Feb 22 2015

Philippines Average Income 2012

Philippines Average Income and Poverty Levels in 2012

Average Family Income

2012: The Philippines average income 235,000 pesos per year.

In Metro Manila (NCR) the average income was 379,000 pesos
In Cebu (Region 7), the average income was 209,000 pesos

Figures from: http://psa.gov.ph

Average Family Size:

2012: 4.6 persons per family

Figures from: http://psa.gov.ph

Annual Poverty Threshold:

2012: The Philippines Poverty Threshold was 18,935 pesos per person

In Metro Manila (NCR) the Poverty Threshold was 20,344 pesos
In Cebu (Region 7), the Poverty Threshold was 18,767 pesos

Figures from: http://www.nscb.gov.ph/


More interesting Financial statistics: www.nscb.gov.ph

From SalaryExplorer.com

Average Salary in Philippines (all jobs) 520,980 PHP
Average Salary in Manila (all jobs) 492,507 PHP
Average Salary in Cebu (all jobs) 388,227 PHP

Average Yearly Salary in Manila: 492,507 PHP
Cleaning and Housekeeping 72,000 PHP
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire 96,000 PHP
Customer Service and Call Center 475,336 PHP
Factory and Manufacturing 416,000 PHP

Average Yearly Salary in Cebu: 388,227 PHP
Sales Retail and Wholesale 92,000 PHP
Customer Service and Call Center 341,000 PHP
Factory and Manufacturing 445,008 PHP

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