How much are the Penalties for Overstaying as a Tourist in the Philippines?

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How much is the Overstaying Fee for Tourists in the Philippines?

Most Tourists to the Philippines are allowed to stay for 30 days before needing to apply for a Visa. The first Tourist Visa extension is the initial extension of twenty-nine (29) days, taking the visit up to 59 days.

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This is commonly followed by a two month extension, although some Bureau of Immigration offices allow a 6 month extension.

If a person stay in the Philippines without a Valid Visitor Visa, then penalties are applied, and added to the unpaid Visa fees.

These combined penalties and fees can add up over time and can be something like the following figures:

I have calculated the following approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties.

4,310 From One day to One Month Overstay (Updated Sept 2017)
6,000 Total for between One and Two Months Overstay (Updated July 2018)
13,000 Total for Up to Three Month Overstay
15,000 Total for Up to Four Month Overstay
17,000 Total for Up to Five Month Overstay
18,000 Total for Up to Six Months Overstay
20,000 Total for Up to Seven Month Overstay
22,000 Total for Up to Eight Month Overstay
24,000 Total for Up to Nine Month Overstay
26,000 Total for Up to Ten Month Overstay
28,000 Total for Up to Eleven Month Overstay
30,000 Total for Up to Twelve Months Overstay
60,000 Total for Up to Two Years Overstay
90,000 Total for Up to Three Years Overstay
120,000 Total for Up to Four Years Overstay
150,000 Total for Up to Five Years Overstay
180,000 Total for Up to Six Years Overstay
210,000 Total for Up to Seven Years Overstay
240,000 Total for Up to Eight Years Overstay
270,000 Total for Up to Nine Years Overstay
300,000 Total for Up to Ten Years Overstay
450,000 Total for Up to Fifteen Years Overstay

Note: These are approximate costs Immigration will determine the exact cost when you visit their office.

A reasonable ‘estimate’ can be made by calculating 3,000 pesos for every month of Overstay. Or about 30,000 for each year.

These figures are approximate calculations based on 2016 fees. They may reduce the cost if they base it on the actual fees dues for older years, which may be less than the 2016 fees.

Charges can also be higher in some cases, such as one example in the comments below:


79,500 For a 19 months overstay.

Financial Penalties for Visa Overstay in the Philippines:

The minimum penalties appear to be:

  • All Visa Extension Fees not previously paid.
  • Fine for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 per month
  • Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00

I have read that the Overstay fee for just a few days would be about 4,000 pesos.

This would be the 3,030 peso first Visa Extension fee + Overstay Fees.  (2015 fees)

If the Overstay is for over one month, but less than two months, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 12,000 peso, made up as follows:

3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
7,340 pesos – Next Visa Extension fee plus the ACR-i card fee
1,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (2 months)
500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying

If the Overstay is for just over one year, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 35,000 peso, PLUS possible DEPORTATION.  The fee would be made up as follows (assume figures for 13 months):

3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
22,490 pesos – Six x 2 month Visa Extension fees plus the ACR-i card fee
6,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (12 months)
500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying
plus maybe one ACR-i card renewal fee

That is my guess, based on the actual costs for Normal Visas last year.  If anyone has paid an Overstay Fee, please give details in the comments box below, showing the date and the fee paid and the total days overstayed.  Thank you.

The Official Statement for Visa Extensions is:

Foreigners admitted under Section 9 (a) of the Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) of 1940, as amended, or Executive Order No. 408, as amended, may extend their authorized stay every two (2) months for a total stay of not more than:
– a) Twenty-four (24) months for visa-required nationals; and
– b) Thirty-six (36) months for non-visa required nationals.

The said periods shall be counted from the date of applicant’s latest recorded arrival.

Overstaying Foreigners in the Philippines

Foreigners who have overstayed for twelve (12) months or less but have been in the country beyond the maximum allowable period already may be permitted to update their stay with order to leave the country within fifteen (15) calendar days therefrom and their names may be included in the Bureau’s blacklist upon the discretion of the Commissioner; Provided that, the Commissioner, in the exercise of sound judgment, may allow such foreigners to update and extend their stay taking into consideration their Filipino lineage, medical condition, minority and other analogous circumstances.

Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation.

Sourced from:…/234-honorable-secretary

More stories on the Exit Clearance Certificate at:

83 : 59,291 : 3,451,914

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I arrived here in the Philippines during the heat of the covid 19 pandemic which seemed like everyday a lockdown, I wanted to extend my visa but was unable to travel 5 hours away due to lockdowns and being told I would have to quarinetine for 14 there and once I got home which was insane! I have been here for 14 months expired visa I want to pay the fines fees and bring my visa up to date! I went with an online visa service which turned out to be a scam they scanned me for 60k peso no visa lying bastards so now I learn my visa expired I’m so paranoid that I’ve thought about kayaking from Palawan to the tip of Malaysia lol but I need to know can I just pay the fines and leave I don’t want to stay I want to leave this hell hole…ive been robbed scammed used and Im so fustrated !


No more quarantine measures, just mainly the vaccine to fly out now. Go talk to immigration, they are pretty understanding. I think you can plead your case if you show the receipt for the online scam to them. Also request a reconsideration for your visa to be updated. You will need to pay overstay fees but you should have time to plan an exit. I would not fear them, just be honest and they should work with you to help you exit. If you have no money, you can declare indigent status. In that case go to your country’s embassy first. Good luck.

Hi yung father po ng anak ko is Korean. sept 2009 ng makauwi sya sumuko po sya. Gusto nya pong bumalik sa pinas kasi almost 14 years na nya hindi nakakasama ang nga anak nya. Gusto nya po ayusin ko sa Immigration ang paglift ng blacklist nya. Almost 5 years po syang nagoverstayed dito sa pinas. May babayaran po ba syang penalty sa immigration?

Hi im spanish citizen im here in the Philippines since 2018 because of the pandemic covid 19. How much do i need to pay for my overstay here in the Philippines? Or do i need to get an ICARD so that i will not pay for overstaying?

Hello I am an American citizen who has been stranded in the Phillipines for 3 yrs now and married to a local fipino female. I’ve been trying to recieve help getting to Manila as I only have what I believe enough money to my overstay fees I believe. I never intended to let it go this far at all. All I’m looking for is a little help flying from Tacloban to Manila and back to Tacloban as I am waiting 9n assistance from the Constalent in Cebu to process my request to fly back home. Any reasonable advise is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

Hi..yung husband ko po is Filipino but Australian Citizen..overstayed na po sya for almost 6 yrs dito sa pinas and expired australian passport..may anak na kami 4 yrs old..will he contact Australian embassy first or the Philippine Immigration?

Hi Admin! If the foreign national opted for deportation, do he/she still need to pay the penalties for over staying? Thank you for answering.


Upon attempting to extend my reconsideration past 120 days I was told no, that I must exit by the end of the month. I then spent another 25,000p for Cebu Pacific round trip tickets to Chang I airport in Singapore. I stayed in the airport itself to save money. Cebu Pacific did not print me a return ticket so I had to exit the airport through immigration, and go to their counter. They scrutinized my rt pcr test documents and acted like NBI agents iterrogating me for a time. They are very cheap, and the worst in customer service. They printed me the wrong itinerary. I had all of it correctly on my phone. Someone passed away on our outbound flight, so we were delayed by 10 hours. With all the interrogation from the airline itself, I never had single problem with quickly passing through immigration here, in Singapore, then here again. I had purchased covid travelors insurance from the airline, yet immigration here never requested it. They quickly checked my documents such as the OneHealthPass qr code, pcr cert, and my Philippines vaccination card. The agent asked me how long did I intend to stay, and upon my answer to him ” Well sir, I live here”, he asked why hadn’t I married my long time Philipina girlfriend (?), To which I replied honestly, ” she has a previous marriage”. He smiled welcomingly, and told me to visit the satellite office for extensions by June first. I love the Philippines. I do not recommend flying Cebu Pacific airlines if you are a foreigner. Spend the extra bit for any other way to exit and re enter. Be honest with the Philippines immigration and they will treat you well.

PHP 25000 (nearly $500) for MNL to SIN and back? Sounds outrageous (or was it during some long holidays?), I nearly bought a last moment ticket by Scoot recently for 4k (from Clark though, but there were other options from Manila for 5.5-6k to either SIN or KUL with airasia etc.)

Good day, I want to ask if it it possible to leave by applying for removal as an indigent. I have overstayed by almost 3 years

I think you should first contact your home country embassy here first as immigration will require you to go through them for leaving. You may be banned from re entry but can possibly repay the fees arreared in time and reverse it. The embassy should secure your exit to your home country.

With a 1 month overstay, and req. For reconsideration of stay in lieu of leaving motion granted, with “express” fees, it is about 25,000 p, then I am allowed to stay for 120 days past my 3 years on a tourism visa, with renewed ACR ID card. I am hoping to avoid 15,000 p in “arrears” for “12 months or more overstaying” untill next year, as I submit another request for reconsideration for stay in lieu of leaving, (a recent covid law)…

Hello admin. Am a Papua new guinea got married to a Filipino ,we arrived together in Philippines in 2019 since I was under E.O 40extended my visa til 36months. I’m supposed to exit last week but due to some delays of my papers from my country(controllers approval thing now am some days overstayed , what would be the best thing I should do? I want to exit this Sunday ,I have my plane ticket already. Please need an advice here. Thanks.

Yung boyfriend ko po filipino sya but canadian citizen. He stayed here for 3 years.then suddenly sabi niya may deportation daw it possible na ma deport sya? If ma deport sya, may immprisonment ba siyang kakaharapin dun sa Canada? Salamat po


Prison is only for crimes, not overstaying. Contact the Canadian Embassy. Get married upon receiving overstay fees owed decision, then ask for temporary resident visa status. You will need money however. Overstaying is about 15,000 per year. TRV visa is then about 12,000 for the year. You will need 50k roughly, so, 1000$ or 1300 Canadian. It is worth it for him and you to try and raise the cash first, then go to Intramuros BIR main office, pay the overstay fees, get a marriage in the same time after it, then go back and pay for the TRV. He should be able to stay. Good luck.

To the admin,

I would like to know how much could be the possible total cost for overstay for 17 months ,we supposed to leave last year march 31st 2020 here in the Philippines together with my foreign husband he is a new zealander we have an exit clearance and everything is ready but because of pandemic were stuck here and the border are closed and also i gave birth last may here in Philippines ,and we don’t have money or savings left ,we have tickets and out flights is on oct.4 ,hope we can get a cheapest fine and penalty ,what should we do to make that happen.

Hey I’m in the same situation 14 months over stay I’m scared but I want to pay to extend so that I can leave what’s the update did you ever update? How was the process and did they give you a hard time ?

Is there any consideration for the foreigner who stuck in the Philippines due to pandemic

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