MetroDeal: Hong Kong for 2,099 with Dragonair

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MetroDeal: Hong Kong for P2,099 with Dragonair, down from P16,000


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A special offer from Metro Deal is available today with a voucher for a return ticket to Hong Kong from Clark International Airport, and the cost is just P7,100 approximately, excluding accommodation.

Hang on…  shouldn’t that be 2,099p ?

Dragon Air p2099


Well, only if you don’t read the small print…

Dragon Air p2099fp


There is an extra US$110 charge or about P5,000 to be paid direct to the airline, for various taxes etc, when booking your flight.

This brings your total booking cost up to (P2099 + US$110) about P7,100.


ALWAYS read the small print..  

It is there for a reason.  To keep you FULLY informed about the total costs and conditions, so that you KNOW what you are buying, and cannot complain later.

I did check the actual flight costs including taxes, and it did come up to about P16,000 per person return, so the comparison against the normal price of P16,000 is correct, once the extra US$110 is taken into account.


Hong Kong for P7,100 with Dragonair, down from P16,000 is more accurate

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