Filipinos; How to Lose Half a Million Pesos

Filipinos, How to Lose Half a Million Pesos following a dream.

Filipinos who want to work overseas, but can’t do so using normal methods, are sometimes tempted by offers of employment that they find hard to resist.

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It is not always a good idea to be tempted by them.

A Philippines Immigration Press Release dated 29th July 2019, has stated that some Filipinas, have been promised domestic helpers work visas in Europe for a payment of 500,000 pesos.

All they need to do is fly to Malaysia and collect their work visa, and then fly on to Europe.
The 500,000 pesos is the charge for processing the paperwork.

People who have attempted this method of obtaining work, have been detained at departing airports in the Philippines and turned over to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT).


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