The Philippines National Transformation Council

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The Philippines National Transformation Council

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I was just watching CNN Philippines and the program had a discussion of the National Transformation Council, who want the current President to stand down and then what ?

The next Philippines presidential election is scheduled for Monday, May 9, 2016.

The current president, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, has been the President of the Philippines since June 2010.  He has been in Power for almost FIVE years, and has just ONE year left.

Logic says to wait until the next election, and allow the public voters to choose what they want in a Democratic Society.

For a group of Politicians, who appear to be mainly supporters of the previous president, to want the current elected president to stand down, appears undemocratic.

My question is: Who would take over running the country if the current leadership ended before a new election?  Would it be an un-elected leader ?

IF a NEW Political System is needed, then this should be worked on and presented to the public at the next election.

In the past there have been people Power revolutions, but these have been towards people facing corruption charges and worse.  This current president is under no legal investigation, but is obviously unpopular with some people.  Most political leaders in most democratic countries face the same predicament, and face the public at the next election.

It would be interesting to see how the public voted for him next time if this was possible.

 May 10, 2010 Philippine presidential election results


Candidate Party Votes %
Benigno Aquino III Liberal 15,208,678 42.08%
Joseph Estrada PMP 9,487,837 26.25%
Manny Villar Nacionalista 5,573,835 15.42%
Gilberto Teodoro Lakas-Kampi 4,095,839 11.33%
Eddie Villanueva Bangon Pilipinas 1,125,878 3.12%
Richard Gordon Bagumbayan-VNP 501,727 1.39%
Nicanor Perlas Independent 54,575 0.15%
Jamby Madrigal Independent 46,489 0.13%
John Carlos de los Reyes Ang Kapatiran 44,244 0.12%
Total valid votes   36,139,102 94.73%
Vetallano Acosta KBL 181,985 0.48%
Total invalid votes   2,010,269 5.27%
Total turnout   38,149,371 74.34%
Registered voters   51,292,465 100.00%


1 : 354 : 3,458,455

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