May 29 2015

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How much are the Penalties for Overstaying as a Tourist in the Philippines?

How much is the Overstaying Fee for Tourists in the Philippines?

Most Tourists to the Philippines are allowed to stay for 30 days before needing to apply for a Visa. The first Visa is the initial extension of twenty-nine (29) days. This is commonly followed by a two month extension, although some Bureau of Immigration offices allow a 6 month extension.

If a person stay in the Philippines without a Valid Visa, then penalties are applied, and added to the unpaid Visa fees.

These combined penalties and fees can add up over time and can be something like the following figures:

I have calculated the following approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties.

4,000 From One day to One Month Overstay
13,000 Total for Up to Three Month Overstay
18,000 Total for Up to Six Months Overstay
30,000 Total for Up to Twelve Months Overstay
60,000 Total for Up to Two Years Overstay
150,000 Total for Up to Five Years Overstay
300,000 Total for Up to Ten Years Overstay
440,000 Total for Up to Fifteen Years Overstay

These figures are approximate calculations based on 2016 fees. They may reduce the cost if they base it on the actual fees dues for older years, which may be less than the 2016 fees.

Charges can also be higher in some cases, such as one example in the comments below:


79,500 For a 19 months overstay.

Financial Penalties for Visa Overstay:

The minimum penalties appear to be:

  • All Visa Extension Fees not previously paid.
  • Fine for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 per month
  • Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00

I have read that the Overstay fee for just a few days would be about 4,000 pesos.

This would be the 3,030 peso first Visa Extension fee + Overstay Fees.  (2015 fees)

If the Overstay is for over one month, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 12,000 peso, made up as follows:

3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
7,340 pesos – Next Visa Extension fee plus the ACR-i card fee
1,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (2 months)
500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying

If the Overstay is for over one year, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 35,000 peso, PLUS possible DEPORTATION.  The fee would be made up as follows (assume figures for 13 months):

3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
22,490 pesos – Six x 2 month Visa Extension fees plus the ACR-i card fee
6,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (12 months)
500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying
plus maybe one ACR-i card renewal fee

That is my guess, based on the actual costs for Normal Visas last year.  If anyone has paid an Overstay Fee, please give details in the comments box below, showing the date and the fee paid and the total days overstayed.  Thank you.

The Official Statement for Visa Extensions is:

Foreigners admitted under Section 9 (a) of the Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) of 1940, as amended, or Executive Order No. 408, as amended, may extend their authorized stay every two (2) months for a total stay of not more than:
– a) Twenty-four (24) months for visa-required nationals; and
– b) Thirty-six (36) months for non-visa required nationals.

The said periods shall be counted from the date of applicant’s latest recorded arrival.

Overstaying Foreigners in the Philippines

Foreigners who have overstayed for twelve (12) months or less but have been in the country beyond the maximum allowable period already may be permitted to update their stay with order to leave the country within fifteen (15) calendar days therefrom and their names may be included in the Bureau’s blacklist upon the discretion of the Commissioner; Provided that, the Commissioner, in the exercise of sound judgment, may allow such foreigners to update and extend their stay taking into consideration their Filipino lineage, medical condition, minority and other analogous circumstances.

Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation.

Sourced from: www.immigration.gov.ph/…/234-honorable-secretary

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  1. desiree

    Hi admin can i ask if my baby who have us citizen father she born in philippines now she is 8months old,if theres have penalty if we cant get here philippines passport early

    1. admin

      Penalties apply for all who travel on foreign passports without up to date visas. They also need an Exit Clearance Certificate. http://www.in-philippines.com/requirements-for-an-ecc-exit-clearance-certificate/

  2. Adel yaseen

    Im overstay tow years i have dughter and wife filpina i will pay my overstay but there is hope to have the resdint her in philp

  3. Bridgit

    HELP! Ive been overstaying in the Philippines for about 3 years now. ( on tourist visa, payed about 8 months worth and stopped updating visa after that) And my boyfriend and I are planning on moving to Canada (where im from) and I was wondering if things would be easier if we got married (ex. No blacklist, deportation, ect.) i could pay all my penalties, but i just want to know if i would be able to come back to this country one day if were married. Would it help at all if we had a civil wedding? Am i even allowed to get married if im overstaying? Can you please give me your advice or opinion or any knowledge you have about things like this

    1. admin

      I have no knowledge on the marriage side and how that effects blacklisting etc.
      But there is a chance of deportation with that length of time avoiding paying the visa.

  4. Waleed shoukry

    Hi, I am Egyptian and I was in the Philippines from dec.2015 to April 2016 and I got married to my Filipina gf at that time and we got the marriage contract already then I had to leave for some work and I came back to the Philippines on October 1st. 2016 with one month tourist visa which already expired on 31 October.
    Now I decided to stay here for good and I found a job with a reasonable salary but they need me to have a permanent visa which is renewed every year…so my question now how much I should pay as a overstaying penalty fee? I have already acr card from my last visit to the Philippines but it. Will expire on February 2017 ” next month ” and what should I do to get my permanent visa and how much it will cost me?

    1. admin

      Estimated penalties are shown above. You need to get that done before you consider a permanent visa.
      You can ask the BoI about a marriage visa which will allow you to work in the Philippines. I am not sure how long that takes.

  5. anne

    Hi admin,
    My US Citizen bf plans to visit me (ph) next month but is unsure how many days/month to stay. My question
    1. How many days is he allowed to stay w/o visa? 21 or 30days?

    1. anne

      Some says 21days and some says 30days.i want to make sure to avoid trouble.
      2. If he decided to extend his visit, can we process the visa here? Even if he doesnt possess a visa prior of his visit?
      I need your advice. Thank you

      1. admin

        It was 21 days but it was changed to 30 days.
        The date is stamped in the passport. Extensions can be arranged just before it expires. Do not leave it later.

        1. anne

          Thank you.. 🙂

  6. Jks

    Hi my husband is 4yrs overstay in the Philippines and we’re married for 1year. What will be the process for him? Is he will be in the blocklist or deported? Can u give me advice cos we really want to fix that as soon as possible so he can work here and use marriage visa.

    1. admin

      You need to go to the BoI and get the visa sorted.
      All old Visa fees and charges, plus all penalties will need to be paid. There is also chance of deportation and blacklist.
      That is one of the consequences of allowing a visa to expire. being married may aid in avoiding deportation, but only the BoI can answer that for sure.

  7. Charry

    Hi. My bf is an American and he extended until 22nd January but, he will fly out on Jan 31. How much is the extension for 1 1/2 weeks? Is it possible if he can only pay for just a month?

    1. admin

      You can normally do a one month extension, but this may also need an ACR card at extra cost.

      Fees for the subsequent Visa Extensions are quoted as:

      4,400 pesos One Month
      4,900 pesos Two Months

      A Tourist ACR I-Card is also required after the first 59 days stay, and this has a cost of US$50 + 500 pesos., and is valid for one year.


  8. rochielle

    sir i would like to ask regarding my son who holds india and philippines passport.im an oversease filipino worker and got married to an indian here in saudi arabia as per rules,the child should inherit the fathers nationality.so we used the indian passport in going to philippines.we stayed there for 2 years and just last year i came back to saudi for employment.so i left our child in philippines in my parents care.so right now me and my husband are applying visa for him to come saudi arabia using indian passport.is there any problem that i can face in immigration upon coming here to saudi with my son?i.ve asked immigration 2 years back to extend visa of my son but according to them they cant do that because my son is a philippines passport holder.but my friend said that i have to cancel phil passport to avoid trouble.beacuse india dont recognize dual nationality.please give me a clear insight reagrding this matter thank you so much..

    1. rochielle

      sir i would like to ask regarding my son who holds india and philippines passport.im an oversease filipino worker and got married to an indian here in saudi arabia as per rules,the child should inherit the fathers nationality.so we used the indian passport in going to philippines.we stayed there for 2 years and just last year i came back to saudi for employment.so i left our child in philippines in my parents care.so right now me and my husband are applying visa for him to come saudi arabia using indian passport.is there any problem that i can face in immigration upon coming here to saudi with my son?i.ve asked immigration 2 years back to extend visa of my son but according to them they cant do that because my son is a philippines passport holder.but my friend said that i have to cancel phil passport to avoid trouble.beacuse india dont recognize dual nationality.please give me a clear insight reagrding this matter thank you so much..

  9. Wally

    I was born in the Philippines but migrated and became a Canadian citizen in the 90s. Then I became a dual citizen in 2007 but did not renew my Philippine passport (it was lost in the 90s). In June 2015, I went back to the Philippines with a Canadian passport stamped with the Balikbayan Visa and been here since.

    If I go back to Canada using my Canadian passport, would I be penalized for “overstaying”? Or would my dual citizenship status exempt me from potential penalties?

    1. admin

      If you travel on a Philippine passport there are no penalties.

      If you travel on a foreign passport then you need to be up to date with Visas, ACRi card and ECC.

      They seem to only care about the passport you travel on.

      1. rochielle

        sir i would like to ask regarding my son who holds india and philippines passport.im an oversease filipino worker and got married to an indian here in saudi arabia as per rules,the child should inherit the fathers nationality.so we used the indian passport in going to philippines.we stayed there for 2 years and just last year i came back to saudi for employment.so i left our child in philippines in my parents care.so right now me and my husband are applying visa for him to come saudi arabia using indian passport.is there any problem that i can face in immigration upon coming here to saudi with my son?i.ve asked immigration 2 years back to extend visa of my son but according to them they cant do that because my son is a philippines passport holder.but my friend said that i have to cancel phil passport to avoid trouble.beacuse india dont recognize dual nationality.please give me a clear insight reagrding this matter thank you so much..

  10. cassie

    Hi Mam/sir, i am helping out a friend who has overstayed visa for 8 months now?
    what would the approximate fee be for her to pay at BOI?

    Thank you

  11. cassie

    Good Day Mam/Sir, I am trying to help out a family friend, how do you think she would pay to BOI for overstaying 8 months?

    And is there a possibility of deportation?

    1. admin

      It should be around 24,000 peso.
      The page above quotes:
      Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months … shall be referred for deportation.

  12. denz

    Hi admin…
    I have a friend who is a US citizen (born in the phil and with ph passport)… He came back in the ph using his phil passport… And now he’s been staying here in the ph for almost 8 years.. Is there any way he could go back to the US without paying high cost of penalties? And if he flies back to the US by going first to hongkong or any country that visa upon arrival using ph passport… What passport will he show once leaving that country going to US? The ph passport or US passport? Please enlighten us…

    1. admin

      Leave Philippines on Philippine Passport to Hong Kong (or similar) to avoid Visa issues.
      Use US passport on leaving Hong Kong for US.

  13. Humbert

    Hello, I am a Spanish staying for 63 days in Phillipines with my girlfriend. My Visa is only for 59 days, so I went this morning to extend for a month in Dumaguete inmigration office and they want me to pay 14000 php for both, because overstaying more than two months we have to get an Icard (or something like this) witch costs 7000 php each.
    My question is the following:
    If I go straight to the AirPort in Manila, will it be cheaper for us paying penalty or not?
    I find do ridicoulus paying this amount when the two month Visa in my country only Costa 27 euro each, around 1350 php.
    Thanks for your attention.

    1. admin

      The penalty is never cheaper. The penalty is in ADDITION to all visa costs.

      If you arrive at the airport without a valid visa you stand a good chance of being refused boarding and being sent to a BoI office to sort out the outstanding visa.
      That way you miss your flights, have to rebook flights for another day, pay the full visa costs AND the penalty.

      This is the Philippines… love it or not…

      The ACR Card is interesting when leaving after 2 months. They say you need to show it at the airport to be allowed to leave. But it can take 4 weeks to get it after application.

      I was told to just show the receipt for payment when I got to the airport, as the card itself is not important, just the fact that you have paid is all that is needed.

      This is the Philippines… love it or not…

      1. Humbert

        Thanks a lot for clearing the situation.

  14. Jenny Takahashi

    Hi. Will just ask because my son is a Canadian passport I gave birth him in Japan and I marry his father but when his father left us here in the Philippines he didnt suport us and up until now we sre here and my son is 14 years overstayed here. My husband is a canadian. Please help us. We want to go there and look for his relatives and I will work in Canda so I might help my kids.

    1. Jenny Takahashi

      Please entertain my question. Please.

    2. admin

      Your son, being Canadian, may be allowed to travel to Canada, but you need to ensure his Philippine Visa issues and ECC are sorted before arranging any travel.

      If you wish to go to Canada you would need to arrange your own Visa for Canada. VFS Global may be your best starting point.

      1. Jenny Takahashi

        Does my son can go back to Canada even if I will not settle his penalties one time? Because its very big penalty. And also me, do I will be approved easily because my son is a Canadian?

        1. admin

          I have no idea about the visa for you. You may need to ask an immigation agent for Canada. They may give better advice for your son also. As far as I am aware penalties need to be paid for all foreign citizens.

  15. Kate

    British national coming to Philippines. I am aware we get a 30 day visa upon arrival and have to have a forwarding flight, however if I book my forwarding flight which goes past the 30 days is that a problem for immigration even though I will extend my visa later on in the Philippines?

    1. admin

      My return/onward flights were always a few months after arrival date. I never had any issues with that.

  16. Trevor

    Hey admin,

    I am an American citizen and I have been here for over a month, 31 days exactly today. I am going in to extend my visa this morning. I went to extend it 4 days ago but the office here in cebu city closed early due to the holidays and hasn’t reopened until today.

    Will I need to pay a penalty for the late extension, if so, how much?

    Is it possible to dispute, if there is a penalty, and explain in detail the issue I had in going to extend it or no?

    Thank you.

    1. admin

      They should be lenient on that. Although strictly speaking they dont need to be. Be calm with them and let us know how you get on.

  17. Jenny Takahashi

    Hi. Ask ko lang kasi yung kapatid ko pinanganak sa Japan pero Canadian tatay niya at Canadian passport siya. Nanay namin Filipina ngayon yung tatay namin iniwan kami dito sa Pinas at di na umuwi dito. Overstayed na kapatid ko ng 15 years dto, pwede ba kaya siya pumunta ng Canada at ng nanay ko para makapagtrabaho nalang nanay namin at magaral yung kapatid ko sa bansa nila. Salamat. Nakakaawa kasi dito kalat kalat kami.

  18. Lukas

    Hi, I have misunderstood the conditions, so now it is 6 days until my initial 30 day visas expire – if I apply for the waiver extension right away, im gonna have to pay a 1000 extra, right?

    1. admin

      If you renew the visa before it expires, you just pay the normal visa fee, with no penalties.

      Penalties only apply if your visa expires before you renew it.

  19. John

    Hi admin.. I just want to ask.. My so is planning to leave the country (PH) .. Do he need to pay for overstaying ?? Can he go back to Canada (his a Canadian) .?? How much should he pay for it?? He stayed here in the PH for over 19 yrs..since he was three months.. Do he needs to pay even though his not yet working?? Thank you for answering.. Plz..

    1. admin

      If he leaves on a foreign passport he will be expected to have an up to date visa and an ECC.

      If he leaves on a Filipino passport he needs a visa to the country he is going to unless he goes to a country that is visa free for Filipinos.

      1. John

        What if he have 2 passport is he need to pay for Overstaying?? What can he do not to pay for it? He is a canadian no need to have a visa… Please help… He needs to go back to Canada… Thank you

        1. admin

          From what I have been told they go by the passport you need use.
          If you use a foreign passport you need up to date visas for the Philippines etc.
          If you use a Filipino passport you need a valid visa for the country you are flying to.
          Some have said that using both passports should get around these problems, but I am not sure if any have worked. It would be good to hear from some if they actually managed it.

          Not many people end up saying how they get on after leaving.

  20. Zel Hernandez

    hi admin im planning to leave my daughter here in PH for 3 years. how much would be the penalty and will it be hard to fix all of her documents before leaving the country?

    1. admin

      Just ensure that visas are up to date and there will be no penalty.

  21. Hane

    hello i am a foreign student here in the philipines . my student visa has been expired since 2014 august 18th . the university which i studied in told me to wait around and they’ll let me know when to downgrade . im still waiting and waiting until now they did not do anything to my expired student visa yet. during these waiting period i have a baby from my filipino fiance .
    what will or might happen to me im very worried due to this overstayed what should i do ?
    do you think i’ll be deported?
    or i’ll pay the penalty fees and downgrade then process my marriage visa since its the school fault to not extend my visa?….
    im very worried and confused… :'(
    please reply i desperately need your help

    1. admin

      It is your responsibilty to ensure that visas are up to date.
      You need to visit a BOI as soon as you can, to get this fixed. Explain why you thought the University was doing it.

  22. Shabaka

    How to report a overstayed British national here in Philippines?

  23. Wayne Seymour

    Hi Admin,
    I am a US citizen retired and disabled, married to a Filipino now for two years. We applied for a 13a in 2015 and had all my visa’s updated til November 2015 we have been waiting now for a year to receive word on the approval of the application, the first time in march 3rd 2015 the 13a application was dismissed because she (my wife) did not sign her portion of the application: we went to the BI office and explained everything and was told to do a complaint notarized letter which goes like this:

    Complaint and Inquiry Pertaining to
    13A Probationary Visa and the Motion for Reconsideration

    I, ____________________ am writing on behalf of myself and my husband to complain and inquire about the time BOI has taken to process my husband’s Application for a 13A Probationary Visa and the Motion for Reconsideration on that application. All of which have been submitted over one year ago.

    On March 3rd, 2015 having complied with supplying all required documentation and paying the required fees we submitted the application and was advised by Mr.(name of officer omitted for privacy concerns) that after a period of three months we would receive the results of the submission. Within the first week of June 2015 we received a letter from the BOI office in Manila dated May 5th, 2015 in which they indicated that the application we had submitted in March four months prior had been dismissed. I discovered and was surprised to learn that the reason why the application was dismissed was due to the absence of my signature which should have been included with that of my husband’s on the application. I must also first state this was truly surprising to me because at the time of the submittal of the Application I asked Mr. name of officer omitted for privacy concerns if all was in order and if there were any other needed documents or requirements, in which we were told that all was in order and correct. Having now the confidence that all was well and in order we were then instructed that everything should have gone smoothly. However to discover from the Letter of dismissal that my signature was missing made me feel a bit upset, surprised and disappointed that the documents were not thoroughly checked before being sent to Manila.

    In any event after having discovered that the application was dismissed I asked Mr. name of officer omitted for privacy concerns if anything could be done to rectify the matter. He indicated to me not to worry that he would call to Manila to be advised on what would be the best steps to take and that he would call me on what they said to do. Despite his assurances, For the next 5 months I kept calling not texting after that time to see if he had received any instructions and each time was told that ” ma’am, I am still waiting to hear back from Manila”. It was not until constant calling to inquire that in November 2015 I was finally instructed to come to the office of BOI and that a simple procedure of submitting a Motion For reconsideration along with the resigning of the application would be all that would be needed along with it be notarized by an attorney to rectify the problem. On the 5th 0f November 2015 my Motion for Reconsideration was notarized and supposedly sent to Manila. I and my husband were told that the Order for Reconsideration would take One month to be reviewed and I was to call back at that time, in addition I inquired as to my husband’s visa and the time surrounding it while we were waiting for the applications approval. Each and every time we were told “Not to Worry”, the waiting time had no effect on the visa. On December 19th, 2015 I sent a text to Mr. name of officer omitted for privacy concerns to follow-up on his instruction of calling back to see if the review of the Order for Reconsideration had been approved, at that time I did not receive any reply to my inquiry. The following is a chronological list to date of my communications with Mr. name of officer omitted for privacy concerns in inquiring as to the status of the Motion for Reconsideration and the 13a Probationary Visa for my husband.

    Please note: All of my text to Mr. name of officer omitted for privacy concerns were always the same, asking for an update or response on the 13a application and on the Order for Reconsideration.
    1. Texted: December 19th 2015 – reply: No Reply
    2. Texted: January 5th,2016 – reply: No Reply
    3. Texted: January 7th,2016 – reply: “Not yet ma’am but don’t worry I’ll text you if here already”
    4. Texted: February 1st ,2016 – reply: “ Just wait ma’am I will call Iloilo cuz I’m here in Manila”
    5. ***While he was in Manila I called him and asked if while in Manila he could go and check the status of the application. His response to me was “ma’am I can’t because they will think that I’m am giving favor to your application”
    6. Texted: February 24th, 2016 -reply: February 25th:””Not yet ma’am I will follow-up and call b.I. Iloilo becoz I’m assign in Tagiug”.
    7. Texted: March 3rd, 2016 – reply: “Just wait my instructions from Mr. Oran to me so that if you go to BI just once, no need to back and forth”.
    8. Texted: March 14th, 2016 – reply: ”Yes just wait ma’am coz they do one by one”.
    9. Texted: April 1st ,2016 – reply: “They follow-up in legal division”
    10. Texted: April 23rd ,2016 – reply: No Reply
    11. Texted: May 16th ,2016 – reply: No Reply
    12. Texted: May 17th ,2016 – reply: (**long explanation**) see screenshots page 4
    13. Texted: June 7th ,2016 – reply: “I’m just come back assign here in Iloilo I’ll talk to Mr. Oran right now just wait my reply”
    14. Texted: June 30th ,2016 – reply: No Reply
    15. Texted: July 9th ,2016 – reply: “Still not yet ma’am if I’ll go back in Iloilo I will call you”
    16. Texted: September 30th ,2016 – reply: ***“I will go to Manila next week ma’am I will check what happen”

    17. Texted: October 29th ,2016 – reply: “Ma’am I’m on leave my mother died if I’m back I will tell one of the head will go to Manila to check it”.

    18. October 31st ,2016 : I texted:” When you back to work cuz my husband wants to talk to you personally”- reply: “ 3rd week of November”.

    As you can see from my efforts I have been following up almost every moth to avoid having my husband be penalized and accused for overstaying without proper cause. My efforts have been met with excuses and misguided answers for more than a year now and I am very concerned as to the situation. I understand and accept that BOI is an extremely busy office, having to review and process hundreds of request on a daily and monthly basis. However I feel that a period of more than one year is a bit excessive in having to wait for the results of an application that I was told by the officer in charge of the Iloilo office of BOI should only take about three months to resolve and process.
    Why is it taking up to 12 months to complete applications that take a maximum of 3 months to process?
    I await your response.

    we were told as stated that my visa was fine and not to worry.
    I want to know how much fees I will have to pay and can I be blacklisted or deported for a situation that was no fault of mine and out of my control.

    Please email me with your thoughts and suggestions ASAP, because I need to work on this rapidly.

    Thank you

  24. Mohammad

    Hello admin! what if a malaysian overstayed here in the philippines for almost 18 months and he’s married to a filipino national, is there also penalty and how much will it cost? Thanks!

  25. Miyah

    Inaabot po ba ng isang buwan pagprocess ng expired visa?salamat

  26. kyla

    hi sir, i just want to ask coz my fiancé havent paid his extension for almost 10 months, can you tell me how much is his payment to be? and if he can still extend here in PI tnx…

  27. Eunice M

    Hi Sir, can I get the law from where this article is based on? Thanks

  28. enz

    hello, admin
    i am filipino citizen living in canada. i have a 3 yrs old daughter born in canada. i brought her in the philippines july 2014 using canadian passport..she is coming nextweek with my bro- in-law with a phillippine passport and canadian passport does my child have to pay over staying in the philippines at the immigration eventhough she have a report of birth and philippine passport if she comes here in canada?

  29. Michelle

    Hi Sir/Maam

    I was born in california and my older brother too. My mom and dad left america because they cant stop fighting at each other lol 😂 they are both filipinos so that makes me a US Citizen and a pure filipino. I stayed in Philippines since I was a baby. Me and my older brother just got our passport renew i think that was May 3 2016 it was approved. My question is how does my penalty cost? I was planning to go back with my moms sister because I am still under age, I cant travel alone you know . please notice me T_T

    1. Allenlanfair

      If you were born in United States that makes you a citizen of the United States and no matter how old you are or when you have on your gone you still become a you still a citizen of the United States if the Philippine government charge your minor that’s that’s up to them but United States don’t look at it like that I’m from United States it would be best just call that your Embassy and find out call the American embassy

  30. mitch

    Hello sir i have a canadian boyfriend and he is staying here for good the reason that he didnt yet go to BI because he had an heart attack hes been here a year how can we pay the penalty for his extention we are getting married next year

  31. Dianne

    Hello admin,

    I am a student, recently graduated whose Student Visa expired Nov 2 2016. However, I couldn’t get a flight before that date and only got Nov 8 2016. What are the consequences of overstaying? How much are the fees that I need to pay? I know that I will need an ECC to leave but I’m unsure what else to do so I don’t suddenly get stopped in immigration and barred from leaving.

  32. Jen

    Hi Admin, this is Jen. My question is my mother in law was a US Ctizen she got pregnant here in the US and give birth to a daughter who is also a US Citezen but in order for her to work she has to send the child to Philippines but the child was not applied as a dual citizen. Now they want here to come here and she’s already 21 years old. How much should she pay for her overstaying and penalties if ever there is in order to come back here in the US. Thank you! I wish to hear from you asap.

    1. Allenlanfair

      I don’t get what you mean when was it US citizen once you become a u.s. citizen if you stay a US citizen you never lose that

  33. Jane

    I know someone who has lived there since 2007, has not renewed since 2008, looking to learn how much the fines /penalties will be, to see if we can get them back to canada. Said person is of dual citizenship of the UK and canada. In the time there, has become a heavy drinker, and is now sick and unable to socially and physically survive without help each day. I am in Canada trying to help, but this person is mentally incapable of offering me much help, any suggestions?

  34. Duque

    Hi every one , I have a little struggle, I’m in phillipines already I get in October 23 2016. I got 30 days but my flight out it’s on the 24 November , just matter of hours after finish my tourist visa. What should I do? I don’t really want to do extention, or to appear at the airport and pay some fee? Thanks looking forward

    1. Expat

      Hi .. just pay overstay at airport .. it’s the easiest and simplest to do … guess phone 1000 per day … and here they have the awkward habit of calculating the day you arrive too .. so guess you will pay two days … it’s more fun in the Fee-lippines

  35. Raman

    Hello sir
    My other post got deleted or i can say admin killed it i was looking here for solution not this behavior well anyway godbless thx

  36. Celestine

    So i have overstayed at this point 4 months which is not awful and I have done this before. That said this time I have quite unthinkingly done it with my baby who has her own separate passport. Silly question but is there any kind of a waiver for a baby, minor etc? Or discount 😀

  37. Raman

    Hello admin
    I m indian citezen enters phillipine from singapore ( not sure about visa class but it was for 14 days ) to marry my girlfriend here but things gone wrong the preist and attorny we paid for our marriage and visa cheated us took our money and run away i have been overstayed from november 2015
    My girlfriend and her family complaint about them to brangay but they cant found them anymore i have broken the law so plz reply as soon as possible if i can get out of blacklist and extend my visa here by paying

    1. Raman

      Please sir give suggestions as soon as possible really need ur advice and visa category is s6 as on stamp

  38. Raman

    Hello admin
    I m indian citezen enters phillipine from singapore under class 13(a) visa to marry my girlfriend here but things gone wrong the preist and attorny we paid for our marriage and visa cheated us took our money and run away i have been overstayed from november 2015
    My girlfriend and her family complaint about them to brangay but they cant found them anymore i have broken the law so plz reply as soon as possible if i can get out of blacklist and extend my visa here by paying

  39. Raman

    Hello admin
    I m indian citezen enters phillipine from singapore under class 13(a) visa
    I ve been overstaying here from november 2015 reaeon i paid hugge amount to local preist and attorny for my marriage certificate following by legal visa after my overoversand they both left there apartments now my wife complaint abt them at brngay but they said they cant found them any solution so can get my legal visa they never even gaved me my marriage certificate regarding paying them nd all i ve proofs but i know this means nothing to immigration coz i have broken the law so plz reply as soon as possible if i can get out of blacklist and extend my visa here by paying

  40. jimmy

    well, first i am doubt about is that policy really lile what you said, then i have a question, if the foreigner who is no able to pay, what the immigration will do to them? block them in the prison? well. if they do block them in prison, which means the Philippine’s government will spend the money for them, cos you can let a foreigner dead in the prison like the Filipino ,that will be a diplomacy issues,so, which means the Philippine’s government gonna spennd more money than what the got form fine.
    i have friends alot, they overstay like 10years, 20 years, they got out the country for buy the airport like 100000 something, some are less,how you gonna explain that? well, i think either you work for immigration,or you are great business man, my number is 09772366321, some of you if you really have overstay problem, welcome to call and talk

  41. RL

    Hi admin. I am a natural-born Filipino, with PH Birth certiticate, but was granted American citizenship when I was a minor because of my father. My mother is Filipino though. I left the Philippines with PH passport in 2001, returned 2005 with US passport to the Philippines. I never left the country since.

    Recently, I was advised by the Immigration that I can apply for ‘Recognition of Filipino Citizenship’ since my mother was Filipino at the time of my birth. They also said that if I apply for this, overstaying/penalties will be waived once I get my Identification Certificate. Thus, I can use my PH and US passport. Is it correct? Any other similar cases?

    1. admin

      I had heard of something like this, but was under the impression that it was only available for those under 18. This was when I checked in about 2011.

      This government link, dated 2014, does not mention any age limit. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/services/citizenship-retention-and-aquisition/recognition-as-filipino-citizen
      Another page does say: if already 18 years of age or above, upon filing, proof that either father/mother or both parent are Filipino citizens at the time of the applicant’s birth.

      What you have been told does sound good, and would be excellent if it was in writing and correct, it could be well worth following up with an application. The cost is currently quoted at 12,550 pesos.

      You say you had a PH passport. Can’t you just renew that, rather than going for Recognition of Filipino Citizenship?

      1. RL

        Thanks for the response sir. When renewing for Philippine passport (expired a long time already before I got US passport), one question in the form was “Are you a holder of a foreign passport?”. Whereas I think I would be allowed to apply for PH passport ONLY after I’m finished applying for “Recognition” and once I have that Certificate released by the Bureau of Immigration. Yes sir, I paid 12,550. I just finished submitting everything and paid last week. I’m scheduled for a hearing this Tuesday regarding this at the BoI. Hope it goes well.

  42. natedogg

    Hello i have been here since 2011 Sept im planning on going back to USA in march but i would like to know how much im looking at for penalty and overstay fees i get monthly pension from USA im just wondering how much im looking at also if i pay all my fine b4 i go will i be able to return in 6 months i know i have to ghee off the blacklist b4 leaving and i know i need to have money on hand when i go to the office im just worried ill be banned from reentering in 6 months so on martch it will be 66 months ive overstayed

  43. Sandy Vynno Marrtyns

    Hi Admin,my husband is British-Nigerian(British Mom,Nigerian Dad),but uses a Nigerian passport,we have been married for over 2 years now and live here in Philippines,he came into philippines with a lot of money and we invested in some businesses,and a loan business with a capital of 500k pesos,the lady that managed the business(filipina) ran away with the money,the case is with the police and the barangay(we have documents for prove).Before now,he had always renewed his visa a week before expiring,but since we lost all our money,he has been unable to renew his visa,as he only get’s just 10k pesos for his allowance,we pay house rent,bills and feeding,nothing left for savings or renewing his visa,we’re so worried he might be deported and we don’t want that to happen,please kindly advice us what to do?

  44. Daisy

    Hello Admin,

    Me ( Filipina) and my American husband is going to Philippines for 1 and half month visit. I heard that American can stay for a month with out visa. Can he apply an extension visa before 7 days he’s stay will expired in the Philippines or he can apply an extension of his stay right away in the airport immigration after he step his foot in the Philippines? He don’t have a return ticket yet. We are moving to Africa after our visit in the Philippines. And we will wait for His tickets in the Philippines. Is it possible that He can enter Philippines with out return tickets? Any Advice Please. and thank you for your time.

    1. admin

      Some people have got a 29 day extension at the airport, but I heard that most have to get it done at a BoI office.

      I’ve always had a return ticket but never been asked to show it at Manila airport on arrival.

  45. Samantha

    hi admin
    I overstayed since Oct 10, 2015 9(f), till now, i just want to go back home and stay there, can u tell me how much should i pay, i am ready to pay the amount whatever it is. I had finacial difficulties and other issues back home. I need ur help pls reply me regarding this. cause i have already booked a flight going back at oct 30, i want to be prepared so i want get stoped at the airport for lacking funds.

    1. admin

      Without an ECC you will not be allowed to board a plane anyway. You will be sent to a BoI office who will need all your visas up to date before issuing the ECC.

      You need to go to a BoI as soon as you can.

      The figures in the post show an indication of the cost for a one year overstay. You will probably need a bit more than that for over 1 year.

  46. Zy

    Hi admin im going back home to visit my family and my boyfriend is coming with me he has canadian passport we will be staying for 33 day i know he is allowed to stay without visa for 30 days but we r staying 33 days. Can we get waiver for 3 days? Or apply for visa? Can u please give us some advice..on what to do? Can we get visa upon arrival? Thanks!

    1. admin

      He will need to get the visa renewal option. No real other option. But not too expensive.

      Even one day over without a visa gets a penalty.

    2. admin

      Some people have got a 29 day extention, up to 59 days, on arrival at the airport, but most say it cant be done.

      It would be worth asking. It is under 4,000 peso. My last one was 3,030 but done at a BoI office.

  47. Prakash

    Hello admin
    I’m overstay here is since 2 month 20 days I lost my passport also I am ready to pay all is it possible for deportation bcoz I want to extension of visa

    1. admin

      Deportation for a small overstay as that is very unlikely.

  48. gara

    US citizen (filipino born) with 3 kids stayed here on Balikbayan Visa last December 2014 but the mother (not married) of the kids was not given Balikbayan visa but extended her visa for 3 months then they paid for 1 month extension only. They are planning to leave by November.

    Will the cost be:

    30,000 Total for Up to Twelve Months Overstay
    60,000 Total for Up to Two Years Overstay

    him and kids — 30,000 x 4 = 120,000.00
    mother – 60,000
    180,000 ?

    Any suggestion on how to lessen the cost? He’s also planning to apply for dual citizenship. Will it help to apply for dual citizenship first? Or it must be fixed first?

    1. admin

      Those costs are approximate and I would expect visa issues would need to be sorted before a new visa type is applied for.

      However, anything can be possible. You do need to discus this with the local BoI office though. Just be ready to pay up in full if they need it there and then.

  49. deam

    hi admin
    I overstayed since mid 2012 9(f), till now, i just want to go back home and stay there, can u tell me how much should i pay, i am ready to pay the amount whatever it is. I had finacial difficulties and other issues back home. I need ur help pls reply me regarding this. cause i have already booked a flight going back at oct 20, i want to be prepared so i want get stoped at the airport for lacking funds.

    1. admin

      From what I have seen and heard, the airport will refuse to allow you to board, and will send you to a BoI office to update your visas and pay penalties.
      You need to go there now, to your nearest BoI office, and pay all fees to update your visa situation, and get an ECC.

      150,000 is the estimate on the post above, but it may be best to have a bit extra just in case.

      1. Deam

        Thank you for the info , so I will be deported and I can never come back ? Is there any process to reverse the deportation title. I have flight Tom and waiting for said 150000 funds to arrive. So I can never comeback ???

        1. admin

          Blacklisting can be removed. Not heard much about it, but some info is at http://www.in-philippines.com/removing-name-from-immigration-blacklist/

  50. Presley

    What is/are best solutions to expired student visa overstayed for 10months?
    I look to the fore for your beneficial response Admin

    1. admin

      You need to go to the nearest BoI office, and get your visa situation up to date. You may be looking at about 30,000 for visa fees and penalties, but I am not sure about Student fees.

  51. Stella

    Hello, me and my two children are german passport holders. We came to philippines with a balikbayan visa because im born filipina. We exited 2013 to renew our 1 year visa. But 2014 to 2016 we couldnt exit due to financial problems and missplaced documents. Now that we have our passports back i want to know how much penalty we are going to pay for 3 years overstaying. I have no idea how and where to start. And is there any possibilities of getting blacklisted even if paying all the penalties? Please help us i am having a hard time. I just want to know how much our penalty is and where to go to fix everything. Thank you admin

    1. admin

      Overstay Visa fees and penalties could be about 90,000 each, its only really what hasn’t been paid plus what is really a small penalty. Blacklisting is possible, but only the BoI can answer, and they do that after you have sorted out the visa. It may depend on how apologetic you are with reasons.

      1. Stella

        Thank you very much admin, im sorry i meant 2 years overstaying. From 2014 until 2016. Is it still 90 000 pesos each?

        1. admin

          It could be between 60-90,000 for that.
          You need to go to your nearest BoI and they will tell you exactly.

          1. Stella

            If i go to BOI do i have to pay the fees right on the spot? I am scared to go there without having the amount i must pay. 😭

          2. admin

            I am not sure. But i feel that they will expect full payment for the overdue fees.
            Technically they can impose jail for illegal foreigners in the country.

            I would try to ensure you have sufficient to pay all outstanding vidas and penalties.

            If you need help, your embassy may be a good point to start.

  52. Aj

    Hello admin my niece is 13 y/o now. Was born in the US with a filipino citizen parents. She was brought home by my sister and was staying in the Philippines from 2004 until now 2016 She has expired US passport. My niece wanted to go back to US. Does she need to pay fees or penalties? How much would the fee be? Or could it be waived since she has no choice but to stay with her parents during that time? Please advise thanks

    1. admin

      I am not sure exactly what the situation is for children, but if she has a Filipino passport it can be sorted easily by leaving on that, to a non visa required country. But make sure the US passport is renewed first, for onward travel from there.

  53. Mercedes dee

    Been here in the Philippines for 22 years now? But now I want to go back to Canada? I’m afraid I can’t go back if I didn’t pay for my tax here in the Philippines,can I still go to Canada without paying?

    1. admin

      I have heard that some, after getting help from their embassy, have been allowed to leave without paying, but are blacklisted until payment is eventually made.

      1. Mercedes dee

        Do I still need a visa I’m a Canadian passport holder. .could I go back to Canada without visa?.?and what if I didn’t go to Canadian embassy and just book a flight is it possible

        1. admin

          To leave the Philippines as a foreign passport holder, you need an ECC, if you have been in the Philippines for over 6 months.
          Without an ECC, you will not be allowed to board a plane.

          To get an ECC you need to have your visas up to date.

          It has happened, at least once that I am aware of, that an Embassy can help in some situations.

          If you have a Philippine Passport it can be easier, by leaving on that to a non visa required country, and then flying to the final destination.

          1. Mercedes dee

            I’ve been here in the Philippines for 21 years. My Mom take me in the Philippines when I was a child.i really don’t know what to do for me to go back to Canada

          2. admin

            If it was me, I would try to get advice from your Embassy.

  54. Mercedes dee

    Hi admin
    I’m Mercedes and I’m a Canadian citizen I was born in Canada but my mom take me here in the Philippines when I was a little and never been there for a very long time. I want to go back to Canada but I don’t know how, we did renewed my passport what else could I do for me to be able to go back.? I’m 22 years old now .do I need to pay for my stay here in the Philippines?. What else do I need to ?do I need a visa to go back in Canada? What if I didn’t pay for my tax here can I still go back to Canada without paying?

  55. ellen jimenea

    Hi! My mother is a u.s.citizen. She arrived here in the Philippines in May 2013 and now wants to go back to U,S. She’s already 92 years old. Does she have to pay the penalties or is there any way that she can waive the penalties. How much should she pay if there’s any?

    1. admin

      I have heard that some, after getting help from their embassy, have been allowed to leave without paying, but are blacklisted until payment is eventually made.

      Visa fees and penalties for 4 years could be around 120,000 pesos.

  56. karen

    how can my husband get a visa since him and I (Filipino) are already married? what is the easiest process since he wants to stay and live here in the Philippines for good. And what should we do to process his residency here in the Philippines we just arrive here September 1st 2016 recently.

    Hope to hear your response asap..

    thank you so much.

    1. admin

      You just need to go to the BoI Office and ask for forms for him to get a Immigrant Visa by Marriage (13A). Ensure you keep his visa up to date while doing that.

  57. Wolf Mojica

    My daughter is a US Citizen infant, born to a Filipino mother who is a Green Card holder. They are planning a visit to the Philippines next year (the baby will still be less than a year old). How long can the baby stay without incurring fees?

    1. admin

      Maybe the one year Balikbayan Visa will work for that. Other than that a 1 month free visa is issued on arrival.

  58. Jerica

    Hello admin.. I want to ask something my baby was born in the phil . And he is american father, the father file him a crba in the usembassy manila and approved in june 8 2016 my baby is american citizen now, but because of not complete requirements, he was not giving a u.s passport maybe we get a passport nextyear. I just wanna ask if he started pay penalty?how much his penalty? Thank u

    1. admin

      You should check with the BOI as that may depend on dates. It would be best to clarify visa requirements with them as soon as possible.

  59. Renee

    Hello. I have a friend who is staying here in Ph for almost 22 years now. He was born in the US but his mother brought him here in Ph when he was still 8months old. He didnt apply for a dual citizen. He plans to go back to US with his father’s relatives. Is there any penalty for this particular situation?

    1. admin

      He is a US passport holder, in the Philippines without a Visa?

      If so, then all catch up Visa fees and penalties normally apply. It may be worth discussing this with the US embassy if this is the case.

      But is it possible to get a Philippine Passport ? Then leave via a no-visa required country.

      1. Renee

        Can he get a lawyer regarding this? His mother went back to California soon after she left him here. His US passport was misplaced.

        1. admin

          I would check with the US Embassy first. Otherwise a lawyer may be able to help. One that knows the immigration law properly.

  60. jerry_


    For unregistered native-born foreigner who wasn’t able to register for ACR and who never left the country (undocumented native aliens).. does he/she have the same penalty as those foreigners who enter the country or different computations? For 30 years stay since birth, how much would be the ACR fees, etc. penalty estimate? Thank you.

    1. admin

      From what I was told by the Manila Airport chief immigration officer, yes, you still pay the penalties, and I am not aware of any special rates for that situation.

      Can you get a Philippine Passport ?

      Have a look at Republic Act No. 9139. This may allow you to become a Philippine Citizen…

  61. Albert Lucey

    hi! I have lived in the Philippines for 14 years married a year ago to a Filipino women 36 years Old. six months ago the immigration officer told me I had to report to the Immigration office in manila on the 20th of October . he does not know why nether do I ‘ But am still paying for my two months Visa . if it was that important why ask me to report in six months time? My question is should I worry to much a bout it as I am 85 years old . can you give any advice? Thanks

    1. admin

      If your visas are up to date etc, as it sounds from your post, then i wouldn’t worry too much.

      Maybe they will suggest getting 6 month visas or even marriage visa.

  62. Eva

    Hello. Im curious to know how I can arrange to make payments for my overstay fee in the Philippines. Would flying there and make the payment at the airport be an option? I currently reside in the US and planning on revisiting next year. Also, would getting a dual citizenship be at all helpful?

    1. admin

      Did you leave the Philippines and not pay an overstay fee when you left?
      Did they tell you how much it was, and just let you leave without paying ?

      1. Eva

        Yes. I have the exact amount that I need to pay, and they let me leave without settling the fines. But of course, I am blacklisted and can’t re-enter the country without paying it.

        1. admin

          Your situation is different to most I have heard about. When did you leave?
          Most people seem to need to pay before leaving.
          It would be interesting for some readers to know what your situation was, and when.

      2. Eva

        Hi admin. Any advise?

        1. admin

          Have you contacted the Philippines Consul in your local area?
          They may be able to assist with the payment and give better advise on your future clearance. They could even issue a visa to ensure no difficulties on arrival.
          That is the path that I would take.

          1. Eva

            I will try and do that and let you know what happens. I am a US citizen and over stayed in PH for almost 11 years. When I finally decided to come back in the US, I sought the US embassy’s assistance. The ambassador wrote a letter to the BoI addressed to the Secretary. The BoI granted the embassy’s request to let me leave the country without paying the fee but the deal is that I will be on the blacklist and will only be lifted and allowed to reenter the country once I pay my outstanding fees.

            I’ve missed my father’s funeral 2 years ago because of this. So now that I’m somewhat able to save, I would love to go back at least once to revisit my hometown again. I will post what happens in my quest to go back home and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the advice! 😊

  63. Heribert Ancheta

    Hello Admin!

    My mother is 83 years old and a US citizen. She went on vacation on 01/2016 got sick and hospitalized for 2months and now if recovering. She will be returning back to US on 04/2017. Will I be exempted from paying any fines if I show proof that she was hospitalized? Assuming I have to pay, How much do I have to pay overstaying for 3months and Can I pay the fines at the Airport? Your help is much Appreciated. THANKS!

    1. admin

      From what I have read, it seems that they give no allowances for not having a visa.
      I would not risk trying to pay at the airport, unless you are there a day or so before the flight. Most people will be referred back to a BoI office.

      The penalty for 3 months isn’t high, that’s only a small part of the total of visa fees and penalties, coming to around 13,000 pesos estimated cost, for three months.

      You say she arrived Jan 2016? On what visa? I assume Balikbayan visa, as you mention only 3 months overstay on a 15 month trip. In which case, apply for a visa extension just before the balikbayan expires.

      Those who are admitted as Balikbayans are given an initial stay of one (1) year.
      They may extend their stay for another one (1), two (2) or six (6) months provided that they present their valid passport and filled out the visa extension form and submit it to the Visa Extension Section in the BI Main Office or any BI Offices nationwide.
      An additional requirement will be ask for Balikbayans who have stayed in the Philippines after thirty six (36) months.

      1. Heribert Ancheta

        Hello Admin!

        I think we have no choice but to pay at the Airport Bureau of Immigration because its inconvenient for my Mom who is 83 years old and using a wheelchair. Hopefully, they would allow her to pay at the airport and not in the MAIN BoI office. May I ask why I should not risk paying at the Airport? Will they give me a Receipt after payment? Thanks for your help Admin.!!

        1. Eva

          Please let us know how this works out for you! Thanks!

  64. mel

    Good day,thank you for this website this helps a lot.I knew a foreign friend guy whose overstayed here in the Philippines for 8 years now,he is married to a filipina and they had a 7 years old son which is filipino citizen.He lost his passport but the embassy issued him a new one last May..He has difficulty in financial.
    My question is How much does my foreign friend going to pay for penalties?Is he gonna be deported?Is there anything he can do to stay legal here in the Philippines forever?He has a family here now and he doesn’t want to go back to his country.
    Thank you.

    1. admin

      He should be applying for residency visa as a spouse.
      8 years overstay must be around 300,000 pesos.

      Deportation is a possibility.

      If he keeps out of trouble, and never wants to leave the Philippines, he may be able to hide and that’s about the only way I see of him not paying his Visa fees and penalties.

  65. Ed

    Hi Admin,

    I am a US citizen and my wife is a Philippine citizen. Our daughter was born in the Philippines and has obtained her US citizenship and US passport. I am living in the US and my daughter has lived with my wife in the Philippines. My daughter is now 4 years old and we decided she will come live with me in the US. Will we have to pay these overstay fees for the past 4 years? Is there any way to get around it? Thanks.

    1. Ed

      Is there no solution for this other then to pay the penalties? If we get her dual citizenship, would she then be excluded from the fees? Really need some help on this. Thanks.

      1. Ed

        Thanks for not even replying to my question.

    2. admin

      If she leaves on a Philippines passport to a non visa required country, and then fly on to the US, it avoids visa fees.

      Otherwise, they need anyone who is leaving using a foreign passport to have all visas up to date. And have an ECC to leave after 6 months.

      1. jamie

        is philippines passport the only way? that could take 3 months. i was offloaded with my fil-am baby, born in phils with us passport, yesterday and my phil wife stayed on the plane so she wouldn’t miss her usa visa entry date.

        so i’m stuck here alone with the baby, and she is waiting for us alone in usa.

        so it’s really ~50k php per year of baby, or wait 3 months for passport? why wouldn’t the us embassy warn of such a disastrous policy? phil wife in usa, phil baby stuck in philippines even tho it has a us passport?

        Ed were you able to solve this?

  66. Jassie


    I, my husband and our 3 year old son arrived in the Philippines last January 2016. We are all US Citizens already. I & husband got naturalized in the US (we are both born in the Philippines). Our son was born in the US.
    My questions are:

    1) How could we stay longer (for more than 1 year) in the Philippines without applying for dual citizenship & avoid the penalties, is there a way?

    2) Once we go back in the US, are there penalties or fines that US Immigration will charge if they check that we stayed in the Philippines for more than one year?

    1. admin

      1: You probably just need to pay visa fees the same as any US citizen. Dual citzenship may be a good idea though.

      2: As US citizens you can come and go as you like. No penalties for staying out of the country.

  67. Green


    My Grandmother arrived Sept 2014 and allowed to stay till Sept 2015. As a natural born filipino citizen is she allowed to re acquisition of her filipino citizen as currently she is American Citizen.

    Does she have penalties now? How much do you think her fine and penalties?

    1. admin

      She can apply for dual citizenship.

      I’m not sure what happens re fines in the situation if she applies for dual citizenship.

  68. resa

    Hello..my boyfriend was applying for indigency deportation cause he cannot pay and stay longer in the Philippines due to financial difficulties.n all his things was burned. His a fire victim in cebu. When we went to beauru of immigration for a stamp to his papers they’re asking for a payment which is p55000..but when we ask for any copy for the paper they said its confidential.. Hope you can help us..

    1. admin

      How long was his overstay?

  69. Tony

    For a 19 months overstay I payed 79.500 Peso. I’m diabetic and get a bacterial infection on my feet. BIR is very hard and they don’t recognize any illnes or whatever what makes extention unpossible. Pay or leave even married.

    1. admin

      Thank you for your comment. It is enlightening.

    2. Eva

      Hi tony. How did you make the payment? I am planning on going home next year and I am currently residing in the US.

  70. Twitty

    My boyfriend is a US citizen but a balikbayan and has overstayed here for about 16 years- last stamp dated 2000. He is aware of the expensive penalty fees. He also has an updated Philippine Passport. He has gone to non-visa countries using his Philippine passport since 2011. He’s been wanting to re-enter with his US Passport to start his visa but might be questioned when he last left. Now, he must depart to a visa required detination and would like to use his US Passport so he would not need a visa. Could he just show his Philippine passport at the airport counter to exit without the required visa and have his US passport handy to show proof that he could travel to his destination? What would you suggest to avoid the expensive fees ? Thank you

    1. admin

      If he shows his US passport at any time at the Philippine point of departure, it is more than likely he will face needing to sort out all Visas before departure.

      My suggestion: Leave on a Philippine Passport to a country that has no Visa requirements, then travel from there to the next destination on the US passport.

  71. Raju

    I have an overstay of 2year 5 months and I am trv indian married to a Filipina,and I want to stay in the Philippines .pls I need ur advice and guidance on how to about it.and I don’t want to leave Philippines

    1. admin

      The first thing you need to do is get your visa up to date.
      If you want to stay in the Philippines the last thing you want is to risk being deported and banned.

      After that you need to look at getting a marriage visa.
      The Permanent Resident Visa (13A)


  72. Ramirez A

    I have an overstay of 1year 2months and I am married to a Filipina,and I want to stay permanently in the Philippines for ever.pls I need ur advice and guidance on how to about it.and I don’t want to leave Philippines

    1. admin

      The first thing you need to do is get your visa up to date.
      If you want to stay in the Philippines the last thing you want is to risk being deported and banned.

      After that you need to look at getting a marriage visa.
      The Permanent Resident Visa (13A)


  73. timothy ford

    i have a friend who is confused because he arrived in the philippines on a tourist visa but the stamp they put isnt clear but the lady who did it said he has a one year visa. He only planned to stay for 20 days but he got sick so now he is stil there and missed his flight. The weird part of the stamp at the arrival was that the flight number wasnt the same as in his ticket and the visa tthey gave is unreadble. is it possible that they can make error or is there a problem or does he even have a visa at all. He didnt plan to overstay but he is scared that there is something wrong Who does he need to ask to clarify if he has a valid visa?

    1. admin

      He needs to go into a BoI office, and get it checked. Explain the illness to give a valid reason for not leaving at intended time.

      The only 12 month visa that a tourist would normally get on arrival would be the 12 month Balikbayan Visa, when arriving with a Filipino spouse.

      Errors are easy to be made.

  74. admin

    How much have YOU paid for any overstay penalties?

    I read about one person who recently paid 350,000 Pesos for a 15 year overstay.
    Another paid 19,000 for a 6 month overstay.
    Another paid 3,330 for a 7 day overstay, but that was 3 years ago.

    I have calculated the following approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties.

    4,000 Total for Up to One Month Overstay
    13,000 Total for Up to Three Month Overstay
    18,000 Total for Up to Six Months Overstay
    30,000 Total for Up to Twelve Months Overstay
    60,000 Total for Up to Two Years Overstay
    150,000 Total for Up to Five Years Overstay
    300,000 Total for Up to Ten Years Overstay
    440,000 Total for Up to Fifteen Years Overstay

    But these figures are based on 2016 fees. They may reduce the cost if they base it on the actual fees dues for older years, which may be less than the 2016 fees.

  75. Ron

    I need advice. I am a uk citizen.
    My situation is that I came here on October 3rd 2015. Stupidly I have not extended any visas until this point.
    Can anyone advise me on the best course of action to take, will I be arrested / blacklisted and how much should I expect to pay?
    I really need to head back to the uk asap

    1. admin

      You are probably looking at about 30,000 pesos, and then you need to get an ECC after that, but that’s only another 500 pesos or maybe 1,000.

      You need to go to your nearest BoI to get it sorted ASAP. You need the ECC to leave the country and you can’t get that until all visa’s and ACR card are up to date.
      The receipt for the ACR card will be sufficient at the airport, no need to have the actual card, as that can take 28 days from application.
      I never collected mine as I had to leave quickly too. The Immigration office told me to show the receipt for the ACR payment at the airport.

      You could be blacklisted, that’s a high possibility, but only for about 6 months, according to the Immigration rules.

      Will you be arrested? Only if you can’t pay at the time, so ensure you have sufficient with you to pay in full.
      If it was me, I would like to have 40-50,000 with me just in case… And be friendly and apologetic… Don’t give them reason to make it worse. I’ve seen some that do, and Immigration win every time.

  76. Wesly

    I overstayed in the philipphines for 4 years but paid all my fees and came back to the u.s . I now live here , but i would like to know if i can go nack to the philipphines for a short vacation .i have a roundtrip ticket . And the documents stating i was not blacklisted but i recall a guy in the u.s embassy told me thay i had to stay in the u.s at least four years before i can go back ? Please help !

    1. admin

      How much did you pay, in total, for your 4 year overstay? This may help others who are wondering about actual costs.

      Re being blacklisted, I would guess that you would not have any problems in visiting again.

      If you look at the “Prescribed Periods For Lifting Of Entries From The Blacklist” you will see that:

      A 6 month blacklist can be imposed for “Overstaying for less than one year”
      A 12 month blacklist can be imposed for “Overstaying for more than one year”
      5 years, 10 years and permanent blacklists can be imposed for more severe circumstances.
      eg: Five years for: Undesirability or Defrauding of creditors.

      If you have been told something about 4 years from the embassy, I would suggest checking with them again, as that does not sound logical if you have NOT been blacklisted.

  77. Mikey


    Any idea how much a 9 month over stay will cost to renew?

    1. admin

      I have calculated the following approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties.
      18,000 Total for Up to Six Months Overstay
      30,000 Total for Up to Twelve Months Overstay

  78. Noel

    Hi Admin,

    I have a Korean friend whose visa is expired for more than 2yrs. His reason for overstaying is because he has a child with a Filipina. He wanted to renew his visa and wants to know what is the first step? Is it possible for me to arrange his visa by giving SPA on his behalf? Where can I get the format for Motion for Reconsideration? Will he be deported right away? or just pay the penalty and wait for the result from Commissioner?


    1. admin

      He needs to go to a BoI office and complete all the forms, and take sufficient to pay all Visa fees that haven’t been paid, together with extra for all penalty fees at an extra 500 pesos per month.

      Only the immigration officers can decided if deportation is relevant.

      As fingerprints are requireed for certain aspects of vise, eg: ACR-I card, a personal appearance will be required.

  79. toria

    Hello admin,
    Am a student in d Phils but my baby is on tourist visa. Is there a way of changing d status of his visa or putting him on mine since he’s a minor?
    And if his visa expires 1st but the date of authorised stay stamped at d port of entry reads 14th, will it be extended before 1st or 14th?

  80. lj baldoza

    How to extend po my visa for 2-3days…. How much did i pay for it… And where did go for extention my visa..

    1. admin

      The minimum extension is normally one month and should be about 4,000 pesos unless an ACR-i card is also required.

      You need to go to the nearest BoI office to do this.

      Some travel agents can arrange this, but a personal appearance is still sometimes needed.

      1. Rjd

        I’m us permanent resident but my daughter is US citizen she ‘s 2 years old we’re staying PI now we would like to stay another 2 months do I need to pay for Extention too?

        1. admin

          All foreign citizens, of any age, need a valid visa to be in the Philippines and to leave the Philippines.

  81. Hanna

    Hello admin..i want to ask how much does it cost for overstay 2days for my visa and i want to extend it for one month

    1. admin

      I have read that the Overstay fee for even just a few days would be about 4,000 pesos. That’s a one month extension plus the penalty.

      Some people have said they didn’t get charged for a one day overstay, but others did pay.

  82. A.Lustria

    Good day..my son was born 2002 in the USA..he is here in the Philippines now..the last time he exited the Philippines was 2008..we just renewed his US passport last June 2016..me and my wife are both Filipino..my son wants to go study in the USA this year..question is,is there a penalty and if there is,how much?tnx..pls reply asap..

    1. admin

      This is an 8 year overstay. Does he have a Philippines passport too?

      If he flys to another Asian country on a Filipino passport, he avoids any visa issues, by not showing his US passport.
      He then flys to US from that point onwards.

      Otherwise, penalties for an 8 year overstay would be somewhere around 250,000 pesos ??
      And I would guess major problems.

      1. A.Lustria

        He don’t have a Philippine passport

        1. admin

          As he has both parents as Filipinos can he get Philippine citizenship?

      2. Rico

        Good evening admin,

        I have a friend who overstayed for 7 years and he is a100% Disabled Retired Veteran . He is getting his check up and his medicines at The Dept O veterans Affairs Out patient Clinic in Manila. He is Married to a Filipina who is a Filipina Citizen . How much is the penalty?

  83. Romapuri

    I’m on holidays at home in India now. My student visa expires 2 days after my return to the Philippines. Will I be granted entry or do I have to return earlier?

    1. admin

      Do you have plans to renew it the moment you arrive, or can you renew/extend it before leaving India?

      Arriving with just a 2 day visa validity may raise questions at Immigration entry.

      1. Romapuri

        I’ve finished BS, I plan on enrolling for MD as soon as I return. So I can’t renew it now, I can only after I return to the Philippines. So is it alright admin?

  84. Jaymee Cheong

    I have extension for 6 month now, I’m malaysian holder. I still using tourist visa.
    Do I need to pay any penalty fees, if I leave the country on the same day of visa expire.
    For example; Visa expires on 12th Sept and my flight is 12th Sept, evening.

    Can I enter back on the same month after few weeks? After that is the immigration allow me to extent again?
    Each every renew, I need to pay extra 1000 peso.

    1. admin

      In theory you are ok for leaving during the visa validity period. If the visa is valid until the end of the 12th then you should be OK. But if the flight is cancelled/delayed etc there could be problems if you had to go back via immigration.

      For re-entry, I am aware of others who have returned after just a few days and been OK and continued to renew a visa a few times during the visit.

      1. Lucas

        Admin how about me Lucas can you give me an advice too thank you

  85. Lucas

    Hello I have been over stayed for 1year and 3mouth coz of a car accident my visa is a student visa(9f )I really need to know how much the penalty fees it will cost me coz I want to finish my school before they black listed me thank you

    1. admin

      From the figures above, based on about 35,000 peso for 12-13 months, then I would expect maybe about 45,000 pesos for 15 months.

  86. Kishan

    Hi I’m in cebu staying on Indian passport with singapore visa ..granted by visa viewer by philippines for 21 days…but I want to stay more months what I should .which they say I can’t extend my visa from philippine on this kind of visa. Please give me a solution.im about to marry

    1. admin

      According to the BoI, Indian passport holders do not require a visa for tourism travel not exceeding fourteen (14) days provided that they hold a valid visa or permanent residence permit issued by Singapore (and some other countries)

      However… it also says:

      The visa-free tourism entry cannot be converted to other visa categories.

      But. That does not say it cant be extended.. Have you asked at a BoI office if it can be extended.

      I have read that some say they did.
      However, I can’t confirm it.

      1. Kishan

        Thanks but I had not asked about it anyone …would be grateful if u let me know any details please…cause I’m going to marry my gf here soon ..thank u

      2. Kishan

        Boi says only maximum extend period is 1 week.that is total 21 days ..so please help me out if any possible way that I would stay here more period legally

        1. admin

          It sounds like you need to apply for a full proper Visa ASAP. That may need to be done from outside the Philippines. The Philippines Immigration are really cracking down now.

  87. rb sanders

    what would be the charge etc for nearly 4 years overstay for tourist friend who has common in law wife and son should he wish to return to his home country .Thank you .

    1. admin

      I have calculated the following approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties.

      60,000 Total for Up to Two Years Overstay
      150,000 Total for Up to Five Years Overstay

  88. rb sanders

    Three and half years overstay ,if i wish to return to uk will i be arrested when i try to pay the arrears and will i be black marked even though i have son and common in law wife. regards

    1. admin

      Being arrested is unlikely, although technically possible.

      They may wish to hold you until you have paid up all the visa arrears and penalties. So ensure you have whatever it may come to handy.

      Having a Filipina common law is not a recognised legal status so I am unsure how that side would be treated.

      It may be down to an individual officer.

  89. Stan

    Helo admin
    I came here in the Philippines on June 3 2012 to study in Adamson University. I did enroll and studied there in Adamson, and yes I also extended my tourist visa three times while my student visa was in process.
    After 4 months I heard my Dad was accused of being missused some money of the company he worked with and he was imprisoned 3 and half years. That led me to very bad situation (especially financial)cos my Dad is the only person supported me to come here and study, so i had to stop studying and lived with my friends, its 4 years now.
    But now my dad is already out from the prision,my dad gonna pay whatever every penalty charges the immigration gonna give, I just don’t wanna be blacklisted cos i really wanna resume my study in Adamson University again Please.
    Admin please can you atleast give me approximate amount/how much money will i have to pay (4years overstaying), so i can let my dad know. PLEASE..!!

    1. admin

      4 years overstay is a lot. There is a guide in the post to the one year cost and i would expect it to be about 4 times that.

      A deportation and blacklist also becomes possible.
      They may look at your situation and evaluate it for you not having been studying when that was the visa type.

      I am sorry but I can’t seem to give you a more favourable opinion for this.

      It would be interesting to hear comments from anyone else that might have experienced similar.

    2. Gibbie

      talk to leo frias he is a basketball player in adamson university maybe he can give you some advice about it

  90. Justin

    Hi sir/maam,
    Im a u.s citizen i stayed here in the phil.when i was 3 years old and now im already 24 years old i stayed here almost 21 years.i dont have phil.passport not a dual citizen and i dont have also any phil.documents just only a u.s documents.i just want to know how to waive all my penalties here phil.because we dont have enough MONEY to paid that penalties what is the best solution?..please help me im intreating you sir/maam.

    1. admin

      I think you need to talk to a specialist on this.
      On the facts so far you are a foreigner in the Philippines without a visa.
      Maybe check with the US embassy? See if they have any ideas.
      Do you have a Filipino parent?
      Can you see if Philippine citizenship is available in any way?

      1. Justin

        Yes they are both filipino thank you.

        1. A.Lustria

          Hi Justin..I just want to ask if the admin answered your problem?my son has the same situation..

        2. admin

          Have you checked to see if you can get Filipino citizenship, then get Philippine passport, and go to say Hong Kong on that one, then fly back in on a US one, and begin Visa properly.

          But if you have no intention of going to the US, then just try to get Filipino citizenship anyway.

          I know it can be done for some under 18’s, under the RA 9139.

          Not sure about over 18’s.

  91. Yvonne

    Do we have a penalty for the child sir? She was born last year. July 09 2015. The immigration dumaguete said, there isnt need a visa. Only need when they are leaving in the philippines, we need to come in the manila immigration for having birth report. What is the true sir..

    1. admin

      Whatever immigration say should be regarded as being ‘true’ or at least is what you should abide by.

      The confusion comes when they give half the story. ie The bit that is relevant to them at the time.

      As you say; they said a visa is needed when leaving. When you apply for that visa the officer at the time will decide if there was a problem in the past with no previous visas.

      Unfortunately i have no personal experience of this situation.

  92. Lin

    I have student visa expire 1 month if to extend now
    I must to pay penalty and continue process to extend ?
    or I must downgrade and go back to my contry than come back agian by tourist visa?

  93. carl regil

    hello admin, i have a cypriot gf she arrived last september 3 ,2015 .. she’s still here in philippines , her last extension visa is august 1 2016 but before aug.1 we already applied for her 1month visa sept.1 which is our expected date but the officer in immigration suggest my gf to extend 2months visa because small amount we will be added .. 1month visa is 2470 then for 2months is 2900 so we decided to extend her visa for 2months but the date is october 1, 2016 .. which is over the day for 1 year.. sept.3 2016 she will be 1 year in philippines .. there is a penalty for that? if she stay until oct.1?

    1. carl regil

      please admin answer my question , we are worry .. she need first to go back in her country?? thank you !

    2. admin

      There is nothing I am aware of for penalties for staying over 1 year. I stayed for over one year at a time, and Immigration allow extensions for 2 or 3 years for most countries.

      Just make sure of leaving before the Visa expires.

      If immigration have given a visa valid to a certain date, then the visitor is fully legal until that date. An ECC will be needed though, but that’s not expensive.

    3. admin

      The only extra penalty for staying over 12 months relates to those people who have overstayed WITHOUT A VISA, for over 12 months.

  94. Yvonne

    My friends was both foreigners. And their child was born in the philippines. Their child also has a passport. Do the child still needs to apply for a visa since she was born in phil.??

    1. admin

      A visa will be required, as the child is not Filipino.

      A person is only a natural-born Filipino citizen if s/he was born to a father and/or mother who was Filipino at the time of her/his birth.

      Being born in the Philippines is NOT grounds for citizenship unless REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9139 applies.
      This is only for some over 18’s though.

      1. Yvonne

        Thanks. 🙂 And also how about the penalty of the 1 yr old child who was born in the philippines with foreign parents?? Thanks

        1. admin

          You should check this, and clear it, with a BoI office as soon as you can.

          The Visa fees may be about 25,000 for the full 12 months, and the penalty fees maybe 6,000, unless they do a reduction for minors.
          Did the parents keep their Visas up to date?

          1. Yvonne

            Yes. Her parents visas are always updated. And also the child have a passport. Thanks very much admin for the info. 😊😊

  95. Liam

    I have a US CITIZEN son who is now 10yr old this 07/2016 , he has overstayed here in Pinas for over 4yrs and we forgot to apply his Report of Birth Abroad as a Filipino descent . Now we are worried that we will pay his ridiculous Overtly complicated list of penalties that the BI has systematically designed to deter or confuse the crap out of every foreigners. Believe me this bureau of immigration process for payments is extremely too much . You have all kinds of fees listed from express fee, service fees, etc., that will just confuse the crap out of you.

    Anyways — the question ! Does a minor of US citizen need to pay OVERSTAY PENALTIES TOO ?

    1. admin

      As a foreign citizen they need to abide by all visa conditions and requirements. That includes penalties as far as I am aware.

  96. Lorry

    My visa expire the 29 August Ans my ticket is the 30 August.. 🙁
    I’m trying, but I don’t think i can change my ticket.. 🙁
    How will it be if I overstay 1 day, price and how long time will it take in the airport to deal with?
    Hope you can give me some answer, because it’s hard to find concrete answers online… :'(

    1. admin

      There are no concrete answers, so many different things happen in practice. But in theory you need a Visa Extension before leaving.

      If it was me, I would get a standard 30 day extension.

      If you try at the airport, they may need to fine you, and get you to renew the visa, and they may send you to the main BoI office to do that, and you then miss the plane.
      It isn’t worth the risk.

  97. thomas

    Question; if someone has overstayed approx 4 years.. and they come clean to pay the fees and get things right.. will they be blacklisted?? He has a 4 year old son in the Phils and is concerned he would not be able to return to his child?

    1. admin

      Only Immigration can decide that. They have the power to do either, to blacklist or show compassion.
      You have to show the right attitude when going to immigration. It should help if the person has a Filipina partner.

  98. Angelika Simanjuntak

    Hi, may i ask if there is mandatory fee in bureau of immigration for the attorney fees for the foreigner that has overstay in philippines over one year??? i mean this attorney fee is out from the quotation they give for the penalties and express lane and etc…..hope you can help me for this …. thank you soo much

    1. admin

      I am unsure what you mean by ‘attorney fees’.
      What exactly where you charged, with exact wording?
      Was an attorney involved?

  99. Chix

    Hi, good day! I have an american boyfriend and we forgot to extend his visa on the date and now he is 2 months over stay. how much is the penalty and estimate fees?

    1. admin

      I think that could be as high as 12,000 pesos (Visa Fees and Penalties combined) if he also needed the ACR-I card. Much less if ACR-I card is not required.

      It is best to get it done as soon as possible.

  100. richard


    i finished my studying(BS degree) last may and my student visa was valid until July 1, 2016, now i have acceptance from other school(for my master’s degree) witch its classes starts on august. what is the case now? did i over stay? i just waited for the school to approve my application. do i need to go out of country or i can extend my visa?

    1. admin

      I am not 100% on student Visas, but..

      Your visa expired on 1 July 2016.

      You currently have no Visa, and therefore you are in the country illegally.

      You need to go to a BoI office and explain so it can be sorted immediately.

  101. Andre

    I’m planning to book a flight and found a good deal but its not within the 30 day cutoff for non visa. its like 35 days is it better to just pay at the airport the overstay when i leave or just pay for a visa even though its only how many days? I’m a non immigrant born and raised US Citizen. And how much would that cost for say 3-5 days of overstaying

    1. admin

      You will probably need to get a full month visa extension.
      The time factor at the airport could be a problem that could make you miss the flight. They may even send you out of the airport to sort it out.

      Safer to do it in advance at a BoI office, and not worry too much.

  102. abdul alharbi

    hello i just want to ask if how much i need to pay if i did not extend my tourist visa for 7 month i com here september 2015 but the visa is just until dec 2015 im saudi national i have filipina wife and we already married hope u can help me i love the philippine i dont want to have problem tthankyou in advance

    1. admin

      I would expect about 20,000 peso. Get it done as soon as possible.

      Then begin looking at the marriage visa.

      As you are now married this may be helpful at some stage: http://www.in-philippines.com/the-balikbayan-one-year-visa/

  103. Jocelyn

    hi po,

    i will extend my mom visa to stay in Philippines, it need quarantine. but because on the medical check up said that my mom’s lung have a problem and need to going to pulmonary and need certificate medical from the doctor. i have going to the pulmonary doctor already, but the doctor refuse to give the MC and need me to do many test. Can you advise me what should i do? actually my mom plan staying here for the next 6 months only due to take care of me coz i”m pregnant and will give birth. anyway i’m Indonesian and working here. Thanks

    1. admin

      What you have been advised by Immigration needs to be done. You can always advise them of the delay in this and see if they will allow extra time.

      Keep Immigration informed, so that they can advice if needed.

      1. Jocelyn

        hi Po,

        or can i request to extend my mom for living here in Philippines until next month only? i’m okay to pay the penalty. due to my mom also don’t want to doing many test to get the MC. my mom arrived Philippines on 7 may and we have extend visa tourist from 6jun until 5july. but may i request to immigration for extend my mom here until the end of July without any quarantine?

        Thank you

  104. Will

    Hi friend.

    Hope all is well with you .

    Please help answer my request , I am Chinese citizen was lived in manila. I am working one BPO company from 2014 then 9G working visa holder. but my visa was expired on 21. Sep 2015. then our company will set up new sister company in ortigas. all the Foreign Employees need to change the 9G working visa to PEZA (47a2). so our company was process my 9G visa downgrade to 9A then will apply new 47a2 visa. but our 3th parter ( one travel company) didnt inform any details when the visa downgrade already finished on Nov 19, 2015. so I got one OVER TO LEAVE letter from BI then need to leave Feb 29, 2016 (we only know from now). then I didnt know this point without know anything. so now is almost near July . since June our company was fix my all the doc for overstay problem. it like 8 month overstay in manila. and we already summit all support docs 1. Motion of Reconsideration – June 16, 2016 and 2. Affidavit of Explanation – June 20, 2016. so now awaiting approval. I also worry about BI will put me in blacklist. Can you give me some suggestion for this? In this case, I am not overstay more than 12 months, and my company and new 3th partner will handle all the payment to pay full the BI payment request. I am also will be in Blacklist? Please help it . Thank you so much!!

    1. Will

      who can answer my request??

    2. admin

      It sounds like your company is arranging everything.
      Are they using immigration specialist services?
      If so, I would suggest discussing this with them. This does sound quite complex.

      You do need specialist help on this.

      1. pravin

        hello sir iam indian passport holder i over stay only 3 days so how much ill going to pay at airport pls reply

  105. Inna

    Hi i am korean resident, was holding a student visa until Feb 2016, I was not able to update my visa until now..
    May i know the process i should do and estimated cost it will incur.

    Hope for your reply

    1. admin

      You need to go to your nearest BoI office. I am unsure of the penalties for Student Visa overstay, but would assume similar to the Tourist Visa overstay.
      These costs are indicated in the main article above. You are looking at about 6 months Visa costs plus the monthly penalty fees. Maybe an ACR-i card cost too, if you don’t have that.

  106. rozilyn

    hi.. gudpm my husband voluntary deportation. in phil. ang problema ko gusto nya mubalik sa phil. hindi cya mkabalik dahil black list name nya.ano gagawin ko. mgtanong din ako ilan babayarin nya.kc 2010 cya dumating tapos voluntary cya uwi 2014.

  107. Giddy AE

    HI Admin,
    my 9f expired January 7th 2016, I didn’t enroll ever since it expired please tell my what to do. I need your candid advice on this Thank you

  108. jay

    Hi Admin

    my student visa expired last july and i planned to downgrade my visa and travel back home last october, but my school documents were not yet ready .I also lost my I-card before it would expire..if i plan to go back now, what would be my estimated cost?

    1. admin

      I estimated about 35,000 pesos for a 1 year overstay. But you need to check the exact figure ASAP by contacting the BoI (Bureau of Immigration).

      1. jay

        ok will do..thank-you very much

  109. cel

    I want to know what will happen if my friend who over stayed here for 1 year and 7 months in the Philippines when he arrive at the airport on this coming Sunday. will she be detain or ask her to pay for the penalties then leave the Philippines or both?
    Hope you help me regarding this issue. She’s afraid.

    Thank you

    1. admin

      An ECC is needed to be allowed to leave. That can take 24 hours or more to get.
      You need upto date visas to get an ECC.

      The visa should be updated well before leaving to ensure no problems at the airport.

      1. cel

        How much is she going to pay for the penalties, ‘coz i’m sure personnel at the airport will talk to her about her over staying here.
        How about her ticket will it be forfeited or can be reschedule due to that issue? over stay for 1 year and 7 months.
        Thank you.

        1. admin

          The airline decide if they will reschedule the flight. The cheap flights are rarely refundable or changeable.

          The Airport staff may tell her to go to a BoI office the next day and get the visa and the Exit Clearance Certificate sorted.

          You NEED to contact a BoI office immediately.

          The fines do vary, but from the figures from the original post, it could be bearing 50,000 pesos.
          You need to pay ALL the unpaid Visa costs PLUS the penalties.

          1. cel

            Thank you very much for your help Mam/Sir.

  110. Suchira

    Hi. I have a father overstaying here in the Philippines for 15 years. Since 2000 until now 2016. He is married to my mother who is a pure Filipina and he had two kids (me and my sister). On his first visits here, he keep on paying his fees, but after I was born, he settled down and my mother went to work abroad. He has a house here and been good to everyone. Now, he still lives here with us but he want to go back next month. His tourist visa and passport is already expired. He doesn’t have money to pay much penalties. Can I ask for some solutions? If he really needs to pay, how much is it estimated? Or does he have to be deported or go to jail? I think he’ll surrender to the embassy, what will he do? Please help.

    1. Suchira

      Please email the answer to me through gmail or here. We need your help. Please answer it with details so that we can prepare. Thank you, Admin.

    2. admin

      This is not a good situation at all.

      First he needs to go to his embassy and sort out his passport.
      He needs that before he can do anything.

      While there he should ask advice on his current situation. They should know better than anyone on where to start.

      Other than that, I would consider an immigration lawyer to guide him.

      1. Suchira

        Will he be blacklisted or do you think he can return here in the Philippines? If in case he needs to pay, will the immigration let him leave immediately?

        1. admin

          I would expect him to be blacklisted, but maybe allowed to leave if he pays in full. Maybe not the same day though.

          But please, get some professional opinions and help.

          He will need Uptodate Visas in his new passport, and an ACR-I card to get the ECC anyway, before he is allowed to leave.

  111. Han ming

    Hi,i have one question,I book a flight on the incoming 17 May because it is a lot cheaper than on the 16 May.The problem is my visa expire on the 16 May,and the flight is at 0525am,17 may.If i go to the immigration in the airport how much is the fine for over staying one night?

    1. admin

      Can I suggest you call the Airport Immigration office for this, as you may be sent away to get a new visa. Various problems can occur at Airport Immigration which can cause flight boarding refusal.

      Please let us all know how you get on.

    2. admin

      I just checked a few things, and here are three actual examples in 2015, of overstaying by one day.

      1: Refused boarding, had to cancel flight and go to Manila office to get visa renewed the next day. (about 11,000 php)
      2: Allowed to board with no problems, (as it was only 1 day)
      3: Told to go and pay at airport counter. 4,000 php for 1 day

      Staying under 59 days in the Philippines have different rules to staying 60 days plus.

  112. bliss

    i had a valid student visa till july 2016 and i had to go home after my 3rd year academics for my training in my country so i got an exit clearance and i left after my training now i came back with a tourist visa by february 18 2016 and my tourist visa stay is overdue by 3 days what do u advise?

    can i still apply for my student visa to be re-activated or i need to pay penalty?
    if a penalty how much?

    1. admin

      For 3 days the penalty will be minimal, you should get it done, then look at the student visa afterwards.

      However, is the student visa still valid ?

      1. bliss

        yes the student visa is valid till july 2016

        1. admin

          If your student visa is still valid you may not have needed the visitor visa.
          I would go into a BoI and check that the student visa is actually still current and onky needs to be renewed from July.

  113. nana

    admin am a ghana national and am one of the countries that are free visa entry into the philippines for 30 days, and i have extended my visa only one time. but am now over staying for 2 months is there any way i could pay my overstay for two months without been deported and extend my visa?

    1. admin

      You need to visit a Buruea of Immigration and get the visa updated.

      Otherwise you will have problems at the airport trying to leave without a valid visa. That will cause delays and likely cause a missed flight.

  114. Zamer


    If someone has not long turned 18 but was a minor at the time of entering the Philippines and now there mother and father (father being a British national and mother Filipino) are divorced was forced with her family to move from Honk Kong at the time when she was 6-7 years old wants to come to the (UK) her sister lives here (has a British passport).

    Would she have to pay a penalty fine if so how much, she has just come of age and no longer wants to stay there but was a minor when entered the country.

    Please this is URGENT if you could point us in the right direction.

    1. admin

      If she travels on a UK passport she will be treated as a foreigner without a visa.

      If she travels overseas on a Philippine passport then, no penalties.

      If she travels to Malaysia on a Philippine passport and returns to Philippines on a UK passport she would restart the visa process…

      Just a thought.

  115. brad

    hello admin, i have a question, its not as bad as the one’s i just read, kind of funny what some people are thinking, anyway, my visa is up april 7th, but my flight leaves the morning of the 8th, and overstay of 10 hours, can i pay that at the airport, or should i go back to the embassy,

    1. admin

      I would hate to say I think it should be OK, and then you get told to go to Immigration the following day…

      I am not sure. In your shoes I would contact the local BI office, and get something in writing, or, and I think they will do this, renew the visa for a month…

      Sorry, I have zero confidence in them letting something slide like that….

  116. Calvin

    Hi Admin,

    I’m a Malaysian and overstaying in the Philippines over 4 months. I wish to return back to Malaysia. How much would it cost me?

    1. admin

      It could be something like this:

      4 months visa fees at about 4,400 pm = 17,600
      Fines at 500 pm = 2,000
      500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying

      maybe about 20,000 pesos, and maybe the ACR-i card fee if you didn’t get that, so maybe 25,000 pesos.

      Visitor Visa Fees have now increased to 4,400 for one month shown at: http://www.immigration.gov.ph/visa-requirements/non-immigrant-visa/temporary-visitor-visa/extension-of-authorized-stay-beyond-59-days

      The BOI fees are rarely what we expect to pay, so the accurate final figure will be whatever they decide on the day.

      You may also need the ECC if you have been in the Philippines for over 6 months.

  117. zahra

    hi admin.
    I have a Canadian boyfriend overstaying for 14 years. he used balikbayan visa together with his mother who is a pure Filipina. what should he do and how much is the cost of his payment ?

  118. sahra

    im from Canada I was born there.v then when I was 5 years old I got balikbayan visa because my mother is a pH citizen that’s why I got here. its almost 14 years. what should I do to renew my visa? and passport?

    1. admin

      You need to visit a BoI office and explain the situation.
      Normally it would be 13 years of visa fees and penalties, as the balikbayan visa is only for 1 year.

      However, being a child at the time, i am not sure if Immigration will be sympathetic to the situation.

      If you are also a Filipino there is no problem in staying in the Philippines.

      You may also be able to leave the Philippines on a Philippine passport, to a non visa required country, and then return again on your Canadian passport starting a new visa…

  119. Peter Alexanders

    Good morning, When I arrived here on a tourist visa , I was detained at the airport on an arrest warrant , 4 yrs old, for a criminal matter of which I had no knowledge. The nbi confiscated my passport and took me to detention. 3 weeks later I was bailed for an amount of money and no order was made as to the surrender of my passport. During the proceedings a stop order at the airport was made , again, no order for the surrender of my passport was made. Nearly 2 years later the charge against me was dismissed by the court…I have now been here 25 months. My , who supposedly visited the nbi to get my passport said that the nbi officers were “pointing fingers ” when asked for the return of my passport, i., e., no one knew where it was. The lawyer informed me yesterday that the nbi required 150,000 pesos for the return of my passport !!!! As far as the Bureau of Immigration is concerned, the lawyer says they require 200 to 300,000 pesos to clear up my enforced overstay !! Even if i had that kind of money, i would not pay i pesos It seems from your post that the Commissioner has the power to waive fines and penalties where it was not the fault of the individual that the visa was not extended…bearing in mind…the nbi had my passport …the nbi had no authority to withhold my passport…i was on bail…there was a stop order at the airport.. i would really appreciate some advice…Thanks.

    1. admin

      Have you spoken to your embassy? That would be the first option.
      They should then be able to advise you of options.
      What is your nationality?

      1. Peter Alexanders


        1. admin

          Let the Australian Embassy know what is happening. I would hope that they can help in this situation.

          1. Peter Alexanders


  120. kevin

    im a chinese student in PH, and the visa is expired at 7-16,2015. meaning to say, i’ve already 7 months overstaying in manila,
    and now i need to back home i mean china, and i want inquire what should i do can fix this visa problem also avoid getting in the “blacklist” or something like that
    any suggestion or agent u kindly can provide?


    1. admin

      You need to go to your nearest Bureau of Immigration, and pay all outstanding Visa costs and penalties, ensuring you have a current valid visa, and ACR-i card.

      Once you have done that, you can then apply for the Exit Clearance Certificate.

      The total cost will be more than if you had paid on time, but if you clear these costs and leave the country correctly, without causing Immigration any hassle, they may not blacklist you, especially if you give a good reason.

  121. Halfmoomd

    I am from USA and my fiancee is from Philippines. We had a child december 2013 and my child just got his USA passport and my fiancee her k 1 visa. We are being told now there is a problem with my son leaving on Feb 28 2016. That he has to pay exits fines for overstay? What will these fee s be ? Thanks!

    1. admin

      This is one of the Philippine laws that I hate !!

      Your child has been in the Philippines illegally without a visa … (aargh)
      He also needs a n Exit Clearance Certificate, to prove no criminal record… (aargh)

      A Philippine passport would be handy for him, but he has a US one, therefore a US citizen. At least no visa needed to enter the US.

      The BoI will tell you what needs paying. You should get down there ASAP, and sort it out, in a friendly way… Even though you may not feel that way inclined.

      Has your fiancee done the CFO clearance too ? http://www.in-philippines.com/commission-on-filipinos-overseas-program/

  122. JP

    If you ve been overstaying a bit more than 6 years do they have any rights to hold your passport ? They said (the immigration) that we could get it back once we are already in the airport?? i am really looking for an legal answer for this because without a passport, we are nobody.

    1. admin

      You are in their country illegally.
      My guess is that they actually have a right to hold YOU in custody.
      So holding a passport is not really that big a deal if looked at it that way.

      In many countries you would be in detention AND they would have your passport too.

      It seems they want you to leave, and will give you back your passport when you do?

  123. Brian

    Any changes in fees since last May?

    I’m currently 78 days over.

    If they refuse to let me stay after paying the fees, will I be given time (like 48 hours, for example), to wrap up my affairs and leave, or will I be expected to head straight to the ariport and have the funds to purchase a ticket out immediately?


  124. ana

    I have a friend who overstayed in the Philippines for almost 15 years. He is a Filipino but a US citizen and he is married to a Filipina and have 3 kids.He would like to know how much does he have to pay but afraid to go directly to the BI.

    1. admin

      He only has a problem if he wishes to leave on a US passport. At that point he would need an Exit certificate and all visas up to date.

      But if he leaves on a Philippine passport he will be treated as any other Filipino. Needing any visas etc for countries to be visited.

      I hope that immigration get a better system for this one day.

      I do think that some immigration officers may be more relaxed on a case lke this.

      1. ana

        He doesn’t have a Philippine passport.Can you tell us how much will it cost if he wishes to leave.

  125. Kenny

    Good day po,

    I am a natural born filipino but grew up in the states for 12 years. now on 2007 i made a decision to study college here in the philippines. Upon entering this country, i used my U.S passport because i had no valid philippine passport at that time. A month after i got here, i applied for a renewal of my phillipine passport at our local travel agency. Now this got me thinking that im still a filipino citizen, Untill recentrly i tried to renew my philippine passport since it expired on 2012. I went to the nearest dfa from where we live and they told me to first apply for a dual citizenship ra 9255 since i wrote on the application form that i have a foreign passport. Now i went to another dfa and they were able to renew my philippine passport, but ofcourse this time i did not put that i have a foreign passport. This to me is confusing.. is this a way to just charge a fee for those natural born filipinos who want to get their filipino citizenship back? by letting them apply first a dual citizenship? I did contact the BI and asked them this same scenario that iam explaning to you sir/mam. and they told me that its fine to leave the country without being charged of overstaying for 9 years since iam a holder of a philippine passport, and to just show both u.s and philippine passport upon exiting this country. What is your opinion on this sir/mam? Since i know that it really depends on the immigration officer on that day that i will have contact with. Its really quite confusing also.. I mean i know that holding a philippine passport will claim that you are a filipino citizen. However, will they ask me for any certification like dual certification or anything like that? I asked that question to them also and 2 different immigration personnel that i spoke with said no they will not look for a certification, only a valid philippine passport will do. is this corrent sir/mam? I just want to have your take on this.

    1. admin

      Your comment that they say “and to just show both u.s and philippine passport upon exiting this country” does have me worried as I have heard of some that still get penalties in this situation.

      Some Immigration officers may see sense and let you go, but it seems that some do not.

      Unfortunately I have learned that one has to fear (and plan for) the worst, as it has a strong chance of happening in the Philippines.

    2. admin

      You mentioned: “migrating soon with my wife and 2 little kids who are also u.s citizens since i applied their u.s citizenship here at manila. This will be their first time leaving the country also, kinda wierd again because BI is saying that since they were born here. and that i applied their u.s citizenship.. they are no longer filipinos as welll and have to pay some kinda tax for them both upon leaving.”

      Your children may also have problems needing an ECC, and Visa issues from the date of becoming US citizens.

      I cannot be sure of what the BI will do, but I know what they can do.

      In your shoes I would take a Family holiday to Hong Kong, on Filipino Passports. Then fly direct to the US.

      Your wife may also need to do the CFO seminar if she is still Filipino and if she flies out on a Marriage Visa etc.
      I have never looked into this for visits to Asian countries though… http://www.cfo.gov.ph

      1. Kenny

        Thank you sir, i am considering on going to hongkong first. however they will notice on my wifes passport that she has a u.s visa. Will that cause anything? I’m pretty sure alot of people have also done what you have said about going to another free visa country and getting a u.s flight from there. It is quite wierd my dad also told me that they do show both u.s and philippine passports at NAIA or also known as NAtional Ammunition Implantation Airport haha joke only. Hoping i will get cleared that way since our country has a very strong allegiance with the u.s goverment. either ways.. going to hongkong is a good idea. my mom is planning on picking us up and accompanying us back to the u.s. I hope things will be cleared and hoping to get a nice immigration officer at the airport. Thanks for your fast replies po.

        1. admin

          The US visa will probably trigger the need for the CFO even though the trip is to Hong Kong.
          Its not straightforward.
          It could trigger all sorts of questions and bring the US citizenship into the equation.

  126. Nikki

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to know how do we go about this certain scenario..

    My boyfriend is a Filipino but he migrated to US way back 2004 or 2005 and became a full pledge US Citizen. He gave up his Filipino citizenship. Now he went back here last 2009 and he doesn’t even have any tourist visa or anything. Just his plane ticket and his US Passport. Now we would like to know if he needs to pay anything, will he be jailed because of overstaying here? Please give us an insight. Thank you!


    1. admin

      Can he get dual citizenship again ? I don’t know about US laws on that. Otherwise, he does have problems being on a US passport with no Visa.
      Without getting his Filipino citizenship back, and getting a Philippines passport, he will have a large amount to pay in unpaid visa fees and penalties. He may also be deported back to US.

      Look into getting his citizenship back and a Filipino passport.

      Then, for leaving the Philippines, travel on the Philippine passport to a country that has no visa requirement, and then travel from there to the US on his US passport.

      Anyone leaving on a NON Philippines Passport will need to show Visas for their stay, and an ECC if over 6 months stay.

      1. Kenny

        Good day sir,

        This is my scenario… I came here on sept 2007 using my u.s passport as my entry, because of that time i had no valid philippine passport. Since then I had never gone back to u.s.a. Ive been here for almost 9 years now. The thing is one 2007, a month after i got here, i was able to renew my old philippine passport. Then it expired on 2012.. Now when i went to dfa to have it renewed.. They asked me to apply first for a dual citizenship ra 9255 since i indluced in the application renewal form that i have a foreign passport. Now i went to a travel agency, but from there i did not write down my foreign passport, now i have a valid philippine passport with me along with my u.s passport. My question is..When i leave this country to go back lets say next month.. what would happen? I did call the Immigration office here in manila, and they said that as long as i have a valid philippine passport, that iam all cleared. can I have your opinion on this please? oh and by the way, if your wondering why i stayed here for so long is that i studied college here thinking that i am a philippine citizen because i was able to have my philippine passport renewed on 2007 which has expired on 2012.

        1. admin

          OK.. I assume you have not had Visa’s for your stay since 2007.

          If you leave on a US passport then you will have penalties and fines and all the old visas to pay for…

          If you leave on a Philippine Passport, then all you will need is a Visa to go to the country of your destination, or, if going to a visa free country (Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia etc,) just your passport, and a return ticket.

          If you are planning on going to the US, then you would need a US visa in the Philippine passport, which you can’t get as you are a US citizen.
          If you show the US passport on leaving, then they will treat you as US and fine you etc.

          However, if you fly to Hong Kong (etc) on the Philippine passport, (you will probably need a return ticket to avoid complications), then get another flight [Hong Kong to US] on the US passport, you seem to bypass the problem, unless steps are taken by immigration to catch that.

          I am not sure if linking the two passports is in effect at the airports.

          1. Kenny

            At the dfa they did say that people are able to avoid penalties because of applying a philippine passport without declaring that they have a foreign passport on their application form. I do know that this can only happen if you are a natural born filipino. Our system really is confusing hehe. I mean its a way for them to earn quick cash if a former filipino citizen wants to become a dual citizen. I am little bit confused po. So when exiting I was advised to show both philippine and us passport. that will let them know that i do not need a visa to enter the u.s. however you did say even if i have a valid pnoy passport and still show my u.s passport… They will treat me still as a u.s citizen and currently bypass my philippine passport? That is a good idea also po. going to hongkong. I mean my situation is im migrating soon with my wife and 2 little kids who are also u.s citizens since i applied their u.s citizenship here at manila. This will be their first time leaving the country also, kinda wierd again because BI is saying that since they were born here. and that i applied their u.s citizenship.. they are no longer filipinos as welll and have to pay some kinda tax for them both upon leaving. but they did say that they might waive it.. i doubt it though since if its a quick way for them to make some cash then they will sure go for it.. one of them told me to not declare a foreign passport as well at the application form so they can get a filipino passport as well. kinda wierd. they all have different opinion at the BI.

    2. Kenny

      According to the law of U.S immigration. A U.S citizen can leave and stay at another country for aslong as he/she wants and return when he/she pleases to. It is the country that they will be residing that will cause them problems. I myself have that same kind of situation your boyfriend is in. Again with the laws of being a Dual Citizen.. The U.S does not favor it but does recognize it because it’s a natural occuring situation. The problems will arise in the country that your bf is now residing in which is this country of ours but ofcourse runned by crocodiles hehe.

  127. mac

    pls admin, i need an advise on this, i have being in philippines for over 0ne and a half years now already overstayed, i got married here to a lady from pampanga and had my son with her, she was the reason for my overstay cos she left me empty after taking all i have and went away leaving my son alone to me, i dont know what to do, will i be deported with my son at the same time.

    1. admin

      You will need to pay all previously unpaid visa costs plus some penalties.

      If the child is with you it may make a big difference to how you are treated. But you need to own up to the BI at the start.

      Does the child have your nationality?
      Do you have all the paperwork, birth certificate etc?

      If the child is Filipino it can’t be deported. Not sure how they handle such a situation.


    Hi i have a problem about 15 years over staying in the Philippines 10 years ago and i beleived that is between the year 1991 to 2005.
    i went back here in the USA the year 2005.i build a family in the Philippines and have a beautiful wife and have 4 kids and my kids are growing up so i decided to back in the USA but i was become indigent for how many years in the Philippines because of financial problem and suffered financial distressed and i leaved the country 2005 and i am blacklisted in the bureau of immigration because of my over staying in the Philippines. they BI asking me to pay the fine of almost php 180,000 pesos but that amount was waived by the commissioner of the bureau of immigration and the condition not to allow me to re enter the Philippines unless i will pay the said amount of almost php 180,000 pesos.

    any advice from any one? my family wants to visit Philippines and my family wants me to go with them but i cannot pay the said amount.

    any advice please… Thank you…

    1. admin

      I think you may need to ask the BI. And do it before making plans.

      They may insist on payment before being allowed into the country.

      You can’t really do anything safely without it in writing from BI.

    2. CHI

      behind in fine’s , want to go back to the US and take my wife with Visa. Dont ever care of coming back here, will they let me waived payment and leave the country with my wife?

      1. admin

        Very Very unlikely. (Probably impossible)
        You won’t be allowed to leave until you get an Exit Clearance Certificate.

        To get the Exit Clearance Certificate [ECC], you need a valid current visa, and a valid ACR-i card.
        (My ACR card had expired when I went to leave, and that meant adding another month to my already valid visa, as ACR cards are only issued with a visa, and paying for the new ACR card, so I could get the ECC !!)

        To get the Exit Clearance Certificate you must have a valid current visa, and a valid ACR-i card.

        This means paying all unpaid Visa fees, and any unpaid ACR-i card fees, plus all the fines that they add, to get you up to date.

        Sorry for this news, but it costs money to stay in, and leave, the Philippines.

      2. admin

        For your wife, don’t forget that she will probably need the CFO clearance, if this is her first time leaving her country with a partner, if using a partner/marriage visa.

  129. Nam Ninh

    may I ask a question. I am a student, my visa before is 47a2, but my visa overstay from July 2014 until now. so How much i need to pay for monthly ?

  130. Ken Allen

    I have overstayed for 4 years.. Me and ex girlfriend broke and she tried to have me deported.. The police took me to immigration because of overstaying my visa. After 3 hours of waiting, the immigration officer told the police to take me back home and let me go.. Immigration didnt hold or deport me even after 4 years overstaying. Any comments on why immigration let me stay?

    1. admin

      What Visa did you originally have and what dates?

      What Visa are you on now ?

  131. lee kian huat

    hi … i want to ask if how can i pay my penalties in philippines ? i’m in malaysia now .. i was overstay around 8 years because of my family bring me there … but my mom was filipina … my dad is malaysian that’s why i am ban in philippines now till i havent pay my penalties.

    1. admin

      Have you asked the Philippines embassy in your country?

      1. lee kian huat

        i scared that they will ask another extra charges …

  132. Alexander

    I have a very sensitive question and was told not to talk too much about it unless I have someone who could really help me. But
    it seems no matter how much I ask around for a direct answer, still nothing.

    I was hoping to find someone who is affiliated or possibly an Immigration Officer that I could talk to in person and discuss more.

  133. shey

    Hi i have friend american he was overstayed for 4years here in philippines. he was asking me if somebody can help him to know how much he had to pay in immigration to pay all the penaties? i hope somebody can help him..

    1. admin

      First he has to pay all the visa fees that he hasn’t paid, so about 3,000 every two months, plus ACR cards for 4 years, maybe up to about 85,000 for that plus at least another 24,000 in penalties. So maybe about 110,000 going by the basic rules.

      But, I am unsure of the current 2 month extension fee, it was 3,030 but the website now says 4,900. If that is correct then the total would be nearer 155,000 pesos.

      There may be other penalties for staying over the three year limit.

      The longer he leaves it the worse it gets.

      He should go to the Boi, but make sure he has 120,000 available to pay the cost on the spot. Otherwise he could theoretically be detained until it is paid.
      Maybe he should register with the US embassy first to ensure assistance if needed.

  134. Angela

    hi .. good afternoo n .. i have french man boyfriend and his overstaying for 6 month .. you think how much is the cost for that ?

    1. admin

      2,350 for ACR-I card
      4,900 for each two months extension (according to latest BoI webpage)
      500 per month Penalty
      510 Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying

      This could be about 21,000 plus 6,000 if it goes over 6 months.

      And possible a ban on coming back.

  135. mike

    hi there.. i haven’t extended my student visa for almost 2years now, cos my passport got stolen and it took a year to get a new one. do you have any idea what the penalties could be? based on the fact that i have a police report and affidavit of loss backing up my lost passport.. thanks

    1. admin

      I assume you advised the BoI of the loss, when you knew the Visa had expired.
      They may let you off without penalties. But… they may still charge it in lieu of interest on the unpaid Visa cost.

      You should go in NOW, and fix it, before it becomes a problem.

  136. david

    its ok for me to pay the penalty they ask and go back my country but i want to come back with a new tourist visa within two months i went from here i dont know anything about it but one of my friend he went n came back in 3months who has same problem like me but another friend also with same problem is in my country now n he told its immpossible to back here may i know about it please thank you

    i am indian nationalty

    1. admin

      That is one of the problems with overstaying a Visa. You still have to eventually pay all the Visa Fees PLUS Penalties, and you get a Black mark in your passport.

      Immigration are allowed, and encouraged, to refuse people entry if they feel they will overstay Visas.
      This applies to Immigration in All countries.
      In India for example, it is a criminal offense to overstay a visa, and travelers must pay a fine, plus regular fees for Visa extension and jail time is possible depending on the situation. You also risk a future block on future visits to India.

      I am not sure about jail time in the Philippines, unless you get caught before declaring yourself, but the rest are all highly probable.

      With passport control in the Philippines now getting more sophisticated, less people with black marks will be able to get in without being noticed.

      At that point is is up to how the Immigration Officer of the day is feeling. If they are in a bad mood, and enforce the rules 100%, then you turn round and go home again.
      Maybe best to apply for a Visa before flying, if you don’t want to risk the cost of a wasted flight.

  137. david

    i have been here in philippines almost 2 and half years and i dont even extend my visa for even once what would be the result if i go to immigration i am afraid to go their

  138. jaywin soe

    hello,, my father is over staying for 20 years and not officially married yet with my mother.. Is there any suggestion for my father? He is Burmese national..

    1. admin

      20 years? Oh.. My first thought is to keep hiding. I have no idea what would happen on that. Technically a large fine and probable deportation, but if you are his child, and you are a family unit, I wonder if the BoI would show any compassion.

      I just don’t know why people don’t follow the rules and keep up to date with a Visa. But this one is way to late to catch up on that now.

      I would consider asking a legal person experienced with these matters, and see if there is anything that can be done without him being in big trouble.

      He is now in the position of being unable to even leave the Philippines without probably being taken into custody.

    2. jaywin soe

      Good am madan / sir. If my father want to go back to myanmar what he should do ? Because he dont have money to pay any penalty being overstay here.

      1. admin

        Not sure what would happen if he has no money for the accrued Visa Fees and Fines/Penalties.

        He needs to go and find out the cost, and see who could help him.

        I did read this on a different case for non payment of fines: “to suffer subsidiary imprisonment in case of non-payment of the fine in each of the above-entitled cases and to pay the costs of suit

  139. admin

    Without the right visa, there will be penalties. No allowances for being married to a Filipino. Everyone must hold a visa to be legally allowed to stay.

  140. june

    what if the foreigner is overstaying for four (4) years and she is married already to a Filipino national. Is there also a penalty?

    1. Allenlanfair

      Yes for four years you going to get a big Pines it don’t matter if you’re married to a Filipino or not you still have to pay thanks tension feet you have to become a citizen you have to file different paperwork to become a citizen before you stop paying them please

  141. admin

    I have read that an overstay penalty for even just one day can be as high as 5,000 pesos, or maybe nothing, depending on the Immigration Officer at the time.

    Maybe those that didn’t pay were nice, polite and apologetic, while those that had to pay, were annoyed and created anger at the immigration counter.

    1. toria

      Hello admin,
      Am a student in d Phils but my baby is on tourist visa. Is there a way of changing d status of his visa or putting him on mine since he’s a minor?
      And if his visa expires 1st but the date of authorised stay stamped at d port of entry reads 14th, will it be extended before 1st or 14th?

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