2,351 Foreigners Refused Entry to Philippines Jan – Jun 2019

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2,351 Foreigners were Refused Entry to the Philippines in the First Half of 2019

A Philippines Immigration Press Release dated 29th July 2019, has stated that a total of 2,351 aliens, of various nationalities, were refused entry into the Philippines during January to June 2019.

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1,920 (82%) were turned away at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport while the rest were stopped at the airports in Mactan, Clark, Kalibo, Aklan and Davao.

According to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) port operations division chief, Grifton Medina; “They were turned back after undergoing primary and secondary inspection by our immigration officers and were declared unfit for admission into our country for a variety of reasons. They were issued exclusion orders and booked on the first available flight to their ports of origin.”

As the Philippines requires airlines to ensure that passengers enter with a return ticket, at least the cost of returning them is not born by the Philippines.

1,129 Chinese nationals topped the list of exclusions, followed by
106 Indians
87 Americans
52 Taiwanese and
67 Koreans.

The list included registered sex offenders, wanted fugitives, suspected international terrorists, and blacklisted and previously deported aliens.

Most were excluded for being public charges or persons without visible means to support themselves, and whose purpose of coming here are doubtful.
Some were turned back for being rude and disrespectful towards immigration officers, and for having incomplete travel documents.

Source: immigration.gov.ph/…/2019Jul29_Press.pdf

1 : 185 : 3,459,776

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