if I wish.

She later offered me the Sim card and Memory card back at a price… but said she had sold the tablet.  I have this on her texts as proof for the police.

We now just need to find her.  She may now be in Bulacan.

She targets foreigners who have time to complain and chase her.  I have the time, and the ability.  I told her I only wanted the tablet back, I did not want this agro, but I will do whatever it takes, however long it takes.  She has my number if she wishes to make amends before this gets her in prison.

Obviously though she will not get the two days per week work I was offering to clean the house..  But she makes more than that in second hand sales I think…

House Cleaner Thief

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