Visiting the Philippines as a Tourist

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What are the Requirements for visiting the Philippines as a Tourist?


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Most visitors do not need a Visa to enter the Philippines, and will be given a FREE stay of 30 days on entry.  Some countries are excluded from this option though, and need a Visa before they arrive.

If the visitor intends to stay more than 30 days, they MUST get an extension from a Bureau of Immigration Office [BoI] before that 30 days expires.

This first Extension will be given for 29 days, at a cost of 3,030 pesos (as at April 2015)

If staying longer than 59 days, then another extension is needed and an Alien Certificate of Registration [ACR-I Card]

This next extension is often done for 2 months, but can be done for 6 months at the major BoI offices.

The current price for a 1 month extension is quoted as: 4,400 pesos
The current price for a 2 month extension is quoted as: 4,900 pesos
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The current price for a 6 month extension is quoted as: 11,500 pesos
– See:

The ACR-I card has a cost of US$50 + 500 pesos

Visas for most visitors can be extended up to a maximum of 36 months, before they MUST leave the country.


Most airlines will not allow a traveller to board a plane to the Philippines unless they have an onward ticket to depart the Philippines.

Some people will buy a cheap one way ticket to Hong Kong, or similar, to get around the need to have an expensive return ticket back to their home country if they do not know when they will be returning.

Very rarely though do Philippine Immigration actually check if you do have a return ticket. But.. sometimes they do.

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