Jun 10 2014

Jabberwocky Bar, Cebu

Jabberwocky Bar

Mango Avenue
Between M. Gotianuy Street and F. Manola Street
Cebu City


Jabberwocky is a bar in Cebu that was previously known as Pussy-Cats. It is located on the Mango Avenue strip, very close to the more visible Papillon bar, Dimples and Love City KTV.

The bar has a pool table and a small dance stage with a dancing pole. The stage normally has about 3 girls dancing, but with many others sitting or wandering around.

Tanduay Ice is 70 peso per bottle and ladies drinks are 200 pesos (June 2014) (The girl gets 60 pesos from that ladies drink charge)

You can throw 10 pingpong balls for 300 pesos, and the girls will scramble for them, as they get 10 pesos for each one they can grab.


Center map


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