Philippines Long Stay Visa for Visitors

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Philippines Long Stay (6 Month) Visitor Visa

Foreigners intending to stay longer in the Philippines can now apply for a six-month, long-stay tourist visa that has been created by the Bureau of Immigration (BI).
Previously, the BI granted foreign tourists a maximum stay of two months each time they apply for visa extensions.

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A spokesperson said: “Through long stay visa, we expect lesser crowding in our offices due to the decreased volume of visa extension applicants”

This will be more beneficial for those who do stay longer, and will avoid the waiting every two months at the Immigration office. However, there appears to be no financial savings.


All aliens who will stay for more than 59 days are required to register with the following fees:

(15 years old & above)
(14 years old & below)
Application 300.00 300.00
Monthly Extension 500.00 500.00
Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) 1,000.00 500.00
Re-issuance of ACR for
(2nd entry of every entry after 59 days)
 250.00  150.00
Exit Clearance (ECC) 700.00 200.00
Legal 40.00 40.00
Express Fee (Certification) 500.00 500.00
Express Fee (For processing)  500.00  500.00
Certification Fee  500.00  500.00
Head Tax  250.00
Express Lane Fee (For Processing of I-Card)   500.00   500.00
Additional Payment for I-Card  US $   50.00 US $   50.00


  • maximum extension for restricted nationals is one (1) month up to six (6) months only (for all expired visa, the updating fees for the payment of express fee will based in the number of months of extension)
  • for non-restricted nationals is two (2) months up to two (2) years (for all expired visa, the updating fee of express if every two months)
  • aliens who will stay for more than six (6) months are required to pay CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE TEMPORARY VISITOR in the amount of P 1,400.00.

The six month Visitor Visa extension is available at:

Bureau of Immigration at Manila, Luzon

Bureau of Immigration at Mandaue City, Cebu, Visayas

Bureau of Immigration at Davao, Mindanao

It also appears to be now available at:

Cagayan De Oro office, Mindanao.  Although this may only have been temporary.

1 : 809 : 3,450,292

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